FAZ Congratulates Sikazwe for FIFA Feat

Press Statement
(For Immediate Release)

Football Association of Zambia
Football House, Lusaka

19th June, 2018

FAZ salutes Sikazwe

On behalf of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Executive and the entire football family, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Zambian referee, Janny Sikazwe for becoming the first Zambian referee to officiate at a FIFA World Cup.

As an Association we are proud of the landmark achievement Sikazwe has achieved and would like to encourage him to continue working hard to have more opportunities to represent Zambia at the ongoing World Cup and beyond,

We are confident that his example will encourage many youth people with the talent to aim high in all their endeavours knowing very well that everything is possible.

Congratulations once more for this great achievement and good luck in all your future endeavours.

For and on behalf of:


Andrew Ndanga Kamanga



  1. Jom

    Conflates Mr SIKASWE we’ll do


    Thank you once again sikazwe for your effort may God continue blessing you

  3. James claps mphande

    U did a very good job yesterday sikazwe may God bless you we are all proud of u man

  4. skb

    The match was difficult but well handled by our own. We are proud of you Janny! Keep it up man. I specifically enjoyed watching your “Authority” over the match.

  5. Zonda

    Comment LET s hope azaliza na FINAL

  6. Rocky

    Conglatrations Mr. Sikazwe, you really controlled very well that tough match. so far you are among the first two best referees for this tournament.

  7. steward simutowe

    He deserves it.


    Thank you janny please keep it up so that the white people should know that African people also do better job on the grobe.Wishing you all the best sikazwe.

  9. Melvin

    congrats I hope u are going to officiate the final

  10. Mac

    That is what a teacher can do.keep it up sir.

  11. Mr musowa

    Congrats hope you will officiate the final game Zambia is proudly of you Mr sikazwe…….🇿🇲🇿🇲💗👈

  12. Musa

    congrats Janny

  13. Jae Mwana Mr. Kabobo

    Well done Ba Sikaswe

  14. Ree-shar


  15. Shepherd Nsofu

    Great thanks to our referee. Sikazwe for Zambia means world cup

  16. Laban k

    Well done JS,, your hard work added our proud and free Zambia on the world map.
    Wishing you all the best as you preparing for the next matches to officialize

  17. Harrison kanyembo

    Congrats ba sir may God bless you

  18. PF

    We Congratulate U Janny For Ur Effort Be Lyk Dat,
    U’re Those Referees Who Ar Fair…
    Loading Nxt Match……



  20. Mukomango Mwansa

    Nakwa Chiundaponde we have banshi Peggy bakali such people need to be supported

  21. Ba special B


  22. zam

    Well done mr !!!!! That’s not faz achievement that’s sikazwe’s achievement

  23. Charles Nkombo Tweeness

    Janny that was a magnificent feat both for yourself,Zambia and no doubt mother Africa!the sky is the limit for you!you are an inspiration to one and all! God guide and bless you

  24. Nakazwe Ndiza

    Missed bululu game. Which game did he officiate sorry pls big congrats JS

  25. MÆJOR

    The whole country is behind u sikazwe….. U putting zambia on map…..

  26. Foster simazaba

    Congrats Jenny well done.

  27. Marvin k

    Congrats may God be with u in your working Amen.

  28. sim1

    Good job,I think all nation team players should become referees if zambia is to go to world cup.

  29. Shaka

    I enjoyed watching the game. Congratulations ba Sir.

  30. Open Analyst

    Congratulations ba Janny, but Faz work up so that we start congratulating your Team. My congrats go to Raz, not Faz.

  31. Emmanwamunyima

    That good

  32. dope g

    congratulations ba jan

  33. Jms

    Andrew kamanga we need our coach not you coach

  34. Self nyokozi

    Impanga yaulungu yasumbulwa mwemwe.

  35. Congrats, may Almighty God continue to bless you and your mother country Zambia.

    God bless you Mr JS

  36. Sikazwe Gustavo Pearson

    Congratulations Mr sikazwe we ar proud of u keep on going

  37. zed

    mr sikazwe congratultion sir

  38. FM

    Congratulation ba sikazwe.keep om

    • Easy Easy

      That’s what we need as Zambians, hardworking and focused teachers. Who can doubt his caliber as a PE teacher? Go Nanny go!!!

  39. Johnmalama

    Congrutration….. Mr sikazwe

  40. CHISUPA mathews

    Keep it up. I remember those days over determination you used to talk about. May our good Lord continue blessing you. We’re proud of you.

  41. Lackson f mvula

    We love you big man you are making us proud one Zambia one nation

  42. Sylvia

    Congrats Mr Nanny sikazwe

  43. Chinyemba

    Thanks god blessing you ,

  44. Moses

    Well done brother man we are proud of you

  45. alphanovember

    We should emirate from him is a man of Justice that’s why he riched there.keep it up sir.

  46. Brainwasher

    We wish u all the best


    congratulations my collogue..sikazwe for officiating that game deligently.

    • MAVUZI

      fuck you faz you only congratulate but steal money chikala kamanga and ponga are just farting in Russia doing nothing but scratching their balls

  48. misheck


  49. gifty

    Congraturations man

  50. Winard Limbanga

    The level of integrity that Mr Sikazwe continues to exude is one of a kind, continue the hard work and kudos to you sir

  51. Dee

    Thank u very much Sikazwe for u have really made us proud n continue working hard n putting Zambia on da map!!!


    wish all the best Mr Sikazwe u did it in a nice way may God bless u

  53. Justin kamfwa

    May God make you great in your works Mr sikazwe..we thank you

  54. Gilbert

    This is FAZ can do Zambian people are now supporting Referee Instead of The Zambian Team Chipolo-polo

  55. Zachariah

    Congurats Mr Sikazwe And I Just Want To Know Game Is Mr Sikazwe Going To Officiate Again?

  56. Chandazy

    You are the best sir keep it up,,,

    • David

      You have done very well and continue even in the next match God bless

  57. Gershom Khasiya

    Bwana Sikazwe congrats

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