Kambwili is Still PF-Chitotela

It is nonsensical for Chishimba Kambwili to ask people to leave the Patriotic Front Party and join the NDC while he remains a PF Member of Parliament, Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela has charged.

Speaking at a public rally in Kitwe, Chitotela said Kambwili was a wrong person to ask PF members to join NDC yet he continues to cling on the same party.

He warned those running to join NDC to think twice because the person persuading them would easily settle in the Patriotic Front once forgiven.

Chitotela challenged those joining the NDC to ask their consultant which political party he belongs to.

“How does Chishimba Kambwili ask you to leave when himself is a PF Member of Parliament? Kambwili is still PF and the day we will say we have forgiven him, where will you go with NDC?” he said.

He charged that the NDC was a political party without direction and those running to it will soon regret and re-join the PF like many others are doing.



    Chishimba is now mentally ill due to his continues collapsing


    Bembas they say umwana takulila Nina ,meaning a son can’t become older than his parents so chishimba pf nibanoko,you are more like a parable of the lost son Kikikikiiii😂


    Ukabwela kwati mulenga sata na sampa

  4. Ree-shar

    Ba kambwili sure, twalamitendwa everytime sure as if u are just alone who knows politics yaba

  5. James claps mphande

    Baka mbwila just come back to your part. PF nalesa

  6. Haggai

    Kambwili will never go back to pf…

  7. Haggai

    Kambwili will never go back to pf…please ba people

  8. zam

    Useless creature how do you stand as an opposition when you in the same party stop opposing your self kambwili

    • ROKA

      Surely CK was not fired for corruption but his stand against the involvement of those who used to insult Sata like indola siliya and her late friend, in addition to being a threat to the president. How can a cabinet approve the candidature for 2021 now?No priorities for apf!!Remember the last address to Parliament by the late MR.Data he condemned PF,now apf,MPs to grill the ministers,like opposition MPs in order to wake them up.But today you became a frustrated,power hungry, enemy of Zambia all sorts negative named Typical of one party state language. Wake up apf.CK,wait for the court ruling.They have forgotten what they included in a hurried new constitution!! Those defections money enticed!!

  9. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Ba kambwili l challenge you resign from pf and relinguish the parliamentary seat and recontest it on NDC ticket prove to the nation that you are popular or are you scared that when you leave pf you be doomed?coward.

  10. Mukomango Mwansa 2016@gmail.com

    Mr kambwili just be like mulenga Sata and Mr miles ,insoni ebuntu you can never be Michael sata awe (2)nakana apabuta Tutu. The earlier you realise the better, the door is open for you with our peaceful President Mr Edgar chagwa

  11. Yande Mwila Mulenga

    Dr. Chifentelo uko kufulungana how do u say waba pakati ati u ar pf nd a consultant mu ndc? Ubo bushilu yama bweleni fye mu pf insoni ebuntu napampumi yamunenu tapema nkalamo aimulya

  12. Magwaza

    Comment:imwe ba pf dont force someone to go to the toilet ok,leave him alone he want to join upnd a peaceful party & blesed party not panga party pf kuyabeebele.


    So magwaza you are saying that pf is a toilet kazindo

  14. magwaza

    iwe shialiko dont insult ok if u dont understand english shut yo mouth.am saying u cant force someone to eat things wich he dont want to eat ok,thus the meaning.u think am like u who always insult pipo.

  15. chalusa moses

    This game is funny and unbelievable because there is no way an individual can go that far without fear of any negative side effect of the act. Is it loud and clear to the nation that kambwili belongs totwo ppolitical parties? If so does the constitution provides for that and can anyone quote for me. In other ways is it true to say that pf has a weak manifesto that can allow double tonqued snakes go untouched? If the pf is still waiting for kambwili to apologise and be forgiven, let the nation suffer not for one person. Is everyone sleeping in roan constituency that you can’t check on this man before he gets too far? Who is responsible of his disciplinary action between the pf party secretariat or branch executive committee where kamwili belongs? There are More questions than answers on this negligence

  16. Munasi

    Why can’t the pf discipline this man? It would appear he is daring them.No wander he can go as far as uttering disparaging remarks against the speaker of the National assembly.

  17. Moses Silwamba

    What is happening must become a serious eye opener to the people of Zambia. The biggest challenge with Zambian politics is lack of credible and selfless leadership. We cannot have money and material thirsty leaders and expect development. Lastly the mashrooming of political parties needs control otherwise its one of the catalytic factors for much of political corruption we see today.

  18. Ba special B

    Atase tu pipo

  19. kikikikikiki

    If kabwili resigns they will be a by election in roan which the country don’t need. Big up to CK, Chitotela only want to confess u which he has succeeded in doing.

  20. Frank Bwalya

    Chitotela the renowned thief in Sara’s govt is today a right hand minister in lungu’s admin. Impiya Shana tow gate kuti shapusuka?? It is said birds of the same feathers flock together..

  21. Frank Bwalya

    Chitotela the renowned thief in Sata’s govt is today a right hand minister in lungu’s admin. Impiya Shana tow gate kuti shapusuka?? It is said birds of the same feathers flock together..

  22. real

    Chishimba, just swallow your pride. Apologize and make peace. PF (power factor) is your home. U contributed to strengthening it and it is indeed strong. U know what am saying is true.

    Beating PF is currently almost and next to impossible. U know that!

    So, come back home, we miss u man. Come back home and keep a low profile while u win peoples confidence one more time.

  23. HH

    MAGWAZA chikala wabewolo atah hw can u force ur idiot 2 join my UPND party n my party z only 4 tongaz n not 4 bemba or Easterners.

  24. Foster simazaba

    If you people you know that ck is a pf member stop attacking hem,he’s your parliamentarinan who fought for party the pf he worked so hard for the party to form government.

  25. Chomba

    Let us show him a SIGNAL.Come 2021

  26. comfort


  27. Shaka

    Leave him alone, he is not a puppet like some of you.

  28. abamano tabalomba

    thieves support fellow ba pompwe,leave ck alone,
    1.if ck store enthng h wud nt b spared by nw
    2.ck wz never fird 4 corruption by mcs,bt chitotela wz
    3.pf wnt unnecessary by-elections w ar against of so tht they violently/coruptly grab seat
    4.up to nw,apart frm th true corupt revelations ck has done th nation a favour,I STIL CAN’T SEE Y PF FIRED HM,h z a threat 2 top leadership,h z too brave/honest? hmnmn aweeh!
    5.instead of dfending urselvz on coruption alldgations u pik on hs clean business ventures,nt making sence at all
    sanity in politics in zambia is desirable,as zambians we hate coruption n’ propaganda gets overpowered every 5 years
    ask kk n’ rb
    my opinion,sory

  29. Jms

    Idiots are the ones who go back to where they came from hypocrites nonsense

  30. Evergreen

    Chilekenifye chipuba

  31. magwaza

    Comment:who cheatd u that upnd is a tonga party? is GBM & Andrew Banda are tongas?iwe koswe dont cofuse pipo unvela,if u dont want upnd go to zimbabwe or hang yourself coz upnd is coming in power on 2021 evn if u want or not.

  32. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle


  33. kelvin Simwanza

    You must know that your party will come to an end

  34. magwaza

    Comment:iwe simwanza dont cheat pipo 2021 upnd is wining evn if u want or not let us wait & see.tingabeje nangati ufuna.

  35. Jay Rox

    Upnd you are still cry, wait and see
    kambwili nikwalola umwela eko aya


    Ck has got his Democratic right to do whatever he is doing. Don’t tell him what to do when you yourselves have done completely nothing

  37. ?

    let mr mutati resign also

  38. Bk

    How do tell others to start the journey when you yourself are in the house. Then you are a Coward

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