Kwacha Constituency 2021 Hopefuls Draw Battle lines

The battle for the heart and soul of Kwacha Constituency in 2021 is taking shape with incumbent Joe Malanji cementing his hold while prospective challenger Chritsopher Kang’ombe is waging a subtle campaign.

Malanji hosted a 10 member team of Ministers at Changanamai grounds for a thanks giving rally among them Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe and Secretary General Davies Mwila.

The is believed to have been a subtle message by Malanji to prospective challengers that he was not about to give way.

Kwacha Constituency has had emerging camps with others loyal to Malanji while the team Kang’ombe soldiers are also consolidating their hold.

Prior to the rally, Kang’ombe was shocked that a rally was to be held in his district without his knowledge despite being district chairman.

“What you are seeing now is the beginning of a fight for this constituency in 2021 because you can’t call a rally in a district without the knowledge of the district chairman, even as a the province we only heard of this rally this morning, so it tells you what is happening, but we will talk to the provincial chairman to see how some of these issues can be addressed because for your own information Kang’ombe didn’t want to even attend this rally because he was not informed,” a member of the Provincial executive stated.

Malanji has been making efforts to put off Kang’ombe who has interest of serving the people of Kwacha Constituency in 2021.

Ronald Chitotela, Richard Musukwa, Prof. Nkandu Luo, Dr Chitalu Chilufya, Stephen Kampyongo, Alexander Chiteme, Moses Mawere, Freedom Sikazwe as well as Independent Members of Parliament Pavyuma Kalobo and Mwila Mutale attended the rally that was officiated by Party Secretary General Davies Mwila.




    Wat a consuming fire in politics naine ndeloleshafye

  2. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Atleast noone was insulted only developmental issues were raised unlike NDC and upnd emulate your frnds keep it up pf ebuyantanshi ubo. Am sure the upnd and NDC naka puppert mulongoti are planing a press briefing to condemn the rally and insult innocent souls pls you pipo must learn to advocate for peace not provoke others nga bamikata mwalwala na drip babiko ama BP yalanina mwafuma mu kambwili mwasanguka chula what a pretence,? Just talk about issues epela e buntu.to avoid problem you never be popular in zambia by passing deformatory coments against the president of zambia and pf pipo of zambia have faith in them that is why they are ruling we voted for them not you who are parading as upnd plc ltd leaders you dont represent zambia but yourselves.You pipo are not popular at all.

  3. zam

    Ndilalanga biyo ….
    Sometimes mwalanga bo a meeno


    How can you translate ndeloleshafye in English help me guys

  5. chris

    Mr kang’ombe be patient your time will come.Mr malanji came very far and he has done a lot for people of kwacha.

    • Mwate

      Kangombe is more knowledgable ,educated and hard working than Manji.
      Theres nothing Malanji is doing in the constituency in tems of development apart from giving false promises to institutions like schools ,churches etc which he is not fullfilling.
      Let Kangombe be given the chance of representing Kwacha constituency coz Hon.Malanji has no proper plans to develop kwacha constituency.
      Come 2021 its Kangombe and not these try and errors Mps

  6. munasi

    ya unapita pawindo shi aliko unapelela mu grade 02 how can u expect to kno all these things while u stop sku in grade 02.go bak to sku again.mukungozichenjelesa kanshi kulibbe vemuziba wath out vote for upnd from today.


      Thank you so much mr munasi iam illiterate fine but why are you debating with me chikopo chinapita pawindo like you said?

      • ROKA

        Comment Always those did not go very far or repeated may times, whether at a universe, College, secondary scool boast a lot after wards!!The straight way don’t boast because they know it involves without repeating, hard work, no examination malpractices and self discipline through and through!! Bravo SHI ALIKO.

      • ROKA

        Comment Always those who did not go very far or repeated may times, whether at a universe, College, secondary school boast a lot after wards!!The straight way ones don’t boast because they know it involves without repeating, hard work, no examination malpractices and self discipline through and through!! Bravo SHI ALIKO.

  7. Joe Kawimbe

    Ba Kang’ombe. Let Hon. Malanji finish his development programmes. Continuity is what determines the effectiveness of a leader. If he doesn’t, you can then say, “Sela tutekeko…”

    • ROKA

      Comment what wrong did Kangombe do?These leaders were supposed make a courtesy call at his office. Besides being a mayor,he is the district apf chair,am I right?Be strong Chingombe( this not an insult or belittling, but to encourage you!)

  8. KwaZulu

    Although there’s time to work and time to campaign you politicians check your calendar s this’s 2018 not 2021 go back to work.


    My fellow citizens why me ,,you munasi

  10. Gabby

    Nonsense. So in this country it is all abour election or job seeking? It is 3 years before 2021 and these fools are jostling to get into pole position? No wonder we cant progress because more time and effort is spent on politics

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