PF SG Urges MPs to Visit their Constituencies

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has told Members of Parliament in Kitwe to go back to constituencies and appreciate challenges their electorates are going through.

Mwila said Members of Parliament needed to be consistent in interacting with people that elected them to avoid rejection in 2021 during campaigns.

He said that Members of Parliament that are in the habit of not visiting their constituencies are a problem and not helping the party.

“I want to encourage you MP’s especially here in Kitwe, go back to your constituencies and meet your people, we don’t want problems of people being booed in 2021during campaigns,” Mwila said.

He further warned that the ruling party would not re-adopt candidates that will be difficult to sell to electorates in 2021.

And Mwila received defectors who rejoined the PF from NDC and UPND.

Among them was Dorothy Chimpimpi who was NDC Member of the Central Committee and National Women’s Chairlady.

She led other defectors from Lufwanyama District who had switched to NDC just five months ago.


  1. kopala.

    that’s the spirit SG.

  2. waibukisha too late

    advise them wht u passed thru,REJECTION in ur own constituency,mor 2 com in 2021,wait…
    wht msg ar they going 2 bring 2 their areas?
    justfy coruption,violence,propaganda?
    let them com & mit us

  3. Abeuty Mukupa

    Bafikala kuyabebele we don’t need you anymore

  4. Evergreen

    That’s good move ba pf gs

  5. Jms

    That’s being lazy DON’T REMAIND THEM you are doing so as if you your self know that they do nothing don’t just FIRE THEM AND APPOINT we need those jobs we who are serious

  6. Mukomango Mwansa

    Tell them, most especially Dr malama of kanchibiya constituency ,tabatandala ,u will find us ba Chiundaponde

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