Pres. Lungu Receives Controversial FIC Report

President Edgar Lungu has made steps to resolve the standoff between State House and the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) by meeting the Director General Mary Tshuma.

Tshuma handed over the reported that has raised so much dust over the allegations against some top ranking government officials.

Below is a statement issued by State House Press Aide Amos Chanda:


LUSAKA (TUESDAY, 19TH JUNE, 2018)–His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia has today received the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) ‘2017 Trends Report on Money Laundering/ Terrorist Financing’ and assured all law enforcement agencies of his full support for the operational autonomy required to attain the highest possible integrity in criminal investigations.

FIC Director-General Mrs Mary Tshuma requested an appointment with the President last evening, Monday 18th June 2018, and was granted audience today, Tuesday, 19th June 2018 at 11:00 hours at State House where she officially presented the report to the Head of State. The President has assured all investigative and law enforcement agencies of his unwavering commitment to the protection of their operational autonomy to ensure that there is full integrity in the investigative processes at every stage. The Head of State has noted that since the report does not mention names of suspects and claims against any individuals and body corporates, he would leave it to law enforcement agencies to investigate any allegations that may arise from the trends report.

The President’s perusal of the report shows that it brings out trends in financial transactions and alleged malpractices in a general nature. He therefore expects that the FIC will collaborate with relevant law enforcement agencies tasked with specific responsibilities that touch on the issues raised in the report.

For instance, the President notes the suspected offences of tax evasion must be presented to the Zambia Revenue Authority; suspected fraud to the Zambia Police Service; suspected corruption to the Anti-Corruption Commission; suspected money Laundering to the Drug Enforcement Commission and immigration irregularities to the Department of Immigration. Once these agencies have fully investigated these trends and suspicious transactions, they would decide to prosecute or make necessary recommendations to relevant authorities.

The President emphasizes that it is unfair for some NGOs and opposition parties to pressure him to take action on general allegations that have no names and no direct and proven cases. In any case, some of the previous reports the FIC presented to the President contained allegations against private citizens and companies who are not directly amenable to his authority. The President does not therefore understand what sort of action he can direct against private entities mentioned in suspicious transactions reports.

It is never the responsibility of the Head of State to micro manage criminal investigations against anyone, save for cases where administrative action is required to pave way for smooth investigations in situations where it judged that office bearers would hinder such processes.

State House also takes this opportunity to confirm that representatives of civil society organizations on Friday, 15th June 2018, at 14:55 PM, presented the FIC report to State House ahead of today’s presentation from the FIC director general. The report was accompanied by two identical letters, one signed by NGOCC Chairperson Sarah Longwe and another by Actionaid country director Nalucha Nganga Ziba.

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  1. The Chosen One

    Well done Civil Society. It had to take the 3 courageous women, Laura Miti, Naluca Ziba and madam Sarah Longwe. Well done ladies. But don’t brink, keep piling pressure, you’re dealing with the most corrupt regime in Africa

  2. Shaka

    Take the bull by its horns.

  3. Cakupapa ati ba humble

    Whn chitotela waz fired by mcs,we undrstood th reason,wht w fail is why h z kept evn whn being investgated @ acc
    we dnt easily 4get,rmember!
    Mit u in th battlefield,ask rb y w fird hm,we ar mor powerful at th end of every 5 years
    all we wnted was sanity,continuation of development unlyk propaganda,hatred 4 wh w faught mmd wth
    tym ticks fast

    • ROKA

      Comment So was kaizer Zulu and judges, but were immediately reinstated immediately apf took over!!Why? Please someone tell us!!

  4. Munasi

    Let’s hear what happens about money that is transferred in huge trunks as donations to top government officers.Also whether the sources of these moneys are legal genuine businesses and compliant with tax laws of the country.

  5. zam

    Mmmmm those are strong take your time in dealing with them

  6. Jms

    The president new every thing before

    • Tom London

      Edger Lungu knows every no wonder he is trying to side step the whole fic document .
      And last week state house and companies involved were mentioned . how come now Amos says no one is mentioned .

  7. Isaac

    A sane person could really see a sense the way the president of the republic is coming out. The suspected pple has been broken into different angecies on how they will be investigated. The police the anti corruption and the like will handle a case that falls under their jurisdiction.

  8. Jms

    A chanda that job is due to Zambians who voted for the one who put you to that sit be careful how you handle matters

  9. Hammer

    The owners of the reports were the last ones to take it to the president ! What is going on ! I suspect Mrs Mary Tshuma was framed!
    Otherwise let the law enforcements do their job!

  10. Mathews

    Let them explain

  11. Isaac

    Just ike my thought Hammer. The first report was a pirarted one which went on 15 th June and owners of the report came and deliver their report thereafter quite disturbing.

  12. Zamtunes

    Petersen “Zambia yatu” download here;

  13. Richard Chikopa Tembo

    To the relevant authorities, see to it that the report doesn’t gather dust. Move with time because it is precious before they turn tables upside down. Work hard.thank you.

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