10 Confirmed Dead in Black Mountain Accident

A mine accident at Kitwe’s slag dump commonly known as the Black mountain has claimed 10 lives while 7 others have sustained serious injuries.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga and Kitwe Teaching Hospital Acting Medical Superintendent Dr Chileshe Mboni have confirmed the sad development.

Katanga said a machine that was working uphill dropped a slag which buried the small scale miners commonly known as Jerabos who were working under.

Meanwhile, Dr Mboni said of the 7 injured one is in a critical condition and is admitted to the intensive care unit at the Kitwe Teaching Hospital.


  1. Charity

    So bad

    • Pathako Pinu

      These chaps are responsible for their lives. When there was a blast at Bgrimm explosion at Chambeshi which killed at least 49 people government was not responsible but BGRIMM Explosives, Zambia.The black mountain was given to these Jerabos as a community gift for their empowerment but they started using underhand methods which made the mountain weak and eventually collapsed.The only thing government can do is to halt operations on the black mountain and put up measures which will prevent dangerous mining methods.Hence the Jerabos are responsible themselves for their deaths just like fishermen especially Bembas who get drawn in their canoes during fishing , government is not responsible their unsafe acts.Safe niwemwine.If you don’t use a condom on a hooker don’t blame the government if you contract STIs & HIV AIDS.Risk at your own risk!

      • emmanuel mukuka

        To bad I think we have to blame the government for not putting measures ‘ because this guys are not miners they anything about safety there are not inducted no slam sorry for jerabos

        • Isaac

          Education is important you are blaming the government shame on you.

      • Raphael Muselema

        Too bad may your souls rest in peace

      • Bravado Chewe

        Not bambes

      • Anonymous

        Iwe,what has the bemba’s done to you,I think you’re chikalubale or kaonde. accident is accident, and don’t forget pipo are feeding families from there,,,

        • gucci mane

          Sure hw can a normal and matured adult say that…

      • Terrence Mulimba

        Yeah that’s true they should stop accessing the government


      Consult.Be Regulated. Comply with Health & Safety Standards .
      Dont fear the Jerabos. Subject them to Mining Regulations & Induction ; Medical Tests & Safety instructions. .
      SAD .

      • SHI ALIKO

        It’s over no more illegal mining in Zambia nd even in mamba stop it coz you will be the nxt victims

    • Oko2

      Corruption has killed more people in Africa than civil wars, Prof Lumumba. Watch on tube.

  2. Lyton mulambia

    Sad news, this is how will b dying in zambian because of jobless

  3. Tom

    So bad may their soul rest in peace

  4. Coillard

    Comment:too bad majerabos.

  5. National councillor

    I Feel bad for the families they have left behind, please government help them.

    • Bravado Chewe

      Too sad,as youths we are suffering because of jobless… Hence death like that

    • Carlos Mushindo

      Sadness May their soul rest in peace. Government must enforce safet first.

  6. Ezra

    thats very bad

  7. nzoro

    It’s sad just after a meeting over safety of the people on the mountain then tragdy has happened,safety is of prime importance.

  8. Open Analyst

    May the Good God strengthen the families of the departed bros. H.E. ECL kindly declare a period of National Mourning.

  9. TK

    So sad 🙁 #RIP

  10. Ba Kabwidi

    so sad.
    may they MTSRIN.

  11. pato


  12. zam

    That’s a sad development!!!!!!!!!!!! so sorry though they told but they didn’t wanted to do what is right… Yhsys a very hood example for the remaining jerabos.

  13. Lukas

    Comment:Too bad,lets put everything in the hands of the good Lord.May the good Lord see us through in this time of mourning.


    Webulanda wee

  15. kalipa misheck

    Too bad, my condolences goes to the families of those who have lost their beloved one’s may the Almighty God comfort them.RIP


    This same jerabos they have gone to far let them stop this illegal thing they are doing please this a very big loss 10 life’s,within same year they damaged pipos house’s with explosives without permission from the government

  17. Evergreen

    Iwe Chi mine boy you are the one who is going to buy everything for the funeral coz you are the victim
    M. Y. ‘S. R. I. P

  18. Hotness

    Sad news indeed, may God Almighty comfort the believed families.

  19. Enock sikazwe

    Too bad my the good Lord comfort and keep the departed

  20. Enock sikazwe

    Too bad may the good Lord comfort and keep the departed

  21. Benny

    It’s sad indeed but we cannot blame the government 4 jobless it’s hard we have resources which is limited technology is what we need in most cases, only Jesus and God can solve all the problems of jobless.Ba Jerabos naimwe don’t take things too far if u are warn the dangers of something please adhere 2 what has been decided as precautions. I want two of deceased Jerabos’s daughters 4 adoption reasons.


      How main have you adopted in your entire life so far

    • Anonymous

      Iwe swine, it’s not funny,how many have you adopted in your life? Akalufumo.pipo have lost here.

  22. B.I.G

    This is what BA Lungu wanted

    • Evergreen

      God blessed us with natural resources nd they belong to every citizen,so its not lungu’s falt its an accident

    • Lemmy cheba

      You can’t blame the government for what happened in kitwe because thats what they wanted, we learn to appreciate.

  23. King john ii

    We have to work hard for ourselves let’s not rely on one person, God has given us sense and power to work and he also gave us many resources. but it’s unfortunately for our friends who lost their lives may their souls rest in peace, they have tried their level best for the survival

  24. Ba specialB

    Sad news may their Sauls rest in PC

  25. Musena

    So sad

  26. GIMUMU

    Sad news indeed. Jerabos learn a real lesson if cud av humbled yourself b4 the government u cud av not dead in this way.pipo pliz GO BACK TO LAND meaning go to farm stat farming.a farm can’t kill u but mining can do it.u fear to be called A FARMER prefer JERABO.too bad REST IN PEACE…..see u in the coming New Jerusalem.

  27. Razor

    These deaths are on the shoulders of the same jerabos who were fighting over the same when they had no capacity to mine it safely. Also the responsibility rests on government who decided to give the same to the jerabos in order to get votes even though they knew that it was illegal and that these people had no capacity to ensure they put safety measures in place.

  28. Munkonge

    Firstly it was wrong to give Jerabos that Black Mountain because what happens there is total confusion. My humble appeal to the sitting government is, please give that mountain to a company that can provide proper safety measures and pay revenue in form of Tax to the government. Those Jerabos abuse money reaped from there like no mans business. Please before more lives are lost revoke that mountain from Jerabos otherwise more disasters are expected.

  29. Jms

    (Mtsrip) this is the from a bad or good did too bad investigation has to be put in place

  30. mwape john

    May they the Lord Jesus Christ help the diseased the family and provide the way out of their problem

  31. Sylvia

    Too bad…..nd may de gud Lord huv mercy on those who huv injuries.



  33. titus


  34. Mapala


  35. mushala

    Government should do something about that black mountain people will continue dying in that manner

  36. Chofwe William

    Too bad.

  37. Francis Mulenga

    Comment Let us not blame govt on wat has befallen the pipo on copperbelt.

  38. zu lu

    so sad

  39. world boss

    Hoops!!! Jerabos they are so stubborn.

  40. jeremiah

    Who are jerabos?.the wanted thieves or small scale miners?

    • Bravado forever

      Me I don’t know teacher…….. So sad news

  41. Humphrey

    That is not accident it pure murder
    How can you give a mine to untrained people when Zambia has been in mining long before independent then you can see people working without safety regulations and the government is watching.thats murder


      Some of this things they don’t require experience manly but physically fit,how can you go to university to learn how to use a pik ba hunmphrey

  42. Dosirtos

    U guys be responsible 4 lives.

  43. GM

    Too bad

  44. Jackson shawa

    Wow so sad

  45. Daniel neba


  46. Peter Kubala

    Too bad guys Ba Lesa bengachingilila ama families yonse ago chikumine

  47. mercutio

    R.i.p jerabos. My apeal goes to the govt…Ba lulu…ba luluu pliz ask for wisdom from God to head this nation.

  48. Jae Mwana Mr. Kabobo

    RIP Jerabos

  49. Esther

    Very sad indeed..may their Souls rest in internal Peace

  50. Surveyor

    How can a mine operate without engineers even if it’s called small scale mining ubufontini that’s why you are dieing

  51. zachariah

    sad development,safety measures should be put in place

  52. mukuka

    I feel sorry for there families ‘

  53. fisunge

    Mwana akalila bonzo iwe mwana mupase efyo balefwaya lekeni beshibe ati umulilo uchingile abakulu taocha tabomfwa bajerabo They should blame themselves not governments

  54. Peace life

    Too bad

  55. Zamtunes

    Petersen “Zambia yatu” download here;

  56. uncle b

    2 bad,learn to listen,icikamipwa icilupili indalama shikashala

    • uncle b

      jarabos r not miners,they sturbon criminals who need to be told the dangers of mining,take extra care cikamipwa icilupuli echo.

  57. Homson


  58. Samson chilapa

    Very sad news

  59. Sims

    So sad ,comrades!

  60. Bruno mars the moonshingle

    Mwebantu sure.Too bad

  61. Shaka

    Safety first and always. They were alerted (warned) but insisted and turned a deaf ear to advice. Nevertheless, may their souls rest in peace. Amen

  62. Emmanuel

    chaipa baba…may their souls rest in peace

  63. Joseph chitalu

    Its a sad news loosing people jst like that…. It is now the government’s duty to provide job opportunities for the people in the area so that they stop operating in unsafe environment..,

    Rip to the JERABOS

  64. Aaron Sampa

    May their souls rest in eternal peace. It was an accident so don’t blame the govt or anyone. accidents do happen everywhere

  65. Fabiano Mwansa

    Too bad

  66. Moses kabali

    I don’t see reason why when such an accident happens some pipo blame EC Lungu.too bad,MTSRIP.

  67. MUZO

    Munshebwa aile namashinsha ku buko.dis is y govnmnt has barnd street vending.pipo wre trdin carelessly alng Lumumba road whre heavy fast mvin mchines ie trucks,cars etc Pass.wht if de tire burst occurs? 4 sure we eyez n we dnt c n ears bt.@ ecl is nt gud

  68. MUZO

    Munshebwa aile namashinsha ku buko.dis is y govnmnt has barnd street vendin.pipo wre trdin carlesly alng Lumumba road whre heavy fast mvin mchines ie trucks,cars etc Pass.wht if de tire burst occurs? 4sure we v eyz n we dnt c.Ngafyacitika @ ecl is nt gud

  69. A. Seleta

    Mmmmm owe even if they had to work under whilest the machine on top please they. Were not supposed to risk their lives like that. Already that thing was weakened by the blasting webulanda we muno Zambia. My condolences.

  70. James

    surveyor we fontini niwe you engineers in Zambia are quite you dont provide information to government

  71. Nicholas

    Too bad

  72. Jom


  73. Jms

    I don’t mostly blame children I BLAME WHERE THAT CHILD IS FROM the government to blame if Bush was still President these so called leaders so the goverment may try to deny but in actual sense they have murdered

    • Mickie lilema

      Levels of poverty so high, that is the reason why our brothers are dying like this in country called Zambia. I blame the spirit of poverty in the minds of some politician who thing low. Can someone give a snake to his child though seeing danger. We don’t need to sacrifice people indirect.

  74. Milanah

    Rest in peace guys

  75. FaiyB

    OMG, still can’t believe the shocking and dreadful news, my heartfelt condolences to the deceased’s families.
    MYSRIP ba pipo😥😥😥

  76. Crystal

    Why do we always blame the government. Safety niweka. R. I. P

  77. Bana faith

    Too bad,Such young souls.May there souls rest in peace.

  78. Emmanuel Banda

    So sad to hear,its another way to learn.Anyway we accept since it is done with no reverse..

  79. Ignorant

    Ok mwalanda sana, accidents happen everywhere chingola open pit curved in at one point killing some miners, mufurila the worst mine accident ever konkola in chiliz & many others. Of course safety should be a priority but accidents are un avoidable but can only be minimised.RIP GUYS

  80. longwa kalombo

    Too bad but accident are common in the mining industry do not convicted blame anyone NO CLOSING OF ACTIVITIES jerabos are common going to bury their friends life continue ,mining industry happen all over the mining world recently it was in china .NO RANTING .pf gave them jobs a good move and why those jealous puppies condemning the government ?were these guys forced to work there ..they don’t even pay tax .

  81. Jayjay m

    I share grief with there families….. Their souls rest in peace

  82. kennedy lungu

    Neither Ecl No Gvmt Is To Blame,accident Is The Underlined Phrase Here,its Biger Than Any Safty Technic That U May Put In,ecl Is Too Small To Stop Death,again He Can Not Employ All Of Us,u Ar The Same Pipo Who Pressured Him To Give These Jeraboz That Mountain,today U Ar Blaming Him,stop It,let Just Mourn Our Brothers With Respect And Dignity.

  83. Ignorant

    @LONGWA & KENNEDY i totally with you, the blame game should be entertained at this point especially from the opposition side but rather focus on the new safety measures that must he put in place to safeguard the lives of these youths.

  84. chris

    The jarabos must put safety measures into consideration to avoid loss of lives and damage to property.The giving of black mountain by pf government is a well come move.jarrabos must also improve on there work cultural.

  85. young joe

    In this case u don’t have to blame the government o anyone an accident is an accident no one can stop it and one thing u shud know is DAT education is very important coz an educated person can not blame anyone in this case the job the jerabos were doing is very risk even though they were feeding there families from there may there souls rest in peace


    Too bad, to the families of lost one. i blame, the pf goverment for not put some safety regulation to the jerabo guys. pa zed, ama jobless awe sure.

  87. Mulenga Michael

    My condolences may they rest in peace

  88. F s

    That’s the danger people were seen on that mountain but you keept on insisting antill we lost lives,anyway lord have mercy on the familys and Zambians at large.

  89. Jms

    I think Chris is mad and l kalombo doesn’t know what he is saying. I think you recall is it nice for someone to send her/his 9year old child to go and buy beer in taven NO not at all be realistic if government ya fllilwa some are even willing to offer FREE EDUCATION you see but not seeing at all Hear but not hearing at all Mind you those of you who learn through their mistakes are ones who die minus learning Although occurring without knowing what’s ahead its bad SORRY MTSRIP

  90. stanslous

    Too divastating that many lives could be lost at the same time…..may their souls rest in peace.

  91. Chimfwembe nsofu

    Ecl how personal give the jerebis 10% of black mountain is not to be blamed !
    The mine minister who assured us the mountain is safe is not to blame
    The p.f who sought political mileage and favours from the mafia criminal entity called the jerabo is not to blame
    All the so called miners without ppe and safety inductions is no to blame
    The get rich now mentality and easy money ,we Zambia love is no to blame

    It was just a accident , or was it

  92. Jerabo

    R.I.P my guys, we will really miss you. Let you be with the Father God until we meet again…… Always at heart.

  93. lisa

    that’s very very sad,its true let’s go back to farming.God please give these jeraboz wisdom before they finish, RIP

    • Anonymous

      Iwe mwaice Lisa,do you know how to hold a hoe youself? Farming what?how can you go back to land your parents born mu town bakotela mu town,where are you going to start utu ma Chinese twalisenda land?keep quite, it was an accident,,, we morn our pipo.

  94. Anonymous

    Iwe mwaice Lisa,do you know how to hold a hoe youself? Farming what?how can you go back to land your parents born mu town bakotela mu town,where are you going to start utu ma Chinese twalisenda land?keep quite, it was an accident,,, we morn our pipo.

  95. Precious mwila

    It’s so sad that we have lost souls but to those who are blaming the government please the government has nothing to do with the accident,da youths needed dat black mountain nd it was given 2 them now it is upto to them to put measures on safety,if the government starts advertising them again us da same people ll start saying the government wants it back.the easteners say mwana akalila bonzo mupase so their gave them what they wanted,so let’s stop blaming the innocent government nd pray that God gives us direction.

  96. bwanga bweupe

    in as much as we know it was an accident the reality is that these guys JERABOS do not have courtesy and manners to the general public and as such the general public fear to advise and talk to them for fear that you would be beaten, insulted or anything but then life should not be like that. this is a lesson for the remaining JERABOS to change their way of behaviour and the way they treat others, as it is we even fear to go and attend their funerals because they can cause confusion any how. change guys for the better and betterment of society because we all love you since you were created in the image of God the creator of us all. muleichindika kabili mulepela abantu banenu umuchinshi. stop misbehaving ala.

  97. LUCAS

    Guyz Enough, Respect the Dead no one plans to Die, Do not think you are clever when others are Dead and are Living, No one holds the secret for his Death, Respect God and give glory to him when You work up alive even if you are a Doctor, How many Doctors witch or Medical are dead? his is the Result of High unemployment Level, where we can have The Minority Want to earn three Quotors of The Nations Resources, God God Guide us and Strengthen us even as we mourn, There is no precaution for death You may boast, but it is just about time M.T.S.R.I.P God bless the Dead

  98. mopres

    Sorry ba Kitwe

  99. pw

    where is the government mine inspector, what about the safety of the workers

  100. kelvis

    Too bad for my fellow youths.

  101. Owen Mutaka

    Sad news to my fellow youths may there souls rest in peace.


    Too bad for them

  103. FGM

    The high poverty levels ( over 70%) . Government should redirect it’s attention on poverty reduction. If it has no plans of reducing it then a leadership with that plan should be given chance. Poverty is Zambia’s number one enemy that needs to be vigorously handled. Zambia is not for the less than 30% that not affected by this enemy. Leaders think TWICE over this Enemy!!!

  104. Mapulanga

    Yes it’s really a sad news and this calls for all the safety measures to be the departed ones…

  105. Terrence McMulimba

    The problem is that us Zambians we don’t know who government is. Government is us the people so for how long will you be blaming government for some thing they don’t know.

  106. Chandazy

    To thez who have past out,,RIP,and to thez who are in cretic condition guys you are going to be fin in Jesus name,,only under one condition ,if only you believe in God

  107. emilios

    Rest in peace

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