Eyeball to Eyeball: Pres. Lungu and Hichilema Meet

Something good has come out of Daniel Munkombwe’s funeral with sworn political rivals President Edgar Lungu and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema coming into each other’s way. President Lungu and Hichilema were both in Choma to attend the funeral of veteran politician Daniel Munkombwe.

The two personalities warmed up to each other as did Hichilema and First Lady Esther Lungu last week at another funeral.

Munkombwe who died on Friday last week is being put to rest today at his Kabebya Farm.


  1. Lion


  2. Augprina

    Fantastic move but why on funerals?

  3. Ibrahim

    Hope something good comes, out of such hand Shake’s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    We she uu🔯💥💮💮💮💮💮

  4. Coillard

    Comment:thus good guys funeral is funeral lets put politics aside,2morow it wil be u.one zambia one nation God bless u guys.

  5. Demian

    Nice move their.
    But it shouldn’t become a notion of reconciliating at the funerals only.
    The move must be exhibited in everyday’s life.


    • wajimona

      They will meet again in Kitwe at the Black Mountain!!

    • Paulos

      One must have asked: “why do you think you are better than me??

  6. kopala.

    let’s see if he is going to block the Presidential motorcade. hop he has learnt something.

    • Tom London

      Iwe Ka kopala you are dog with a long tail behind you . Lungu went to Choma by helicopter . mutoko obe .

    • Bravado forever

      Kopala,think before you comment

    • He can't do that he is a better man for the nation, just wait 2021

      HH a better man for Zambia

    • milandu

      empty headed

  7. FM

    One Zambia one nation life goes on.

  8. ROKA

    Comment Just imagine, pa cililo naco ica BaMunkombwe fye!! Awee mwandi! upAndOWN can win next elections if it re-brand itself by removing the tripartite bantustan dominance and become truly National. If stand on” until we come to power as Tonga” awe takuli uko mukaya.Liberalize all positions and you will be amazed.The way we see your tripartite bantustans warn none tripartite people,we are scared to vote for you!!

    • Tom London

      Use the language you can raise your point we mbwa we we ka roka , makandi yobe .

      • Charles Chimfwembe

        Nomba owe ninshi tawakwata amakandi ai…? You seem to be a bitter man just like your funny ever losing president kainde


    I we CHI kopala, let me tell you without any hesitation, you are mother fucker, walipena, satanyoko, chikala and umusula obe.. How can you bring such issue of motorcade at the funeral house? You are an idiot.


    Kopala, you don’t have a sense.

  11. Lungu

    H.H boi dont arest me in 2021 as u going to be a president.stay blessed.

    • Tom London

      No you won’t be arrested because very soon you will run away and hide yourself in Swaziland .

  12. Biyela Kakupa

    Policians are friends and they know how they make unite among themselves. We are one family. One Zambia One Nation.Matthew 5:9

    • Biyela Kakupa

      Politicians are friends and they know how to bring unite among themselves.

    • Fortune

      well done

  13. Elijah

    This is good but cadres are busy hacking each other with pangas!!


    Good leaders are like baseball umpires, they go practically unnoticed when doing their jobs right…am happen for them.

  15. Mmj

    Congrats hope it will be like Kenya senario keep it up our leaders

  16. Matemba

    There’s totally nothing good or rather advantageous about two political entrancic antagonists shaking hands at a funeral, lets be objective, while these two perspicacious sagacious individuals have failed to set aside their political differences aside for the greater good of Mother Zambia, nothing good will emanate from that handshake.

  17. Raphael

    Truly funerals bring people together

  18. James claps mphande

    Mmmmmmm cool if u continue this way we will have a very peaceful country

    • MUNDIA kayopwe

      It was a good thing but what did the two leaders discuss that which will show that the two leaders reconciled or Will reconcile

  19. Ba specialB

    Politics aside ma dogs
    good move Ba PA and UPND l(eaders)

  20. Lungu

    H.H boi don’t arest me in 2021 as u going to be a president.politics are jst politics don’t be cheated by someone.



  22. zam

    They didn’t want to lose both the mam and the hand shake mmmnnn its important sometimes for enemies to shake each others hand

    • Austine

      Time tells every thing has got its on time

  23. kondwelani

    Gud move but at the funeral

  24. Razor

    One zambia one nation

  25. King David

    FM you’re right one Zambia one nation

  26. derrick

    Nice but it Should not be only on funeral they at both good redar so they rid by exampel.

  27. Mukomango Mwansa

    On behalf of the entire Chiundaponde, Lavushimanda district, I say congratulations Mr Edgar and Mr HH,that’s what we want as Zambian people, let love lead .One Zambian one Nation!!!!!!!!

  28. Naphtali Sakala

    One Zambia One Nation One People One GOD, may the almighty God bless Zambia.

  29. Ackim

    One Zambia one nation

  30. Emmanuel Zulu

    That’s nice, God guide our leaders

  31. Raphael Banda

    That is a good move you have showed to us, HH & ECL please keep that spirit of oneness and God who grand us with peace in the nation.

  32. Martin kambenja

    From north western province, like this it shows one Zambia one people we thank god

  33. Ba Gee

    Oh thank God coz have been waiting for this day for a long time now

  34. Rogick M.Kalumba

    We thank God for that Mr President please continue with that spirity…Mr HH u have shown maturity..us Zambians we love u all

  35. Evergreen

    Did they detected hh b4 the handshake coz I don’t trust the guy he is capable of anything


    Evergreen boi this is time for maturity nd they are leading by example, even you also boi ok

  37. Evergreen

    Thanks shi aliko boi for your words


    It was more like big brother

  39. MAPALA

    Sign of one zambia ,one nation

  40. Akan apezeka

    Thus a gud move our leaders we both love uuuu one Zambia one nation

  41. jcm

    mr evergreen u’re right he was suppose to be ditacted

  42. Jk

    That’s good to see those leaders

  43. Cleanman

    Read the body language. Who is the boss?

  44. Emmy

    Don’t be cheated HH and Lungu will never reconcile Fyabufi

  45. Mwiende

    Thanks mr hh&ecl

  46. Bao

    There are four major events that bring people together regardless of their colour, political affiliation, race,tribe or clan and these are: religion , sports , wedding ceremonies and funeral gatherings. So for anybody to meet with their perceived enemies at any of the above outlined events should not be politicised but give thanks to God who is the master of time.

    • Trust chibala

      I owner yo words! God bless you

    • Juchi

      Mbo you have layed the wiziest comment,we need the kind wisdom God bless you and God bless Zambia

  47. Zamtunes

    Petersen “Zambia yatu” download here;

  48. Trust chibala

    when God says yes no man can say no!!!!!! we have been praying for peace to reign in the country and so it is! so never dought God in any way please! he brings peace where there is no peace! joy where there is no joy! he is love and he shall remain forever good! give God the glory! May the soul of the late rest in eternal peace! Trust Chibala

  49. Cassell Enias

    Great move

  50. Evergreen

    Tym to sleep now

  51. Bashi Jericho

    That’s good

  52. Teddy

    Led work together to continue promoting peace hh& ecl please. God bless you

  53. Simwanza

    Thank you god for bring hh nd lungu

  54. Benjamin

    Zambia is a Christian Nation whether one likes it or not so Jehovah has an interest because of the few genuine Christians who worship Him in truth and spirit. Leadership is from God Romans 13:1-7 God piks up the nothing because He Is God no one can question Him. 1Corinthians 1:18- 31, Most Christians start very well but they end up badly .Is it true thatUNZA has opened classes to learn about witchcraft. Witchcraft is not an art it is evil from Satan, the one who has introduced it must be fired because she is a Satanist. Look at South Africa that country is gone judgment has come upon that country if the president has endorsed then God has removed His favour from him we hope and pray that it is not true. Confirm to us Zedwa from South Africa was banned to perform in Zambia but witchcraft is worse God abhors it . Bwana president surround yourself with morally good people, people who fear God not man full of the Holy Ghost those should be your advisors

  55. ZedMan

    That’s good

  56. Bruno mars the moonshine junglez


  57. Bruno mars the moonshingle


  58. Shaka

    Let us hope even the so called cadres will follow their leaders’ gesture,but alas,I don’t think so.

  59. Prince David Bvunguzile Shawa

    Like football politics is a game that people play and one eventually wins,in football teams go to war to win the world cup:in these games teams become aggressive footballers are sometimes injured and removed from the playing field but the game continues and with so much love for the game the players battle it out,It is the same thing with politics except in politic it a war of words,politics is a war of sales and marketing and those that have a good product and a good marketing team takes the day,unlike in football politics is not physical and must not be treated as such,in politics one’s choice of words is important because eventually politicians are judged by what comes out of their mouths,and at funerals politicians know best to behave accordingly,people meet at funerals not because they are friends or were friends to the deceased but to mourn and pay their last respect to the dead and the late Hon Munkombwe’s funeral(mhsrip) is no different,yes it’s a good thing for the Republican President Mr Lungu and President Hichilema to meet and shake hands we are africans and thats what we do at funerals,we greet each other…remember politicians always have a political motive for doing what they do

  60. Dolph MC Wayne

    Nice one my president forgive and forget. Man of Peace…. That is privileged.
    One Zambia one nation

  61. MAN G

    HH is a good leade we going to voter 2021 GOD knows

  62. Brainwasher

    Good move gentleman

  63. Charles

    One Zambia one nation god bless zambia

  64. mulase

    Politicians ar like professional boxers..they shake hands but later engage in a vicious fight.Don’t take them for granted guys

  65. Fortune

    And the other guy says they will meet again in kitwe at the black mountain.. is this guy normal

  66. Oscarmwale

    Welcome move

  67. mawema

    Thats good for the nation

  68. Chibumbu William

    That is leadership I thank you our leaders continue with the same spirit God bless you and keep you

  69. Musonda

    And wat colours are those on Mr ecl?

    I guess it’s not Zambian flag!!

  70. Terry

    May God bless you guys for shaking each other politics z a dirt game remember our creator and u will be blessed all continue with that spirituality

  71. Mukwakwa

    God Isabel to let s this people to shake each other nothing is possible to God only one Zambia one nation

  72. Leevan

    Funerals brings people together please people of Zambia rather all nation let’s show love not only on funeral but while we are still arrive the dead they do not know anything but the living .Mr HH your time is coming but submit to your friend he was chosen by God let’s love one another .john 3v16 .Am happy am praying for you our leaders

  73. Rock

    Nice move


    Is there a problem here? which rivalry are they talking about, these are not rivals or enemies. The two are doing two different jobs. Mr Lungu is a president while Mr HH is a leader of the opposition . When did they become enemies? To me there is no enmity.

  75. Richard

    Zambia shall be saved. Our prayers are not in vain.


    i hope, pf cadres, they ve see them selves, politics its a dirty game.

  77. Kameko Mulenga

    Good leader must be like that

  78. Queen

    That’s Nice to see them together

  79. Headman

    Ba koala amano ububi mulekula, that was good people

  80. lameck Nguni

    we need to take slip opportunities to usefull gains. out of bad situation comes good things. God sometimes does allow bad to happen so that he create good thing.

  81. Jeromy kasamba

    That’s great

  82. The Bravo's

    Continue with DAT spirit

  83. Jungle boi

    2021 u wl rule zambia mwaana no problem. But dot arest me for all wrong things i did to u n to all zambian. 👉 its nt easy mwaana, unzakaona naiwe
    😂 😂 😂 😂.


  84. Itx Dare Man

    I think that hand shake will renovate the misunderstanding that is between them.

  85. Saipai

    Such is life

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