BRITISH High Commissioner to Zambia, Cochrane-Dyet, has been summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for continuously tweeting anti- government, disparaging remarks against individuals and Zambia as a whole.

The High Commissioner who is not alien to conducted deemed unbecoming of a Diplomat by host nation’s has been summoned by the Minister of Foreign Affairs tomorrow morning.

In recent weeks, the British High Commissioner has been criticizing Zambian authority on twitter with the latest comment being support of a premature release of an intelligence raw report by FIC to the public before it was handed to the President.

Information Minister Dora Siliya recently reminded the diplomatic corps of diplomatic channels of airing their grievances but Dyet has ‘shoved it under a carpet.’

Dyet is not a stranger to controversy having been expelled from Malawi in 2011 for breaching diplomatic etiquette.

The British becomes the second diplomat to fall foul with the Zambian government after Cuban envoy Nicolas Page was recalled by his government for misconduct when he graced opposition Socialist Party event.

Sources both from the British High Commissioner and from the Ministry of Foreign affairs fear that Zambian Authorities who have in recent months demonstrated a more assertive foreign policy, may just expel the British envoy.

He tweeted:

“Utter nonsense! FIC doing good job. Entitled to publish trends report because it’s not sensitive intelligence.”

“Admire work of #Zambia Financial Intelligence Centre. Met DG Mrs Tshuma with EU colleagues to discuss alarming 2017 trends report. #fightcorruption

“Essential #Zambian Govt takes Financial Intelligence Centre allegations seriously?. Evidence of serious corruption. Risk that political elite close ranks to hide their complicity?

More details to follow….


  1. Mr Peace

    Such goats should just park and go.These are not colonial days.

  2. zam

    What did he alsaw for him to say that he is foolish in some way pray for him .. He has demons

  3. laba

    Thats being foolish

  4. Talented top

    He’s being real

  5. Jms

    Mr peace you are a goat à good person can’t stay in a bad place because he can’t be seeing bad things happening ALL THESE PEOPLE GOING YOU ARE JUST BLESSING THEM WITH GOOD POSITIONS WHILE MEETING THEIR FAMILIES WELL DONE (bad behavior) so be careful this is HISTORY you are making you have started comparing your self with Malawi mind you dictators are going close to fifth be careful we still need to enter some more

  6. nađena

    No zambian can interfear internal matern. a foreighn land .To my surpraise here in zambia foreighners anyhow in the bandić coloniol masters which iš not good for the nation .

    • Be real

      He is right, Zambian govt is trying to cover it’s tracks the most corrupt government so far in Zambia, victimising those bold enough to stand for the truth and the voiceless

      • Serious

        The truth hurts I guess!

      • Gram

        You could say that at gain. African states are so corrupt and the elites will always want to threaten those who expose them. One day will be one day.

  7. kopala.

    this British basturd is stupid. can a Zambian diplomat comment on the happenings in Britain? just expell this idiot. can somebody tell this imbecile that,it over 50 years now since we last chased “,BAMWISA”.

  8. Webby TEMBO

    The British high commissioner was very right and he was simply defending us we Zambians from this corrupt government.

  9. ik

    Zambian wiseup the man is right u cant put everything under the red carpet

  10. Serious

    A self-proclaimed Christian nation shoild not get angry when someone praises an organization that is doing its mandate. Taxpayers or the citizens of this country have a right to know everything that relates to the well-being of their country. The world needs more of such envoys.

  11. maybin

    Truth hurts please lets read the whole article,unless there’s a low which does not require any foreigner to speak out against the government,

  12. Chendabusiku

    The queen is for British people not Zambians. The British can insult her and do what they want but that cannot be a barometer for this ill mannered chap to insult us or anybody for that matter. Dangling dead aid does not give him the passport to insult us. We know that these guys are racist to the core they just pretend because they are earning money as diplomats. The British called the Irish – monkeys, but when the Irish economy started to flourish they flocked to Ireland for jobs. They have no shame at all. Zambia and Africa will surely develop. It might not be during our time but it will surely develop.



  13. Ree-shar

    Let him speak aka that’s the problem with us Zambian people, we don’t like people who are honest .

  14. Kamtekete

    A diplomat may comment on a country. Even though, the comments aught to show diplomacy. He must not be praised for his or her sentiments when he or she attacks and insults individuals, especially government officials. Zambia should not allow that.
    Reminds me of yester generation of KK, Kamuzu Banda, Kwame Nkuruma, Robert Mugabe, Nelson Mande……….

  15. ditto

    Once a colonial master, always a colonial master. Let’s just live with it.

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