De-Registered Democratic Party Appeal to Kampyongo

The Harry Kalaba linked Democratic Party has written to Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo appealing to him to intervene in the de-registration of the Party.

Spokesperson Judith Kabema has said the appeal to the Minister is in line with Section 16 of the societies Act cap 119 of the laws of Zambia.

She said the appeal operates as a stay to the Chief Registrar’s decision to deregister the Party and allow functionality to continue until the minister responds to the appeal.

“This Section provides that where the certificate of registration had been cancelled by Registrar, the aggrieved party may appeal to the Minister within 21 days.  The Act does not go further to provide a time frame within which the appeal must be heard by the Minister,” Kabemba said.

She However added that section 23 (1) provides in the relevant parts that every society, other than a statutory society, shall be deemed to be an unlawful society.

“The provision is clear that so long as the appeal remains pending, our party will continue being legally in existence and can continue  to exercise our rights and conduct our activities,” she added.

Kabemba has since advised party members to continue with normal activities of country wide mobilization and offer checks and balances in the governance of the nation.

She said the Democratic Party will operate without fear as the appeal mechanism as provided in the Act and fortified by case law, grants sufficient protection until determination of the Appeal by the Minister of Home affairs.


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