Kabila Steps Up Bid To Block Katumbi From Contesting Dec. 23 Polls … Govt Revokes His Passport

The government of Democratic Republic of Congo has stepped up attempts to block opposition leader Moise Katumbi’s ambition to contest the presidency during the December 2018 election.

President Joseph Kabila allegedly recently ordered the withdrawal of Katumbi’s passport to curtail his mobilization.

The authorities revoked Katumbi’s passport a decision they have declined to erescind.

Katumbi was advised last week by Belgian airport services, after returning from a trip to Israel, that his semi-biometric passport had been withdrawn from the system.

A request to the Congolese Embassy in Belgium for a full biometric passport was rejected in February “without valid reason,” his office said in a statement published on his verified Twitter account.

“This incident illustrates the continued fierceness of the regime” against Katumbi, his office said. “It confirms also the instrumentalization of state institutions by the Kinshasa regime.”

Katumbi, the former governor of copper-rich Katanga province, has been in self-imposed exiled since May 2016, soon after he split with President Joseph Kabila and announced an intention to replace his one-time boss.

A month later, he was convicted in absentia for illegally selling a property, while two other investigations remain open — including allegations he violated Congo’s ban on dual citizenship.

Katumbi denies the allegations, which he says are politically motivated. Polls in the run-up to the elections show Katumbi as the people’s favourite to replace Kabila.


  1. Cyril Ramaphosa

    Moses katumbi is the best man to reign congolese people.

  2. Kalaliki

    When God says yes, no one can say no!

  3. zam

    Why is that monster insisting to trouble the people of Congo

  4. Emmanuel Banda

    Leadership is from God,weather rain or no rain,when one is choosen it will be done.

  5. Sunday chisha

    anything that goes up must come down.The new hour has come for the people of congo

  6. saul

    Leave your friend alone. Leadership z from God

  7. Ignorant

    Politics nikulimba bakaamba! Anyway, keep on pushing fikacitika one day.

  8. john chiluya

    Comment: he is the right man for presidency.

  9. BTK

    Kabila must bhav himself.

  10. F s

    Thats why politics is the darty game.

  11. Nyawu yakumawa

    Alitumpa mwaice kabila ayi,these guyz kabila’s,they preffer thrown out wth bullet in the head.family desease,dictotors.

  12. Jackson shawa


  13. chris

    Its high time people like Moise katumbi to stand,he has the heart for,to develop Congo and to better the lives.he has done a lot for the people of Katanga region.let piece learn in DRC.

  14. chris

    Bakabila who else if not Moise katumbi.

  15. Mukomango Mwansa

    I hope in Congo they know that kalaba’s party has been de registered by the registrar of society, and that the only secondary school in Chiundaponde has collapsed.Because we talk a lot about our friends affairs when we have a lot of issues which needs to be talked about not ifya bakabila.

  16. isaac chibwe

    Mandatory for this kabila got finished long ago in which category is he exercising the DRC power, katumbi for president finish and full stop.

  17. Jack mwewa

    That dictator Kabila I wish to Wear a bomb for him takwata umutima

  18. Remmy

    It happened To our current President ECL, their plans failed. The voice of God has spoken. By the end of 2019 Kabila will be prosecuted .

  19. Remmy

    Few leaders enjoy their pension. My appeal to all leaders is to be careful with their advisors. People who surround Kabila will not be their in few days to come as they will leave him alone.Wait a moment .

  20. Gift Timothy Musama

    Katumbi is the best choice for the Congolese people. He will cross the red sea with Congolese people to the promised land.They deserve much better. It’s high time to leave Egypt.

  21. Ignatius TOBO mutale

    Mwana kuyabele katumbi is the next President for Congo Dr weather you like it or not

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