Musukwa Consoles Black Mountain Victims’ Families

Look who turned out to console victims of the Black Mountain? Just in case you missed you missed it, Mines Minister Richard Musukwa with his Copperbelt counterpart Japhen Mwakalombe visited families of the deceased this morning in Kitwe. Musukwa did not win many friends with his remarks a few days ago that the Black Mountain was safe for mining. Your thoughts?


  1. Sampizho

    If you want those pip to continue mining black mountain at least train them basics of rock strater to avoid tragedy.

  2. Elizabeth

    May the souls of the deceased rest in peace

  3. Concerned Man

    Mm mm ?????

  4. maybin

    Let’s not criticise the government for what happened at them black mountain let’s just see to it on how them families will be helped by the government.remember that it was an accident,let’s moun together.

  5. Frank Bwalya

    When people are excited over something that’s the end result.. Insansa shinya ubulanda. So many of leaders have a stake in the black mountain. Who owns the 300 yellow tipper trucks??

  6. Frank Bwalya

    I mean so many PF top leaders

  7. Walan G

    may their soul rest in peace.too bad.

  8. Ignorant

    Due to the fact that the accident happened at black mountain does not mean that safety measures were not over emphasised. In fact when the mines minister came & met with reps of small scale miners, safety was one of the key issues that was raised hence those condeming the minister are not being realistic. In all the mines, safety is the too priority but accidents have not ceased to occur, so filacitika & life goes on.

  9. Pascal MK

    Operating on an artificial mountain is very different from the natural one, so many risks are concerned.
    And need to be trained properly.

  10. James claps mphande

    My condolences



  12. Akatanshi takalisha

    Sometimes one wonders whether we are developing, are on standstill or do not know what to do. What the jerabos were doing was proper mining and the mines and safety department is just less than 10 kilometers away from the ‘black mountain.’ Surely they couldn’t reach out despite being a public go-ahead !

  13. Mukomango Mwansa

    Rest in peace guys

  14. Benny

    It’s true insansa Shinto bulanda avoid cerebrating before u reap what u sow

  15. Benny

    Insansa Shinyo bulanda avoiding cerebrating before u reap what u sow

  16. Charlesmicklay

    Our condolences to the families, R.I.P

  17. brush kay

    r.i.p brothers.

  18. FaiyB

    My condolences 😢😢😢

  19. Razor

    Musukwa you are responsible for this deaths. You are the one who gave this people that mountain when they had no capacity and it is your ministry that is supposed to regulate mining including checking safety measures. In other countries the minister would have resigned.

  20. Edgar Chagwa Lungu

    Musukwa u are fired ch*k*la chobe tom bar know call , anyway rip guyz.



  22. Edgar Chagwa Lungu

    F*ck you!!!!

  23. Jeromy kasamba

    Too bad ,

  24. Wendy chandA

    May their Saul rest in peace

  25. evs

    why insulting? may our mighty God forgive u

  26. zam

    Look what the minister has brought by saying that it was fit for mining activities ….. Don’t say things from without you are not even trained to do that then you say it fit, be serious!!!!!!

  27. HH

    I will offer you mines when you vote for me not black mountain

  28. HH umupondo

    foolish admin,so u want us to blem him? is he God to know wats going to happen >_< ★★♥

  29. sim1

    It’s just an accident, it can happen don’t put blame on mines minister,let’s mourn our beloved brothers.if you’re upnd thinking this de passport to get momentum ubepelefye.

  30. Abraham

    Does the government have Mines Safety Department inspectors? Which inspector is in charge of the Black Mountain? Does Black Mountain Management have safety inspectors and Geotechnical Engineers?

  31. Jms

    Don’t worry the government is responsible people have already said

  32. charles

    Black mountain must be mined from top to bottom to avoid making caves which are susceptible to gravity.Nature itself showed you how it must be mined.

  33. One nigga

    Sim1 the pipo who died at black mountain were not pf or upnd, don’t politise things were their is no politics we have lost ten lives are you happy?

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