Police Chuck Out Opposition Leader from Chikankata Agric Show

An opposition political party has announced intentions to start a fertilizer manufacturing company in the wake of fermers struggling to access one of the key inputs in agriculture.

United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) party leader Charles Chanda said this when he joined farmers at the at Chikankata Agriculture show.

He said that the delay in the supply of fertilizer among farming communities was affecting the agriculture activities in the area.

He clarified that the fertilizer making business should not be seen to competing with companies but a business venture that needed to be appreciated by all well-meaning Zambian.

“If others people can be allowed to import fertilizer from abroad and distribute in Zambia, I see no reason why UPPZ can be stopped from putting up a plant in Zambia to manufacture fertilizer,” he said.

Meanwhile a Police officer forced UPPZ president to abandon his tour of the stands at the Chikankata Agriculture Show after accusing him of bringing politics in the show arena.

The Cop told Chanda that he was under instruction to stop touring the stand until the guest of honour left.

Chanda however advised the cop not to be used by politicians to bent frustrating of the good will of citizens.

“Like any other citizens, I am entitled to visit stands and associate with other show goers but for the sake of peace, I will leave the Chikankata Agriculture show,” he said.



    start your projects first that is when we will vote for you

  2. Benny

    Start your plant first then we will try 2 vote 4 u as we don’t trust anyone everyone is looking 4 manna at state house

  3. Jms

    We don’t intend to vote but this is the start of Development WE have two wrong things here chanda due to your mentioning of your good ideals at a wrong place you made the police also to make that mistake This may be the start of good thing coming forward people be calm choose wisely otherwise another earthquake may occur

  4. Evergreen

    You upcoming politicians you are now becoming problems busy fooling pipo even in places where you are not suppose to say political issues to you its ok

  5. zam

    That’s his strategy why are questioning him……??!

  6. mushala

    Yamunyokola njala munyamata

  7. mushala

    Sorry comment on this issue

  8. James claps mphande

    Sonta epowabomba👆👆☝☝👆👉👇👉👇👈👆👈👆PF for life

  9. Evergreen

    Tell them boi James

  10. kopala.

    ni PF chabeeeeeeeeee!

  11. Nyawu yakumawa

    Kkkkk kapokola vs politician,gogogogo……njala iyo….

  12. Jms

    Chanda be careful the police doesn’t ADVISE you will be beaten for no reason

  13. Frank Bwalya

    80% of Zambian politicians are bembas. Why?? Pls comment..

  14. Fine

    Mr Chanda set up the plant before going around telling farmers about your plan,we are tired of being cheated

  15. Razor

    Another one man political party.

  16. Mabvuto

    He was not chucked out he was merely advised to wait for the GOH to leave. Primitive reporting

  17. Jj

    95% politicians at easterners y coz they av vision in politics

  18. stephen

    Thats gud any way

  19. John Kasanga Musole.

    We can share our vision but how and when to share,please take note

  20. chiboola smith

    what forces a hyna to cry is hunger.

  21. MUZO

    That is a good idea let him put a fertilizer plant than import to creat jobs for foolish

  22. Easy Easy

    Mr politician, who are your advisors?Do you have campaign wits?That was a wrong platform for such utterances. You can wait for ZNBC’s programme-Race to plot 1in 2021.Hope you will heed to my free advice. You were lucky to meet a cop,not intoxicated cadres. Sharp madala!!!

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