UPND Mushindano Ward Chair Quits

The UPND hold in North Western Province has continued being weighed heavily by defections with Mushindamo District Chairlday Given Kisafwa resigning from her position and joining the ruling Patriotic Front.

Kisafwa joins the list of many other UPND members who have switched to the ruling Patriotic Front following her resignation with immediate effect.

She was received by provincial chairman Jackson Kungo who stressed that more opposition members would be crossing over to the PF.

Meanwhile, PF North Western Province Chairman Jackson Kungo has welcomed Kisafwa and has indicated that the resignation is a clear indication that the PF remains the most attractive party.

Kisafwa’s resignation comes a month away from a bye election in Kangwena ward following the resignation of Godfrey Safali who was a UPND councillor.


By elections are scheduled for 26th July 2018.



  1. Evergreen

    Yamu nyokola njala


    Your eyes are now open ka ba pipo

  3. Love your neighbor

    We saw these fake defections in RB’s time before Ba Sata won, politicians are craft & crooks, these defections are funded.

  4. ndamwumfa maisa

    Love yo neba what hapoened in rb government is past and dont forget that mr ecl and his team were there they knw the nd of zambians which is development keep dreaming my frnd


    Love your neba the number is busy decreing in your party but you still insist boi,you are to difficult lyk euren

  6. Evergreen

    Iwe Chi neba you are the same fools who are busy bringing development dawn ba swaine

  7. Jms

    No matter how Jesus talked to people they thought wrongly of him and it came for Judas to betray him why was and is that Christ’s path sim to be difficult its because its the true path so do UPND

  8. zam

    All politicians are useless


      Especially your parents if they are dead panyo pa skeleton zam wanvela

  9. mushala

    He’s a great fool running away from poverty

  10. mushala

    He’s a big fool running away from poverty useless man.

  11. James claps mphande

    Mmmm awe many people have run away from UPND what is happening I think I should also run to PFβ˜πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘‰sonta epowabomba ngatausontepo sela tubombekoπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠβœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠ

    • Isaac

      Self consoling, pple are leaving their comfort zones, positions and the like and you say fake defecyion?? Wait your party will soon remain a shell!

  12. Don doc

    Kwashala ba Mrs Mutinta Hichilema to defects and join the PF. Wait and see people of Zambia.

  13. Mulenga Michael

    Kwashala hh he ll resign also, baza muziba mulungu

  14. magwaza

    those pipo who resign from upnd they jst want to investgate something from pf & eat with them but on 2021 they be back to upnd again.u pipo dont know the game of politicians.

  15. kopala.

    most of the people voted for hh thinking,he is a good leader. after realising what an idiot he is,now they r busy defecting even during the night,u hear people hv crossed over to the PF.those who hv remained in upnd,a free advice, the BOAT is too big such that this is when it is half filled, so ba upnd dont worry u can all come in,the space is there so dont worry.it can swallow all of you including ur hh.

  16. Jms

    I wanted to defect also but I don’t want to point where I STOLE (sota apo waiba)

  17. Magwaza

    iwe kopala where did u see dat H.H is a bad leader,is he a president of zambia?me i cant jump into de boat unles those who smoke duga(basilubanje) can jump into that boat ma slow thinka.if u dont want upnd its beter u go to malawi or hang yourself coz upnd is taking over from pf in 2021,let me tel u if u dont know.

    • Kawax

      MAGWAZA, uli chipuba zoona. People are defecting coz they are tired of tribal and regional politics. The fact is that whether you remain in upnd the party will never form government come 2021, because the people who are with pf are more than those who are with upnd. Nisontapo!

  18. Kubeja Badaala

    @kawax: even if your party has formed government, what have you benefited as an individual? Maybe the black mountain but you are now called scavengers by the same government you put in place…

    • Kawax

      So iwe kubeja,in your scopodonono you think Zambia only only perform better economically with hh at the helm? Thats wishful thinking. No politician will ever going to put food on your table. Hustle my friend. North western and western are swing provinces, they can change any time if they don’t see progress in your party. Don’t even cheat yourselves that you are popular.

  19. PF my lovely

    Just come all we want u people! To my fellow pf members let’s embrace these people don’t insult theme. Ni pawato chaaaabe!

  20. Ama PF lavas

    PF 2021and beyond

  21. magwaza

    iwe kawax upnd this time they hav all provinces strong votes,dont be cheatd by someone ok pipo hav now wake up.

    • Kawax

      Magwaza, upnd is only strong in southern province where you regard him as a small god

  22. Kalasa Rayson

    THERE’S FECK UPND AND Real UPND.those running from are FECK and were running to they will run as well.

  23. Kawax

    Magwaza, upnd is only strong in southern province where you regard him as your small god. Loosing is in your

  24. magwaza

    iwe kawax candle this time upnd is evry in all provinces u r the only one hate upnd if u dont want its beter u go to malawi or hangyourself. we hav strong votes in:lsk,central,luapula,northern,c|belt,westen,n|westen & southen.

    • Kawax

      HH is your ka small god. We know how you receive him when he visits southern province. To you hh is a president. In 2015 you tried to vote us out but you failed and in 2016 you did the same but you failed, even in 2021 you are failing again. Wahwa magwaza, you are brain washed by hakainyela heka.

    • Hebk

      Dont cheat people iwe cimagwaza. Upnd is a regional tribal party owned by tongas. Kwasila

  25. magwaza

    iwe cihebk upnd is evrywhere in all provinces in zambia its not for tongas u r de one who brot tribalism in this country,is gbm & william banda are tongas?dont confus pipo if u dont want upnd its beter u go to congo coz upnd is taking ova from pf in 2021.lubanje lulakuko yebo kahebk watch out kawala iwe.

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