Juvenile Recounts Rape Ordeal from Jailed Chingola Jerabo

A 15 year old Juvenile has narrated in the Chingola Magistrate Court how she was defiled by Victor Phiri popularly known as C4.

Phiri a member of the notorious illegal miners in Chingola commonly known as Jerabos is charged with two counts of defilement and abduction in the Chingola Magistrate Court.

When the matter came up for commencement of trial, the minor told a fully packed Court that the suspect used a broken bottle before he abducted her when she was coming from the market around 19:00 to his home on 9th August, 2017.

She narrated that before being abducted a person she knew was passing through but was later bribed with money by the suspect and he left.

The 15 year old girl narrated that the suspect later took her to his apartment in Lulamba were he had carnal knowledge of her twice on the night of 9th August, 2017 and once in the morning of 10th August, 2017 without her consent.

“When we reached his home, we entered his house in Lulamba and there was no one. He took me to his bedroom where he took of his clothes and also stripped me and thereafter had sexual intercourse with me two times and the following day, after that a taxi and dropped at Kaunda Square in Chiwempala,” She said.

She told the Court she later narrated the ordeal to her mother and brother after she arrived home after which the matter was reported to Police.

Meanwhile, elder brother to the victim testified before Court how her sister had gone missing from 9th to 10th August, 2017.

Magistrate Peston Chiluba has since adjourned the matter to 4 July, 2018 for continuous of trial.


  1. The Chosen One

    Cage this beast

  2. Alessandro Himself

    Mmmmmmh Defilement,he must b punished!!!

  3. Mukomango Mwansa

    Those are the who are supposed to be punished ,in fact just cut off his manhood

  4. mwape

    This days 15 yrs luks lyk 30 yrs girl.

  5. GM

    Pass the judgement so that he starts saving,punish him according to the law

  6. James claps mphande

    15years sure what happening in this country, this stupid people must be jaid or life in prison🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔔🔔📣🔨🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔧🔧🔗🔗⚖⛏⚔🔏🔓📐⚙⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰

  7. Young

    Mmmmm Ma Years yakana #mubili wavomela.

  8. Trevor Pambwe

    How old is de suspect pipo.he must save at least ka 15yrs ka mwana

  9. Pompwe

    Nabaice bene,15 yr olds are looking so appetising & so grown ups. Kaya mwandini & also most of you are culprits ngatwafikonkafye still more fye.

  10. F s

    Bana maayo ubwingi shuwa yalamwenako muchalo jele atishani.

    • Ree-shar

      True bro!!!!!
      Does it mean that the man ddnt have even ka girlfriend,. Mmmmmmmmmmh 😁😁😁😁😁!!! Maybe he was just with ka stupid plan mwati no sex fye wowi

  11. ZONDA

    Comment That beast must be caged for 35yrs Boma plize bamukukulu bavutisa bana apaya kale

  12. Shachz

    There is some element of doubt. Why didn’t the girl shout for help? & the known person who was bribed, why not mention him? To my analysis, the victor & the ‘victim’ know each other. It is only that she slept out & she feared. Or maybe she wasn’t paid. Aba abaice maule.

    • Ree-shar

      I agree with u abaice bamo maule

  13. Elizabeth

    Yes! May justice be done

  14. morecould

    yah it’s true mr shachz

  15. Fabiano

    Kuti wapapa mwe
    Nshi sex is very bad hi
    Plz men control yourselfers

  16. Benny

    This criminal in picture seems 2 be different from that one in another picture they showed us where that criminal called C4 looked taller and darker who is C4 wasting time this criminal has been terrorising chingola residents it’s better 2 remove him from the earth and his friends also need 2 be sentenced 2 death by hunting try 2 make our country peaceful.

  17. Moses chama

    He must be punished this is been evil and he is not a Muslim ☪

  18. Shaka

    Bad people are not worth living. Just eliminate him from society.

  19. Abraham luckly

    Sentence him to 25yrs in jail.

  20. Jackson shawa

    Mmmm guys muli and

  21. Mr Zack G

    Learn kill such people as punishment in order to keep peace 4the innocents.

  22. Gift phiri

    He has to save 15years, asebenzele boma uyo ba gwesa zeko panse.

  23. blessings

    Please let the government sensitive every were about these kind of cases

  24. Alexer

    Justice should prevail

  25. Pamela

    Let him face the law,boma ni boma.

  26. Taonga siamubi

    Mmmmmmm….he must be punished

  27. christopher

    that was diffilement

  28. Ba news

    This days a 15 year old girl can date someone who is 23 nd above the world has changed we don’t know why this young people are doing instead of them to wait for their right time…….even as elders we have a problem when we see a girl whuz 14 nd above looking how she dressed in short skirt look at her chest infact they give appetite nd according to as we must have a SELF CONTROL ….NOT ALL WHAT WE SEE WE FOLLOW..

  29. Zgangani Benjamin

    Eliminate the dark to create the right ones , Theodore Bagwell

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