Two Die in Kitwe Accident

Two people have died while four others have sustained multiple injuries after a motor vehicle lost control and hit into an MTN Booth along Ndola Kitwe Road near Moba Hotel in Kitwe.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katango has confirmed the sad development identifying the deceased as Clara Hakanseke and Rose Kapembwa while the injured four are yet to be identified.

She said the accident happened when driver of a Toyota Hilux lost control of the motor vehicle and hit into pedestrians as well as an MTN booth where two persons died on the spot.

Katanga said the injured four are battling for their lives at Kitwe Teaching Hospital while bodies of the deceased are lying in the hospital mortuary.

She said the driver Francis Muma, 32, who has since been discharged from hospital after he sustained injuries will be charged for causing death by dangerous driving.


  1. Clever guy

    Too bad
    I feel sorry for what happened
    Why people die like chicken?

  2. zam

    To bad we’ve lost as a country …
    My condolences

  3. Moinah

    Too bad,may there souls rest in peace

  4. James kaumba

    Blood has been lost in Zambia so much God intervention is much needed in our Country twafwa sana of late sadly moment May the Souls of the departed rest in peace.

  5. Game changer

    So sad for the nation, we have lost a lot of lives, my deeply condolences

  6. Brian kachiza

    Comment too bad my guy may the Lord Jesus Christ help u. sad I fill bad

  7. Chipo

    My condolences. R.I.P Clara and Rose.

  8. Gift phiri

    So bad may the God all might take control ubon our nation,may there soul rest in peace

  9. Coillard

    too bad m.t.s.r.i.p.

  10. Samuel S.

    This is very sad.my condolences

  11. Ree-shar

    Sad news!!!😣😣😣

  12. Kezy m

    Sad news!

  13. Simon

    Sad news!!

  14. Mukomango Mwansa

    Rest in eternal peace till we meet

  15. Armswerd mwewa nsamba

    I am feel so compassion to them the dead bodies rest in peace

  16. Richard Chisulo

    Ooooh Lord help us, very sad news
    my condolences to the families of the deceased

  17. Steven

    very sad indeed, y Zambia experiencing so many deaths black mountain & then this accident pliz Lord Jesus help Mother Zambia.

  18. GM

    Rest in peace

  19. Razor

    Condolences. Let the driver be punished severely. Too many accidents on our roads.

  20. Maxiwena Maxinal

    Too bad, we as MTN MOMO Agent are suddend by the incident. My condolences

  21. Joseph chitalu


  22. MANFIELD nautical

    May there souls rest in peace

  23. Cyril Ramaphosa

    Sad news indeed,but my concern is let council engage in this matter why these tuma booth are been allowed everywhere even on the midle of the road……sometimes its shows dirts somewhere….

  24. Maxwell mwango

    To bad news 📰

  25. Milanah

    What’s with kitwe and all this tragedy, first were the gangs and now accidents too bad

  26. Me is Good

    Satanists are at work pray

  27. Jay

    Former satanist in kitwe said they are sent to go cause accidents coz many are joining coz of lack of education in copperbelt in some people who want fast money and alot of musicians who are joining because they failed at school, in Lusaka I also read in the past paper that a girl left satanist n said they are many and go on killing missions in hospitals and roads to cause accidents she said in that same year that over1500 woulddie and exactly when ratsa announced on TV the number was exactly as she said so don’t just think they are accidents satanists are at work PRAY before you leave home pray when you wake up when sleeping and when traveling….

    • Popoloza

      Very true my brother we need serious prayers…

  28. FaiyB

    My Condolences 😧😧

  29. mulase

    I wonder y no one is asking wat speed this driver wz driving at to lose control of his vehicle. Wat I know is that in such areas a competent driver will drive at a speed at which he should be able to stop short of any obstruction or to be able to control his vehicle in a case of an eventuality. This is regardless of whether there is a speed control post or not.

  30. Habakkuk

    Mr JAY…you have said it collect.people are too behind leaving GOD behind.satana,devil is at walk busy running children of GOD so ensure u play b4 u sleep,u wake up and b4 u start off!! Dats wen the davil will give u a distance and remembere wen u stat chatting with JESUS through player just like custom if Daniel in the Bible GOD will Neva forsake u or leave u……

  31. Pacint Paice

    Comment Kambwili is killing people now

  32. Chuundu Chaitwa

    Comment they have failed to bring the name of our Beloved President HE EDGAR C LUNGU they are now using Satanic means so that they can be condemning Ecl

  33. Nester.m.mwale

    Sad news

  34. too bad

    sad news chabipa sana

    • MissChiss

      Ba Chris Phiri please make clarifications with your sources and get the facts right. Your report is inaccurate!!! Those are names of the survivors who were seriouly injured NOT ‘the deceased’. Please remove or correct this article as you are causing unnecessary distress to their families.

  35. Martin mwewa

    To bad

  36. Fwebaana C.P

    In Kitwe again sure… Ummmm nt things
    From Tokota to blck mountain n shortly ati accident. keya next manje.. ..m scared ine

  37. stanslous

    It’s too bad that( due to one man’s carelessness) many lives could b lost…I think all drivers should be careful when driving so as avoid loss of lives.

  38. Figov

    Sad news

  39. Michael kafunda

    sad news

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