UPND Adopts Kangwa Chileshe for Lusaka Mayoral Seat

The opposition UPND has settled for Kangwa Chileshe as its candidate for the July 26 Lusaka Mayoral elections.

Kangwa was adopted ahead of Potipher Tembo with his most recognizable act in the public domain thus being his role in Zambia’s first soapie Kabanana where he played the role of Jason.

Party chairperson for elections Garry Nkombo unveiled Kangwa and George Muleya who will contest the Chilanga Council Chairperson position.


The Chilanga seat fail vacant following the death of incumbent Maria Malila.



  1. Mac2

    Nice one ba upnd

  2. Mukomango Mwansa

    Failures!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s hope this time you will not mess up pantu fye kwati bola naikosa ,muzamuziba yesu Mr HH and your followers

  3. masy

    pipo like kc will boost de party,wishing u kc de best.

  4. sunday chisha

    lets wait and see

  5. James claps mphande

    We are loosing in chilanga what more in Lusaka😴😫😫😫😫😫😯😯😴😮😫😥😥😴

  6. Uncle Bizzo

    UPND you will be losing cos you don’t how to adopt people who can win you an election. Potipher Tembo is the best person .

    • KWWF

      Uncle Bizzo, I cant agree with you more. Politics teya mayo. Machongololo! Angakambe chinyanja uyu? Muzalila anso

  7. One nigga

    What is the different between Mumba Nevers and Kangwa Chileshe? Potipher Tembo could have done better than KC, upnd you are fighting the losing battle and for you Jason go back to the church nakupapata walalusa notowikete mumimwe muntu wandi

  8. Mwango

    Comment:portfer tembo is the best candidate.upnd bola niyatu unles bakatibele nafuti.

  9. Biger

    Real name pf is a real name

  10. ZONDA


  11. Uncle Bizzo

    KWWF, what is it that you are saying you can’t agree with me?

    • KWWF

      Uncle Bizzo, I am simply saying I am agreeing with you to the fullest. Chizungu malume.

  12. James claps mphande

    This Lusaka mayor is going to the PF nommatter what people.

  13. diologue treason

    The fact is that,an opposition cn nt win an election for nw bcoz pipo re afraid of no suppor from the Gvnt.

  14. Uncle Bizzo

    Thanks KWWF

  15. chris

    Pf nafuti nafuti will show them that,there are losers. Sorry pastor k u can’t win.

  16. King David

    Good let’s start on ground

  17. Shaka

    Ensure theft-free elections. We are just watching.

    • Ree-shar

      Ba Shaka kwatinimwe bantululu,
      Why always just shallow your mind on thieves as if you’re not one of the victims .
      Just wait and see how this part so-called pf shall do. Mmmmmmmh 😃😃😃😃😃😃

  18. Moses chama

    My party be peaceful

  19. kopala.

    he is now using Bemba’s to get to state house. too late my friend,u should’ve realized a long time ago.now this is when ur realising that southern province is not Zambia,and the people u hate most”,BEMBAS”,r the ones who can help u.now ur late already! cos it’s PF chabe.no matter what u’ll do.it’s ECL for President. ebo babemba bakudyela chabe ndalama but they’ll vote for PF cos upnd ilibe vision.

    • Tom London

      Lungu and wina are not bembas we ci nangwa we . in fact pf kimasholi feela including you Ka kopala .

      • kopala.

        i can forgive u tom London cos it’s clear u don’t understand English.

  20. Political prophet

    Its good to have new breed of young politicians.
    Kangwa chileshe can excell in politics,its only that UPND is wrong vehicle to ride in considering the political scenario prevailing now ,so the party maybe the reason he may not scope the meyoral seat.should that happen he must not exit the political arena he is in the right place,right time but wrong company.2021 he should start considering were to stand as MP,ignore idiots comparering you to Mumba and Pule your destiny is different from them.
    Kangwa chileshe will only fail to win this Lusaka Meyoral by-election clean and square if PF fields in Mulenga Sata as its candidate as everyone will be willing to honour the late MCS by voting for his son.nevertheless its good that both Kangwa and Mulenga are in this lot including Kangombe of Kitwe they represent a new breed of politicians in zambia .
    Let us just hope they dont copy bad manners from the curret crop of politicians.


  21. world boss

    My adopted candidate is edgar lungu.*(for mayor).

  22. skb

    By elections are more predictable than GENERAL elections because the party in power is already known.As a result, voters know who is governing the resourses of the state therefoe tiltting the balance towards those in power. All we can pray for are PEACEFUL and VIOLENCE~ FREE campains and elections. May the best candidates win.God Bless our nation. PEACE LOVE and HARMONY!!!

  23. Don doc

    HH is the best candidate for Lusaka mayoral position . Since he has failed 7times for Presidential, advise him to try Mayoral position kabili ndiye ma levels yabo ba boss HH.

  24. James claps mphande

    I agree with you,Don doc

  25. Abraham Lucky

    Ba pf, ni bakabwalala fye. they will rig kabili.

  26. MUNSAKA H Albert

    Upnd can you put in Mr TEMBO portipher on this position, We need to win it.does it mean there is no proper advises.

  27. zam

    Continue adopting as they resign

  28. Grandson

    Upnd are losing these by elections, and will lose big! From Lusaka to chilanga to mushindamo to kanongesha and nyilamba in mwinilunga!

  29. Ba specialB

    eyeee ba PF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Jj

    BA UPND sure y can’t u put HH on mayor position bt ok wait bt u shud also remember dat u will b loosing also coz pastor na politics can’t work 2gether

  31. Mukomango Mwansa

    No Mr Abraham ,it’s your father who actually rigs the elections not pf

  32. Juanitta

    Assuming UPND adopts KC and he scoops the seat:
    1. How will he harmonise himself with his UPND at the airport while recieving foreign dignitaries where PF leadership and cadres swam the airport? What about at State Functions in State House? Will he free to interact with PF Ministers and the President of called upon with UPND suspecting him? Worse still, will PF leadership trust him with developmental programs. Suppose he is alienated, how significant will his Mayorship? Nifusako chabe…

  33. freeman

    I don’t care let wat was meant happen ayi ba zed

  34. Chris B

    Ati Kangwa Chileshe, bushe kabanana nailinga na politics

  35. Hammer

    But UPND, you have become so predictable ! Anyone even a child in nursery can anticipate your next move! After your immoral , home breaker , accomplice to murder candidate made you lose Chilanga now you think a pastor will give you LSK. Come on you would have done a better choice, someone already known in the political arena! Till this day I didn’t even know that Kangwa is a pastor , or even politician and a UPND member! By the way how many congregants does he have and where is his church??

  36. mercutio

    Things fall apart the centre can no longer hold.

  37. Jay

    Just because of Kabanana kangwa will lose to sampa if kangwa stood on pf ticket he would have also lost to sampa without sampa he is the favourite….but you made a mistake leaving church for politics look at Mr Nevers he regrets you will also regret one day…….you will even remember a good wife u divorced and children for a woman who has been exchanging men….

  38. Chuundu Chaitwa

    Another lost soul so this fool he was just pretending to be a pastor when actually he is an agent for the devil?

  39. fisunge

    Sure how many times are the upnd going to make grave decisions kangwa is not a political material sure they shud try auditions for adoption for free advice call me on this line because am better than kc he can’t win upnd an election try me you will see

  40. Jj

    UPND or the tonga part as no proper direction n wch as no vision bt remember dat u will also loose dis position coz u at de loosers

  41. saul

    Am here listening

  42. Brashe L/stone

    Good morning country men & women, the fact still remain aka ka hypocrite nomunankwe hh sure, they are thinking very low nomba chi pante pante,l have never seen Church & politics that’s Y pipo condeming U guys, hh has started seducing the children of GOD with his Earthly things, this Mason will finish U guys be careful he wants to use the Church for politics nonono it doesn’t work like that,my advice to upnd crew is to advice their Mason leader that he has made another fuckerp Any way u have lost again kabanana boy naiwe no direction, how can bow down to hh than yo GOD chipeshamano see what happens on 26 July GOD will make realize yo mistake,GOD bless our country & save us from these Masonic guys.

  43. Chinyemba

    After noon Zambian upnd members can you remember, the stories between hh and sakwiba sikota,cohipa chisanda mwine,hh and upnd members forget u can not win weight and see pa bwato nafi PF Lusaka mayor

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