Wina Takes a Dig at FIC

Vice president Inonge Wina has said that the management of the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) overstepped its mandate when it released the trends report for 2017 to the general public before availing such intelligence information to law enforcement agencies.

Wina was speaking in parliament this morning during the Vice President’s Question Time where she said that the conduct of the Financial Intelligence Centre seems to indicate that the centre has a different agenda away from the original role.

“Mr. Speaker, Government agencies such the FIC should not dance to the gallery, it handles very national matters, and this country has to deal with matters of anti-terrorism financing, money laundering, tax evasion and all these are very secretive matters” she said.

She said that the authorities will not encourage institutions created by the government to begin to operate outside prescribed terms of reference.

“And for the investigative wings to report to the public before reporting to the investigative wings show that something is amiss, it clearly indicates that FIC has crossed its boundaries” added Wina .



  1. zam

    Mmmmmm teach them not yo cross their bounderies

    • Wanzelu

      Nothing wrong with the FIC releasing the report yo the NGO and foreign envoys because these are organisations that fund its operations.

      PF regime is worried because President Chakolwa Lungu s closr associates he sends to launder his money have been mentioned in the report and he can not invedtigate the people he works with.

      The nuch addo about this FIC reports confirms how corrupt President Chakolwa Lungu is.

      Lungu must resign before Zambia is destroyed completely.

  2. Chendabusiku

    Of course they did. They are not a law unto themselves, they should have known that when you write report you have someone to report to. You cannot write a report and release it yourself. The FIC is not an NGO funded by some interested party it is a Govt. Entity for goodness sake. Even the British Govt. Would like their institutions respected. If you release the report to the public so what? Who will take action the public?even if you say the Govt is corrupt and will not take action that is still wrong, you are just being despondent for nothing. There is a Govtand that is the one mandated by the people of Zambia to act, like it or not. The FIC overstepped their boundary. They are playing to the gallery of the opposition and disgruntled racist diplomats. Let us be respectful to our own institutions and support our own development. If we don’t we will be like a typical scenario of DRC. People are fighting those benefiting from these fights are sitting in the comfort of their homes and drinking the finest African coffee. Wake up Mama Chuma or who ever you are called.

    • Tom London

      To me the fic did well to play to the gallery because the pf government has a tendency of swiping such delicate issues under the carpet .
      Wina should instead apply her self to the contents of the report .
      Her statement clearly indicates that government has to decide what the public should be told .
      Madam wina ” s statement lacks credibility and therefore is baseless as it is only trying to protect her corrupt allays .

    • Dr. Stephenflint Mukalula

      You are absolutely right and the VP is quite inline to brief and tell the Mps becauae it’s amongst these people who misled the DG FIC. That’s why I personally call it (FIU) Financial Intelligence Unit. It’s restricted to paperwork and report writting only. It had no teeth to bite. It can easily be overruled by any security agency it reports to. It was supposed to have been composed of all arms of security agencies including ZRA and ZID. These last two play a major role in investigations of any financial dealings or AML. The Zambia Immigration Department can allow in or deny entery any suspect knowingly or let the Zambia Police arrest the person when he has entered the Zambian soil. They also can be used.to search any suspect without a warrant if they have reason to believe je carrying anything which will breach the laws of the land. So they are an essential component of the team. Their reorganization took that in consideration. The see the enemy come in first and see him leave the country last. The ZRA are equally an essential component of the team for they are the ones who are most used on civilised nations to collect taxes on persons suspected to be earning dubious incomes and laundering it through Real Estates around the Country side without proper explanation of it’s source. They can evaluate most of those lavish properties in Lusaka and surrounding towns and demand the share of the State in terms of taxes. If, there is proper explanation of the source if monies; if not forfeit the properties to the State. “Zambia does not need financial help from any donors or from any foreign partners for certain projects. Most millionaires in Japan don’t have the type of houses the Civil servants have in Zambia. ” I totally agree with them. These were the remarks of the fact finding mission from Japan JICA when they came to look at evaluation values of some of the Mansions in Chalala owned by Government and Pastors. “What Zambia needs is financial management. (Accountability)”. That was their closing remarks. They decided to reduce and re-route the Inner Ring Road in what it is today. It basically has not helped much. So, let’s give the DG FIC the right tools to function effectively:- 1. authority 2. power and 3. right (proper) manpower to deal with all matters pertaining to financial matters. Or else disband it and employ street kids and street adults to handle the situation for you. Wjen you write beware of the dog! “You You are warning the public out there that the Dog has teeth and it may use it” if it bites don’t come running to the owner the premises that I jumped the fence/gate and the uour dog has bitten me. Why put set up FIC with no teeth to bite and you say you are combating crime? How people? For clerical work only . Let’s be serious as a Nation. If you don’t know what to do consult widely than to waste tax payers money. It can buy Panadol or save a life for some little baby. Visit BID at UTH and ask the pathologists the causes of death there. I’ve. If you have not done it yourself.

    • Mbomba Mwibala

      One interesting question is:Do we really have a government?
      A pack of goons in suits does not automatically qualify to be respected as a government.
      Other than putting on suits they have abandoned the people’s cause but still insist on being recognised as a government. Todate we still wait for money they collectively stole by remaining in office after dissolution of parley

  3. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Let the FIC expose your corruption. We chose you to work for the people NOT for your bellies. Go FIC Go and expose each and every corrupt person in this careless and good for nothing Political party called Paya Fama or PF if you like.

    • koswe mumpoto

      Walasa musa paya farmer should be exposed don’t tell me her honor that FIC crossed boarders nowander U brought all law enforcer cannot expose any thing in this paya farmer regime,U will see when u leave those offices see u 2021

  4. wina

    With due respect your honour,I argue with you madam wina we voted you for you to be in that office so we have more power than you,you are our servants we employed and pays you tell us how can we trust you if you wanted to hide such serious matter to your bosses are you also a beneficially of those corruption allegations.story to say this we thought that we had someone more mature and old enough to be advising young and corrupt leaders instead of warning your colleagues against such vices you are there blaming the FIC personally I have never heard your tackling corruption cases,the president himself was demanding for evidence now that evidence is available he changes the move what kind of governance is that.we don’t want those excuses now that the evidence is available we’re challenging you Mr president and your vice to walk the talk

  5. wina

    With due respect your honour,I argue with you madam wina we voted you for you to be in that office so we have more power than you,you are our servants we employed and pays you tell us how can we trust you if you wanted to hide such serious matter to your bosses are you also a beneficially of those corruption allegations.story to say this we thought that we had someone more mature and old enough to be advising young and corrupt leaders instead of warning your colleagues against such vices you are there blaming the FIC personally I have never heard your tackling corruption cases,the president himself was demanding for evidence now that evidence is available he changes the move what kind of governance is that.we don’t want those excuses now that the evidence is available we’re challenging you Mr president and your vice to walk the talk

    • Kawax

      #Wina, ii beg to differ with you. Sometimes you should sit down your ass and understand what the authorities are saying before exposing your ignorance.FIC is a government institution created to investigate and pass on the report to investigative wings before releasing it to the public. By doing so they jeopardize the investigations.

  6. Chitolo Mpumpa

    The PF has on numerous occasions abrogated the Constitution. There is not sincerity in this country.

  7. Displinary action

    FIC as a creation of government is an employee of the government and must report to its boss which is government .
    Action by FIC is a dismissible offense as it amounted to breach of contract.
    Too much talk please dismiss the culprits including foreigners colonialists /perpetrating this impunity .

  8. talazheyi

    Boma ni boma my fucking freinds

  9. Hammer

    Intelligence infO is gatheref to flush out silently all factors that may harm the nation, be it security, financial, terrorisism….now if FIC reports is released to the public , what happens to the report??? People will talk for a week and forget , but this revelations will make people aware that FIC is monitoring their financial activities and will stop using banks for transactions ,,,,

  10. kedrick siame

    FIC is going to corrupt also so nothing is going to be happen, in our country you will see.

  11. w

    Just looking on.

  12. Jms

    No matter how you think that our tax money can be used confidentially you are cheating your selves those fic did a good job if you the vice do come out of wrong things. If you like all those firms have those records why can’t you find out first instead of accusing the fic of publication.

  13. Shikalemba K

    We are wondering why you have not fired the FIC and Board. Please hire the right people. Some of these serious issues have nothing to do with gender.Get the right person

  14. kaz

    The hon the vice president should we are there employers who need to know how they are spending and using our money. If they fail us we remove them because us from outside government that is how we are informed

  15. rocky

    Need for offical,professional office ,Presidential dressing not traditional some form of western west ,like wearing covering the neck,

  16. Sakala

    Kaya lomba

  17. BTK


  18. Patmoll

    I think, if I am genuine enough I will not be worried with any report about thing I do. Instead, I will celebrate.


    Maayo I think this is not the time to find who published info, but its your time to act on those who misappropriated the resources

  20. FGM

    FIC may have got tired of reporting to a leadership that simply shelved their reports. This may have been their Plan B. The truth now is that there is rampant corruption in the country. What next? The officers charged with the responsibility of curbing corruption should now act to let schools, hospitals and other government institutions start performing to their expectations. Corruption benefits a few individuals. And we should all say NO to CORRUPTION!!!!!

  21. Nyawu yakumawa

    Hmmmmm loading……..chabe

  22. William simwaka

    Teach all the government secrets service to understand the role they play than give the information to people which are not clear and verified by the recommended authorities because these are one of the sources that can cause division among the leaders and the people .The peace that we enjoy we need to protect it than losing it at expense selfish people.we need to understand what we do today we require us to give answers because no smoke where there is no fire.find out where they got their mandate to publish such information before the authority give order.in other countries such information demand understanding of relavate authority .teaching them to know and understand their role than causing such divisions.

  23. Mbomba Mwibala

    This foolish old woman should be punished in future for choosing to dine and protect thieves

  24. Jms

    Kezeli you are felling to reason I understand when a person is among bad people he or she can go to the extent of even smoking shame

  25. W M

    I think our mother Wina is not helping us by making sure that our monies are used prudently.
    What am still dazzled with with all this FIC is that our number 1 lawyer called #Likando Kalaluka was part of this report. Was he not aware of the consequences. .
    There is too much deception in PF gov.

    We all know the laws that govern FIC and one of the laws is to inform the public about its findings and that report is one of such findings.
    Also. …
    FIC has been publishing such findings since 2014 but 2016 piece meal amended constitution changed the law from being just an intelligence to also sensitize the public, this move was a lived at in order for the corrupt people to have after thought in their dealings next time.
    The problem with our president is that he has been blackmailed by his people.

  26. The Zambian Mindset

    Fire FIC boss and leave the mines minister how smart and you wonder why we are still poor

  27. The Zambian Mindset


    Corruption in Zambia: 42 fire trucks for $42m
    The African Union is promoting an anti-corruption agenda, but is the Zambian government committed to it?

    by Teldah Mawarire & Laura Miti
    23 June 2018
    The African Union (AU) will host a heads of state summit in Mauritania on June 25, under the theme Winning the Fight against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation. Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu will also be at the summit, showing support for its cause.

    Yet on the very same day his country will be moving further away from the anti-corruption ideals of the AU. As Lungu sits down with other African leaders to talk about possible ways to eradicate corruption, six Zambian activists will sit in a dock in Lusaka to be prosecuted for protesting against corruption.

    On 29 September 2017, Lewis Mwape of the Zambia Council for Social Development, Laura Miti of the Alliance for Community Action, Sean Enock Tembo of Patriots for Economic Progress, activists Bornwell Mwewa and Mika Mwambazi and musician Fumba Chama staged a protest outside the Zambian parliament to highlight the abuse of public funds, particularly the procurement of 42 fire trucks by the state for an alleged cost of $42m.

    They were immediately arrested and charged with “disobeying lawful orders”. After being arrested for over 10 hours, they were released on bail. Since their arrest almost nine months ago, the six have suffered judicial harassment, appearing in court several times only for the trial to be postponed to a later date.

    Their trial, which is commonly known as ”42-for-42”, in reference to the fire truck purchase they had been protesting, is now expected to start on Monday.

    While awaiting trial, one of the accused, musician Chama, was forced to flee to South Africa after receiving threats for his song Koswe Mupoto, which carries a strong anti-corruption message. Lyrics that seem to have riled the authorities include: “A rat has entered our house/ It is busy stealing, thinking we will not question it/ It’s never in one place/ The rat does not do any work but stealing”. He has since returned home.

    This trial is taking place at a time when civic and democratic platforms and rights associated with them are in steady decline in Zambia. CIVICUS Monitor, a tool that tracks threats to civil society globally, rates the state of Zambia’s civil space as being ”obstructed”. This means that although some freedoms exist, the state undermines civil society and citizens are vulnerable to the use of excessive force by the authorities for organising.

    On global and regional levels, little attention is being paid to the violations in Zambia. Because it is not a country currently at war and has been peaceful and stable for some time, few outside observers notice the squeeze on civic rights. Some Zambian citizens are also not concerned much with the actions of the state because, at least for now, the violations are being felt mainly by activists.

    But the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the AU have ample reason to be alarmed about oppression and corruption in Zambia.

    There are enough cases of corruption reported in Zambia’s media in the last couple of months to show that the state is not committed to anti-corruption measures.

    In May 2018, it was discovered that medication and medical kits, donated by international aid agency Global Fund, worth $1m vanished from government custody. Zambia has since committed to reimbursing the Global Fund.

    In June 2018, Zambia’s Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) released a report that found some cabinet members and presidential aides had siphoned billions of Zambian kwacha from government coffers through money laundering. Instead of acting against those named in the findings, the state has chosen to go after the FIC chairperson saying the report was released in an irregular manner.

    Measures can be taken to reverse this negative slide. Civil society groups, social movements and individual human rights defenders that are speaking out need solidarity and support from others in the region.

    Zambia has long been receiving humanitarian aid from international donors, and their help proved to be crucial for the basic survival of the most disadvantaged groups of the Zambian society.

    But it is now also vital for the international community to additionally direct funding and other support to governance and civic space work in Zambia. Opening up spaces for dialogue between the state and civil society is also crucial and can help reduce tensions in the country.

    Often those leading the pack in violating rights on the continent argue that international bodies such as the United Nations do not offer “African solutions” and should not interfere in Africa’s affairs. However, there are African institutions that can and should help Zambia’s civic society in their fight against corruption and persecution.

    The arrest of six Zambian activists goes against the spirit of the AU’s Agenda 2063, which is an African solution crafted by African leaders, with no outside interferences. The third aspiration in Agenda 2063 is to achieve an “an Africa of good governance, democracy, respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law” by 2063. Zambia right now is not working towards this aspiration. It is time for the AU to take action.

    The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.

    Teldah Mawarire
    Teldah Mawarire is a campaigns and advocacy officer with global civil society alliance, CIVICUS.

    Laura Miti
    Laura Miti is Executive Director for the Alliance for Community Action in Zambia.

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  28. mbumbaile

    u pipo y kupwalala kanshi bantu bakudyelani masuku pamitu yanu u r buzy supoting pretending as if things r ok,mwania muzania manzi beemusapota ba pf.

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