Chief Nyakaseya’s PF Symbol Raises Dust

Chief Nyakaseya of the Lunda people of North Western Province has caused a stir among his subjects after he was spotted flashing the Patriotic Front symbol among his subjects.

The traditional leader was in the company of the Patriotic Front Party Provincial Chairman Jackson Kungo.

Chief Nyakaseya has been identified as one of the key drivers of the Patriotic Front penetration in North Western Province.

The opposition UPND has been losing membership with six councillors so far crossing over to the ruling Patriotic Front.

Traditional leaders often take a bashing from the public politically aligned positions.

Chief Nyakaseya was in the company of Chief Nyakaseya, PF North Western province chairman and secretary Folobisha Fulayi


  1. saimbwende saimbwende

    “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND”says Sejani. That is my chief from my mother’s side, go ahead it is a very progressive gesture. We are tired of tribal and hate politics from UPND, the wind of change in North western province is blowing in favor of mighty PF, IT IS TIME TO CHANGE LIKE THE REST OF ZAMBINAS AND LEAVE TRIBALIST TONGAS ALONE IN UPND.


    What is wrong with amaka symbol?AAAMAAKA!!

  3. Sizu11

    When you are right, you are right,lets move on,,,,,,

  4. one

    You are idiots 2gether with your foolish chief , how can he be partisan because of money? So shameful coz a leader looks after different people with different opinions. Foolish chief!!!!!!!

    • Hammer

      2 things: this symbol was there before PF so anyone including the chief can use it, number two chiefs are supposed to work with the government of the day! Leave the Chief alone

    • Gk

      What about foolish chief Mukuni?

  5. James claps mphande

    Good move chief we are all in one move pamaka, PF…

    • Ba Mwaata

      He has seen development he can’t raise the palm which has not done anything…all Zambian Chiefs should emulate Sr Chief Nyakaseya & he’s neutral no patsan…. period!!

  6. Chisenga


  7. ba general

    There is nothing wrong with the chief leave him alone

  8. never

    mmmmmm that’s how a chief should behaves he has seen what is good and what is bad

  9. Lynda

    I can’t blame that chief he is enjoying despite suffering of his people, time matters.

  10. mazpower

    how can a leader be have like a cader

    • HH

      Oh so u min chief mukuni z also a cadre te 2day I bliv dat chiwamila galu kuluma mbuzi n not mbuzi kuluma galu,or chiwamila chief mukuni Ku supporter not not chief nyakaseya Ku supporter

  11. Ignorant

    Development open the minds of people; N/W is undergoing rapid development spearheaded by the PF govt hence it is wise for anyone with eyes to see & appreciate. Congrats chief

  12. Benny

    Maybe the Chief is right especially after hearing that only a Tonga must lead UPND we are tired of tribalism in Zambia.

  13. Davie

    CommentCongrats Ba Chief.I wonder how some pipo have come out on this.Why don’t you do the same when it’s mukuni?Chiwamina galu kikikiki

  14. Real Shachz

    What would happen to a civil servant if he/she flushes a UPND symbol, tekuya bebele? Chiefs must be non partisan full stop. Flush any symbol in your heart. Imagin a clergy flushing a symbol to the congregants! We it look good?

  15. Ba Kabwidi

    cholu cholu mwitu hichakuminanga mwituku.
    chamba katiyakana.

  16. Chisenga


  17. Simon Fumbilwa

    I like it ,

  18. kopala.

    ba ONE bakamba,ngapali mukuni mulelandapo shani?pantu ena alafwala ne fitenge fya upnd.ninshi chiwaminafye ba upnd nga niba PF ninshi fyalubana?yalibako bad ku liba united party for national destruction.

  19. Godfrey Lungu

    Previously I was asking where nkoloma ward is. Now I’m asking where did the chief do the things you ZR are alleging. As journalists you should be aware of Who? What? Where? Why? When? How? Which questions you are supposed to answer in your story but you prefer to give us halfbaked stuff

  20. David

    The chief is a Zambian with is own political views , I love what he as done because this will put an end to tribal politics and let Mr HH know that in needs to win people by campaign not by tribal affiliation

  21. magwaza

    pf are busy giving chancilors money so that they shift from pf to upnd u think we dont know your gimik.u r jst westing govt’s money rememba voting is a secret these choncilors wil vote for upnd in 2021 they jst want to eat your money govt’s money.their r stil upnd chouncilors let me be open if u dont know.

    • Jj

      U can also tell ur Aisha HH 2 counselors&MPs waufwa,chinja team ukolewe

      • Jj

        U can also tell ur Aisha HH 2 buy counselors&MPs n tawishibe at chinja team ukolewe


    One you are blind even hh is doing it whoo!!!??

  23. Evergreen

    One nd your friends satanyoko


    I will bury hh lyk jeraboz Kikiki!!

  25. Mwana mule

    We are now waiting for hh to leave upnd and join pf

  26. Mkj

    Ignorance will kill zambians
    This is a powerful symbol of victory to tell u,it does not mean when some one flashes it is a pf member!!
    Victory is there

  27. Andy k

    Kkkkkkkkk tell many are brind. Believe me or not ni forward ka. Akubwata bwateni fye

  28. Love your neighbor

    If this was a Tonga chief nga nalunya, so how can Tongas stop being tribsl

  29. Love your neighbor

    If this chief was tonga, nga nalunya, so how do Tongas stop being tribal, by joining PF all of them & voting for PF in 2021? that’s when they will be good people I don’t understand?

  30. Pamaka

    each and every person has the right to chose using his/her own knowledge mind your business and the chief is minding his own,,, Life goes on

  31. zam

    Don’t you have something to do you so Chief ..

  32. Hamwene

    Pamaka Chabe mwanta,Mwafwaku mwani mwanta Nyakaseya!Munazati chikupu.If your area has been lucking behind in terms of development because of belonging to parties without future,why not change?Well done Chief,you are a great leader.

  33. Bruno mars the moonshingle

    Acted foolish

  34. Chellah montford

    I don’t know where this party called Honda is going coz it had lost direction. Everyone is now thinking good about PF maybe try to change your leader. He has lost support

  35. Ray De Mulowavic

    traditional leaders in politics am wondering why we have the house of chiefs because this one is a politician and we’re busy commenting something that’s not tangeble.

  36. Mubanga

    The chief is rite,he has rites to choose as a human being. He want development in his kingdom. I fully support u chief. Bravo chief Nyakaseya

  37. James claps mphande

    I wonder how some are very ignorance like u chi “one” ulichipuba

  38. Kwasha Mukwenu

    Munazati Mwanta Nyakaseya, pipo be Wise like the chief and don’t be cantankerous. The chief has a right to choose who to support.

    • The Zambian Mindset

      I now see why it’s been difficult for Zambia to develop look at us sitting on wealth never fought a war ,with just a population of 17 million. We have few intelligent people

  39. Habanjovu

    Ba Lunda bakya pano!? Kkkkkk..

  40. Jms

    AN IDIOT IS A VERY STUPID PERSON SO DO THAT CHIEF please poverty plus uneducated states provides these situations AND where they see their leaders to be doing wrong things the subjects without proper education may even do too much DRAMA

  41. Malindi

    Chief is only one! The comments are people protested on you where they belong! Keep spending your stolen so that by the time you are out you have left the with the people you stole it from! PF fools as usual

  42. FIFA

    Akutisa chief,,.

  43. Kelvin mwape

    Thats y yo so called united party for national destructions UPND will never rule this country coz it z infected with tribalism

  44. Jms

    Kelvin Mwape you a brom stick how can a stick do work whereas the brom missing (i stayed with one mr mwansa he was a nice well behaved person now these useless creatures who just know spoken English without reasoning look at the well behaved Bembas in UPND Who are performing well and no one will take them from us

    • P Zulu

      Some people refuse to see sense and resort to insult. When refered to Chief mukuni they just refuse to accept. Think with your brain not with your heart. When people say your tribelist you still refuse. Next time we are also going to vote like dudumwedzi

  45. The Zambian Mindset

    All those saying leave the chief alone I feel sorry for you because you are what is wrong with Zambia a chief should be neutral imagine if Nelson Mandela in South Africa supported a political party how many South Africans would vote for that party which could be a dictatorial regime imagine if he was secretly corrupt and was paid how many people would he mislead because they are loyal to Nelson Mandela that’s why certain people should not disclose who they support.

    • Hebk

      The chief is right. He has that some parties have no agenda for the people but hate n tribalism.

  46. mundyoli.

    2021 is around the corner.pf wil cry.good show MAGWAZA

  47. Jks

    As much we critise chief.mukuni it should be the same to nyakaseya no difference

  48. Timo

    A chief is should be non partisan.

  49. Truth man

    This is funny! However for the one who has referred to Nelson Mandela it shows he is so ignorant by not knowing that Mandela belonged to ANC of South Africa.In Zambia some chiefs don’t know their role please bear with them they need EDUCATION .

  50. murphy maffcanes

    give us the signal chief nyaks

  51. Cleanser

    Solwezi looks beautiful. So why not. Kusakilaku nankanshi mwanta nyakaseya

  52. KK

    Why criticising the chief if he can see tangible development, some of u here r just condemning under the influence of tribal

  53. Kyakilika

    Muna zati mwata of is for Zambians it has no owner united party for national distraction upnd is for hh and Tongas only leave them they think they can work without others.only fools like GBM,MUMBA,nalumango,mulongoti,stranded politicians and half educated.Let’s all join one big party where we can produce ministers, president s not where positions are reserve for certain tribe eg chief wip in parliament has been always been Tonga why change on Monday a northwesterner has to takeover.

  54. magwaza

    those who dont want to vote upnd its beta u vacate to congo coz upnd is taking ova from pf in 2021.upnd its for all pipo of zambia iwe chi shi aliko & jj u are mentaly distabd go to chinama b4 it is too late watch out bapombo.

  55. mwango

    u r idiots y say dat tongas r tribalism,who brot this?is it rupiah banda wakoniwako tyala?leav mukuni & dundumwezi alone mayb u want to giv yo children thes names.

  56. Kukeng'a

    These hand symbols we cost us ooh I politicians please change your symbols maybe start using Your symbols from any other parts of the body but not the hands and head coz this is costing alot of pipo big time. Before PF that hand shape was there l BEG.

  57. Kukeng'a

    These hand symbols we cost us ooh I politicians please symbols maybe parts of the body but no


  58. Kukeng'a

    These hand symbols will cost us ooh I think politicians please use other parts of the bod but not the hands or head


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