MMD Canes Musukwa for Black Mountain ‘Childish’ Statement

Movement for Multiparty Democracy-MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda has described as childish Mines Minister Richard Musukwa’s statement on the youths who perished at the black mountain as criminals.

Musukwa told parliament on Thursday that the 10 Kitwe youths who died at the Black Mountain were scavengers and illegal people who invaded the slag dump.

Musukwa was responding to questions in parliament from members who wanted an explanation on the deaths that occurred at the Black Mountain on Wednesday.

But featuring on Friday’s edition of radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk Program Nakacinda said Musukwa should reflect on his statement as it is insensitive and lacks the calibre of a cabinet minister.

He noted that the situation needs to be dealt with in a sober manner as no one deserves to die prematurely regardless of their status in society.

“He is my friend, but am saying this painfully that his response was childish and petty for a cabinet minister. He should have thought about it and dealt with it in a sober manner. Whether scavenger or whatever, there is no body that deserves to die. Any life of a Zambian is precious and therefore all those in government need to be civil. He still had recourse and more time to give a statement,” he said.

“There is still need to investigate the whole process. In fact I can suggest that they structure the mining activities of the youth. We had a structured plan under the MMD and these accidents where avoided. There was some kind of order. There must be some input on expert analysts to look at the risks. Get the mining engineers to give expert advice.”

He called on government to holistically look into the plight of the youths involved in mining at Black Mountains by ensuring that safety measures are put in place adding that the Black Mountain activities should be considered as a starting point for the youths to becoming mine owners.

He said there is need to put structures that would help youths move from mining with pick and shovel to using new technologies as the youths were just not only looking



    Musukwa resign iwe kembo.

  2. Martin mwewa

    Its true

  3. One nigga

    Musukwa must reign with immediate effect, you should think before you talk been a minister doesn’t mean you have won the all world. Their were pipo in that office and day you will left that office, so if you don’t have something good to say you better shut up your mouth

  4. D mulenga

    plz dont compere your work to death i we musukwa , the dead one r not stupid , they were like you nd you b like them one day

  5. one fil

    Does mr musukwa claim that those pipo deserved to die,sad indeed

  6. Ignorant

    Most of you misunderstood hon. Musukwa’s statement, first & foremost, the back mountain has been given to the kitwe’s small scale miners who fall under one company called chapamo group of companies.In short different companies have come together to do the mining at the black mountain with each company responsible for its workers, now apart from the different mining companies, there are individuals who go there in their own capacities to do the illegal mining at the site & unfortunately they are the ones who perished in the accident. So the term scavenger was somehow the term the minister used to describe the 11 illegal miners who perished in that accident.

    • Angoni

      Ignorant dont support foolish centiments musukwa didn’t not use good words to the deceased illegal miners he mentioned not to resign at the hands of scavengers those were criminals whether those were criminals that chima ugly minister was wrong to use those words let’s respect the dead,that blank mountain if there were some safety andsecurity measures no omr by now would have died so far because of wrong leadership in ‘Paya farmer’ blame the state especially……………

  7. KwaZulu

    It can happen to anyone so be sober when you are talking .

  8. Frank Bwalya

    Two concurent statements in a spate of two weeks from musukwa have been careless and issued out of excitement without remorse. This entails the low level of calibre of the ministers working with lungu. His earlier statement barely a week ago was made with total arrogance and excitement. The parliamentary statement was something else. Musukwa must not just resign but fired by lungu immediately. Loss of 10 human beings as a result of mediocrity cannot warrant musukwa to continue holding office..

  9. Chofwe William

    2018 u call them criminals and 2021 u b Neely to them,think twice.

    • Angoni

      No wonder i will not vote for this people called in this government honestly u tell yo fellow human being criminals why didn’t u put measures to avoid this tragedy today u change goal post and say criminals! God will punish musuku musukwa for yo words, let’s wait and see!

  10. Davison Bwalya

    His no OK

  11. James mphande

    There was nothing wrong with honourable musukwas statement.

  12. Jms

    Raphael Nakachinda you must be sick now you are now understanding that the people you where supporting are not capable of ruling you even went about speaking rubbish in the media as if these people are good now see what they have done useless

  13. Jj

    Many of us pipo We complain wen things happened n we take it in politics insted of making solution to solve it

  14. Jms

    Ji I don’t know how to explain how happy iam you are a man we need men like you YES YES YES WE ALL KNOW THE SOLUTION BUT THE COUWARDS ARE THE – JUDICIARY- POLICE – MILITARY in general LOOK when a person comes up THEY do their so called military – police making useless made or heard ideas and judicial corrupt manners

  15. black mountain.

    Musukwa you are the next.

  16. Jms

    LET ME ADVISE Raphael Nakachinda one of the people who don’t know how to be s politician you luck being in Zambia in some other countries they shoot such useless people who do support without thinking when you where supporting pf did you expect such things to occur useless you the same people who are making MMD to collapse

  17. Truth man

    Democracy at work ma’amamaama!

  18. Wallace Sikanyenyene

    The mining sector must look into this issue with two eyes and give a proper account on the cause of the fatal accident and not just condemning the youths who lost their precious lives after having struggled for the goo of our country.

  19. Kukeng'a

    On death whether someone was a scavenger or what mmmmmm the term did not sound polite to the families he could have used another word.

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