Tasila Gifts Nkoloma Ward with Top Grade Sports Facility

Nkoloma Ward One councillor Tasila Lungu has left a lasting impression one her constituents by transforming Kuku Ground from a mere dust beaten surface to a top grade sports facility.

Tasila who is President Edgar Lungu’s daughter has facilitated the upgrade that has an all-weather artificial grass football pitch, lavatories, running track, netball, volleyball and basketball courts, parking facilities in a securely fenced and lit facility that can provide 24 hour services to our people.

Below is her posting:

Tasila LUNGU writes.

“A few months ago I promised to update you on one of our many key community projects that is to completely overhaul Kuku Ground in Nkoloma Ward 1.

The initial plan was to transform the current facility from a bare football ground surface to an all-weather artificial grass football pitch, with lavatories, running track, netball, volleyball and basketball courts, parking facilities in a securely fenced and lit facility that can provide 24 hour services to our people.

I reiterate, this is only the beginning as more developments are in the pipeline for the facility to provide additional services and amenities.

I would like to give special praise and congratulations to the ordinary men, women and the youth of Nkoloma Ward 1 for all their support and encouragement for this project”.

Tasila Lungu


  1. Sizu11

    Thanks,lets move on with development,thats a stamp for the future.thanx

  2. BaspecialB

    Good move

  3. James claps mphande

    Like father like daughter


    The way to go

  5. Davido


  6. Simon kamunga

    Amazing,those are the people we need in our country zambia



  8. Kelvin samala


  9. Kasuka Aongola

    That’s the way we can develop our constituencies…. God bless and let others follow.

  10. George

    It is amazing to see good works in consideration of the youths, our country really needs facilities that will keep youths active all the time so that they reduce spending their time on alcoholic staffs. My appeal is to the youth to remain focus and committed and use the facilities correctly as it is for there own good. Let’s hope two or three youths will represent the nation on one of these sporting activities from Kuku ground… LIKE FATHER LIKE DAUGHTER..

  11. Chisha Joseph

    Good move , keep it up our councillor tasila lungu

  12. Benny

    That’s great l have never seen an MP or councillors develop football pitch like Tasila did l would like 2 encourage other MPs 2 emulate her we have ugly and poor pitches in Zambia the government also need 2 work on pitches so that that our beloved game giving a beautiful approaches

  13. H mwewa

    Good work young lady.our next MP I guess

  14. Iyi yena ni dununa forward! Keep it up young lady. This is the spirit we need. Tekwesha ukunenuka.



    Tasila You Are A Daring Sister You Have Done Well To Encourage The Youth To Do Sport.That Is The Right Step In The Direction.Our Youths Have No Play Grounds Whe Re They Can Show Case Talents. Chris Sills.

  16. Andrue

    councillor doing such kind obligation will be allowed to be leaders for people, this is the highest development infrastruture we couldnt expect to our ward.we call heros stadium in “”kuku compound”” ,keep it up.

  17. mushala

    That’s great madam tasila in zanimuone compound no development roads are in bad state we don’t even know our councillor.

  18. maroon 5

    Great move kuku compound will have a lot of talents among the youth not just smoking weed

  19. saul

    Comment Thats de way we can develop our contry

  20. saimbwende saimbwende

    “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani. SONTA APO WABOMBA, NGA TAWASONTE SELA TUBOMBEKO. Well done Tasila keep it up the world is watching you.

  21. Simon Fumbilwa

    I am happy for your leadership.

  22. Godfrey Lungu

    Where is Nkoloma ward?

  23. Jayz


  24. Jayz


  25. Osie

    Well done progress

  26. ek

    job well done Tacila,show this idiot mp of nakonde who is sleeping to wake up,if posible tell yo father 2replace him with u we need visioned leaders like Tacila.Keep it up dear

  27. David

    We’ll done weh mwana wamuntu

  28. Moses

    Take your money to hospitals and buy drugs



  30. Evergreen




  32. Frank Bwalya

    Think! where did the little girl get the money from??


      From your anus

      • Ba Mwaata

        Kkkkkkkkk…iliko bad answer nayo…problem the question was not well flamed that’s the only answer needed…akemona kuti shafuma kwi…childish polics..!

      • kopala.

        well answered Mr. shi Aliko.u know u hv to answer a stupid question with a stupid answer.tachaishiba ati kwaliba lobbying?how do u ask such a foolish question? he thinks,because he is block,everyone is block. move around Frank bwalya, ur friends r making money and ur busy complaining. remember! complaints don’t put food on the table,instead it’s movements my friend, so make that move or else, u’ll continue complaining while ur friends r making money.

    • Ras Rated

      Same thought over here.

  33. Jayd

    Any Mp or civic leader is capable of developing ward/constituency, the issue is greed and ignorance

  34. Amagenge

    She has been around and she is using her opportunities to completely change lives. I am wowed by the facilities at Kuku grounds. I hope the Chawama christmas soccer championship will be held in this stadium.

  35. joseph

    that is the good development news looking forward for more for the betterment of the local people

  36. tyne

    well done tasila Lungu continue with the same spirit when here at palabana our councilor is not doing his work

  37. Annie

    Good move let’s make sure that the facility is maintained.

  38. Dr Chitoshi Andrew

    Job well done tasila….at least you have provided a recreation facility for your ward and people… Congrats comerade

  39. William simwaka

    Putting our hands together we can build a better Zambia. Thanks Tasila God add more days your life that other people can cop from your spirit of transforming Zambia to modern facility. thanks.

  40. Samuel Serenje

    Well done continue with your good works may the Lord be with you always so that He continues to bless you with new ideas

  41. zam

    Kkkkkk maybe she can help

    • Mk

      Ba Frank Bwalya back ward thinking. Just say thanks.

  42. Mk

    It doesn’t matter where money came from, what matters she has built. Twatota

  43. longwa kalombo

    Uyu mwana azavuuta.challenger uli kuti.Line kusoba nati nikuti kuno ?eeeeeeeh things can change with this kind of your spirit awee UYUU SHE IS OUR POTENTIAL .MP

  44. Super Quality Boy

    Great Job Indeed!

  45. longwa kalombo

    Uyu mwana azavuuta.challenger uli kuti.Line kusoba nati nikuti kuno ?eeeeeeeh things can change with this kind of your spirit awee UYUU SHE IS OUR POTENTIAL .MP
    My word :pliz pipo let’s guard this facility jealously .it is the fore first of your the fore kind in places like kuku since independence.TASILA NIIKILEKO NAKA POLICE POST PAMENE APA !i my prayer is to see John talents development in chawama Twatotela eeeeeeeh ine mulomo kusila uhmmmmmmmm awe you guys can defect to PF

  46. Mukomango Mwansa

    We also need those kind of projects in Chiundaponde, please fight for us like the way u did in 2016

  47. James mphande

    But Frank bwalya ulichiba zoona ask your father or your mother who bring u to this world that question, u are stupid.

  48. Benny

    Kkkkkk the question asked by Frank Bwalya is useless us u can see that she used that money she had 2 change the ground, but u were given perfect answer by shialiko do want her 2 use it 4 pizzas?

  49. Self nyokozi

    Ande. On behalf of kuku residence

  50. C10

    Continue with the same spirit

  51. MJ Banda

    This president’s daughter is the best

  52. Michael Chileshe

    That is commendable. It is however asking too much to

  53. Michael Chileshe

    That is commendable. It is however asking too much to expect other counselors or even MPs to do a feat like that because they do not have the same access to resources like she has, for obvious reasons. She has done well to give back to the community and share what she has with the less privileged. Well done.

  54. Jms

    People I say it again PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T BE Mislead viva to education and abash mislead (any thing can be good or bad according to your mind) sikopo donolo A president, A minster, An MP now you think a counselor can do those wonders that counselor is the key imagine if just 20 or 30 of them doing that work how will Zambia be OPEN YOUR EYES ZAMBIANS

  55. ed Mac

    she deserves to be a member of parliament as well as a minister bcz she has proved that she is there to serve the interests of the community regardless of her age.which councillor or mp has ever done such a good job putting up a beautiful ground since independence?Let’s give great and support those that r doing fine.Tasila and Mabumba u r doing fine as councillors besides being very young may God continue blessing you

  56. Jms

    Don’t encourage low educated people who may do their father’s orders or behavior IAM WORRIED I DON’T KNOW IF WE HAVE. ZAMBIANS OR FOREIGNERS WHO DO NOT DIFFERECIET FROM NOSENSE and SENSE

  57. choolwe madabbwa

    thanx tasila

  58. Jms

    If tasila a lady doing this you idiot men are cheering without knowing why men counselors are not doing so .you being laughed by neighbours


    Well done tasila lungu may you continue with this Development …Our potential MP.. God bless you..

  60. Truth man

    Where did she get the funds from? I was expecting her to include the names of people or indeed the companies who had supported her when giving her thanks! Or is it from the constituency development funds! If so,then it must be mentioned to avoid suspicions from the public.

  61. Mike

    Thanks Ms.Lungu for that development the country will benefit.

  62. mulongwe

    well done .

  63. Mj Chota

    the people of chief mwanya/kambwili malambo area eastern province where is yo councillor &your mp you can’t see the constituency other areas there is development why keeping councillors and mp who is not working that lugomo roard to chief mwanya crossing luangwa river to chief nabwalya how long does it going to be commissioned? our listening president he in eastern to insperct the development project i hope he w’ll our chiefdnm. if the area is to big for the mp who very far it is better to have own mp wake up guys this government is working if they heard yo voices.


    Divided we fall united we stand

  65. Evergreen

    Manja pamozdi


    I will not bury any one alive if you are united,hands together Guy’s

  67. Jkn

    That’s the way to go mwabombeni

  68. Alex

    That’s a recommendable job keep it up

  69. Big zee

    Keep it up tasila,job well done show them that young Ladies can do such wonders.

  70. shi aliko

    Comment:shi aliko r u a human being?

  71. banda

    Comment:mwania muzamangiwa bakawalala.

  72. Nkhumekume

    People of God, I support UPND but on this one I salute tasila,this is what we want in our country. It is one Zambia one nation I have no words in my mouth this lady means business. Awe sure may God bless you with many years to come.

  73. Kawax

    Sikombe and mutete, don’t just enjoy accompanying Tasila as if you are her bodyguards. Your have your own wards to take care of. More especially Mutete, you are doing nothing in your ward. Ward4 is like it is not in chawama constituency. Kudos to Tasila.

  74. F s

    Ooh yes After attending classes I will be in kuku ground to shokes my skills, but again it saprises that someone can build a school somewhere at no that’s a tribalism now is it tribalism to build that nice infrastructure we crapping for now or what?

  75. Kennedy

    God bless you

  76. alelya mwibala

    wht z her source of funding ppl?
    alelya na w**hi mwi***b**a

  77. Evar

    Good work

  78. JMB


  79. Chinyere Nnaji

    Well done. God bless you more.

  80. GIDMAN

    Regardless where de source of income is from, but wat matters is hw u use it.Mwana wa munzako aka chita bwino achita, Give praise where due.Well done sister Tasila Lungu.Let God keep on blessing u sister so dat u also bless others.

  81. Jay

    Wat a great job mis Lungu we are thankful of you

  82. Son Teddy

    Woow this is good, I’m from there and I’m very happy for the development

  83. John J. Mtonga

    This is very powerful as it will reduce the percentage of young people from indulging in bad activities. We are greatful as a community

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