MUZ Urges Stringent Safety Measures Over Black Mountain

Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) outgoing President Chishimba Nkole has urged government to apply high level at the Black Mountain when operations resume to avoid mine accidents in future.

Nkole has warned that failure to address safety issues at the Black Mountain will result in more loss of lives at the slag dump site.

He said government should ensure adequate supervision by officers from the Ministry of Mines under Safety Department to help address future accidents.

Nkole said it will be difficult for small scale miners at the Black Mountain to comply with safety standards should there be no close supervision from the Ministry of Mines Safety Department.

“Measures must be put in place and ensure that there is close supervision for adherence purposes, because we know the people to be dealing with, we need to look at issues like if they refuse to comply then what next, all those issues must be looked at before allowing operations to resume,” Nkole said.

And Chapamo Mineral Processing has pleaded with government to quickly put place safety measures and reopen operations at the black mountain.

Managing Director Kelvin Tembo said the accident was a lesson to all and the mining company will ensure all safety measures put in place are adhered to.

“We have a huge workforce, if the black mountain is closed where will all these people go? Please consider our plea, we will ensure to comply with all safety measures put in place,” Tembo said.

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