OPINION: Miles’ Political Purgatory May Have Paid Off

The Patriotic Front made its choice for the mayor of Lusaka in prodigal Miles Sampa on Saturday. It is a choice that comes with a lot of baggage. Naturally the Patriotic Front is the frontrunner to retain the seat they held through the deceased Wilson Kalumba. It is for this reason that the ruling party should have exercised more prudency in picking a candidate. Sampa’s credentials devoid of the political drama he has had in the last two years are impeccable. Before losing his way, he had won the hearts of many political observers as a prospective star for the future one who had both the academic and political acumen to one lead pose a strong case to lead this country but he jumped ahead of himself and imagined he had arrived. Sampa spent the post Sata era hopping from one form of self-inflicted political confusion to the next.

Confusingly he formed the National Democratic Focus (NDF) that never essentially took off before discovering the harsh reality of opposition politics. Having lost his political bearings with the NDF, Sampa went to bed the United Party for National Development (UPND) where their union ended up in defeat and the former Matero lawmaker realized even more that he was headed for the political dustbin.

In the heat of his Damascus moment he crawled back to the PF where he was conditionally welcomed and has been literally overworking himself to gain acceptability. But now the PF has opened its arms to Sampa who will carry their ticket into the July 26 mayoral elections. He could sail through with some measure of ease but the precedent set here could come back to haunt the PF.

The party has had members that have stuck to them even when opportunists of all hues and shades have left and conveniently come back when their imagined glories have not materialized. Among the 31 aspirants have been members have given their all to the PF and their loyalty has been overlooked. What then is the value of loyalty if all you get is perpetual snub? What example is the PF setting for its loyal members? Lest we forget even the biblical narrative of the prodigal son did raise these pertinent questions. Maybe Miles’ political purgatory has paid off.


  1. James claps mphande

    Ba new Lusaka mayor. We will vote for you

  2. Ba Mwaata

    Indeed he will carry the day no matter wat…pf go sampa go

  3. Jms


  4. Easy Easy

    Everyone has sinned before, but forgiveness is what revives us,the problem comes when we go hyper such that it (sin) destroys our character and self esteem.Go Miles Go!!

  5. Mukomango Mwansa

    Even Chiundaponde is rallying behind Mr miles sampa ,go sampa go

  6. Lyayo

    Wecom Sampa

  7. ZONDA


  8. Benny

    I admire Samoa akalya inama sana

  9. Isaac

    PF is like a large family. 31 applied for the job only Miles has been picked. No sour grapes we are one and Miles will carry the day with ease.

  10. Kay2 Pack

    Sure BA Lusaka you want Mr miles the political dustbin to be your mayor, is that not cholera to bring in CBC now, let’s watch out of these destroyers, that show that the pf don’t care of Lusaka people’s lives bcoz they can’t give pipo aa political dustbin to vote as a mayor that’s impossible bane.
    Let’s give the UPND or NDC maybe something will happen in Lusaka rather than this sampa of the PF.

  11. Peter Kubala

    Welcome back bakamba mukapita!

  12. Abraham lucky

    jobless, has caused Sampa to madness, and embrassed.

  13. Jj

    We ar behind u bakamba mukapita

  14. ben

    hon miles u hv my vote, pf 4life baby.

  15. Noah Phiri

    Surely PF have lost it , you mean u have run out of credible leaders . What a shame .

  16. Jms

    Be careful Ba sampa this has been your opportunity God allows any situation to occur due to that mankind has been made to have mind

  17. Miyoba

    PF has lost it?NO WAYS!When you look at this bunch of candidates,who has the experience to be a civic leader? Definitely, it’s Miles.He was an MP, Deputy minister, Banker etc and we confident as Lusaka residents that among those adopted so far he is the best.If we look at the UPND candidate,what can we talk about him?EPP Chiluba Tayali,NDC Saboi Emboela,what is that we can talk about them? Surely,there is nothing.Miles is self introductory,no hustle.

  18. slain beauty

    A lady mayor could be my choice men have too many girl friends thus blunderers

  19. Ignorant

    Only sampa is the right person for the job, aba bambi ba pastor imposter, ba president of chakuti party, ba former singer & divorcee kuwayawafye

  20. Erizo

    Dats gud ba pipo

  21. Big nazi


  22. Biloko

    Kilometre has experience like his late uncle’s who set the country on the path to destruction. If the greed for power without works is not checked by voting opposition even those supporting this GRZ shall be consumed by their mismanagement.

  23. Abena T C.

    Sampa has even been a minister & many not to mention. Look at him, going down to the grass root. Well done Sampa. If upnd can just convince HH to stand with Sampa the better though by far Ba HH kuwayawayafye. To u my friend Sampa, HH cannot be your boss. He’s finished. Congrats!

  24. Patel

    Miles will win it hands down let him take care of the uncontrolled music in kabwata


    Let’s vote for the NDC party.

  26. Chris B

    Ba Z.R stop preaching hatred and divisions. Your posting is ill timed.

  27. Coaster mwansa 2

    Let’s jst hope that the one we vote for, will deriver ….

  28. F s

    Ninsala yabaletele aba, balemona kwati ukutungulula ichipani kwangala by the way where is your vice of that kantemba party of yours?

    • Don

      Tapali nafyakunfwa ubunangani u will tel me miles sampa will carry the day his winning hehehe pamaka 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  29. Die hard pf

    Y giving chance to someone who is power hungry Ba Lusaka be careful that man Samoa is not for the people but just want a job ,better someone else who has the heart for the people .yamunyokotola njala yamuleta and one day he will defect and join another party .bakateka mwaumfwisha ubunang’ani abantu abaleculila icipani

    • kufahakurambwe

      I tend to agree with you. This boy has proved to lack any business acumen hence his return to PF #mukakumbwanamafi

  30. Prof.c.k.b

    i wil go with saboi as Miles cn mek a gud president unlyke aba bambi tulemona kuwayawaya fye!

  31. Jks

    Welcome back to the political arena but akabwelelo kalalwa

  32. mercutio

    Finished ambitions from president aspirant to mayoral aspirant me i donchi kno cheacher…!

  33. Walan G

    I’m behind u Sampa, hope u will not disappoint us this time.

  34. kufahakurambwe

    I guess this is where one can say, “there’s no shame in the game”. I have no issues with this boy MS however, he is an exceptional case of what a ‘man’ should NOT be. I guess going forward we can use him as a bad example. Let us embrace this as a learning moment.

  35. Benson malwa

    I support ba mayor

  36. Patrick Mwale

    The “Prodigal son” Miles Sampa all the way!

  37. Long pipe

    Upnd can’t win in Lusaka mark my words

  38. Gift phiri

    I agree with u long pipo

  39. Shachz

    I am discouraged, disappointed, I disapprove because it is a disaster. The issue of prodigal sons is disturbing. Ma dis dis dis konse bombs, Disampa, disPF.

  40. David chola

    Bee fear not to kill respect god

  41. lombe

    i have never seen a big prostitute like mils sampa,from pf & form a party again u failed to rule your party u went to upnd u thot upnd wil win after upnd lost again u went back to pf.if it is some other countries they can kil u coz u create confusion in the country u r after money,u r blok thus y u decided to go back to the ruling party.if it was sata he cant alow u to come back to pf,nimantombwa manje mwayambochita.watch out dont repeat next time.

  42. chikandolo

    miles sampa is jst looking for money to boost his party from pf govt.he dont have money to boost his party.

  43. Teeth teeth

    This article is not about HH, you son of a goat 🐐, hidiot

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