Miles Sampa Successfully Files Nomination

Miles Sampa has successfully filed in his nomination for the July 26 mayoral election.

The former Commerce Deputy Minister was accompanied by a host of former aspiring candidates in the ruling party led by Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo.

Candidates for the mayoral race will today file their nomination papers at the Nakatindi Hall.


  1. Ignorant

    I like that, the accompaneme

    • Ignorant

      I meant the accompaniment of former aspiring candidates in the rulling party shows the unity in the party, well done guys.

  2. King David

    Go Sampa never give up the Mayoral seat is automatically 100% yours

  3. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    I’m waiting for the winer to work the jobe

  4. king Abduzizi ♊

    Surely from mp to mayoral from party president to such small offices is that normal prodigal son this rely show the incompetency of the person he doesn’t have direction no focus tomorrow’ he is president today mayor that’s nonsense people of Lusaka remember what happened soon cholera outbreak was due to incompetent people u had putbon that same sit and failure of the government u had put in anyway vote wisely or else lwenu mwalibelela and last but not the least street vending u are all pushed off and lwenu …..

  5. Isaac

    Miles, everything is already in your hands. The seat belongs to you.

  6. Albright

    We know.

  7. Skb

    Good move by those who were not nominated to escort the in~ coming Mayor. EXTRA ORDINARY show of unity. Good arrangement SG. Another WALK OVER!!!!!

  8. Kubeba

    Ba Sampa is just a Hungary man looking where to get cash the economic problems the country is facing as not spared anyone.u just can’t trust sampa

  9. Don

    U are already in office dady

  10. James claps mphande

    Mmmm this election is already known that the pf is winning pamaka PF👊👊👊👊

  11. Teeth teeth

    Koma uyu sampa sure, from a minister to party president, then mayor mmmmm Njala yangena mukuni.

  12. Frank Bwalya

    From presidential to mayoral candidature..the chap is power hungry without intent to serve the people…

  13. dennis

    Big boos u ar man just go go

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