Pres. Lungu Hits Back at HH Panga Philosophy

President Edgar Lungu has responded to his political arch-rival’s ‘panga for panga’ doctrine saying it was an irresponsible declaration by UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

Hichilema hit headlines with his directive to his members that they should hit back whenever attacked during campaigns for the July 26 mayoral by-elections.

The declaration was reminiscent of the Chilanga by-election where matters turned violent with Patriotic Front and UPND cadres clashing.

“Why should a leader of a political party always be talking about fight back, fight back, who is fighting them for them to fight back? What type of a leader is he that tells his cadres that when you are attacked fight back instead of him telling them to avoid violence by all means, what we have seen is people saying punch for punch, panga for panga, what happens in the end they start attacking Journalists because they are not being attacked by anyone,” President Lungu said.

President Edgar Lungu made these remarks on arrival in Ndola yesterday ahead of the official opening of the International Trade Fair by his Botswana counterpart Mokgweetsi Masisi.

President Lungu also weighed in on the Black Mountain tragedy.

The head of state said the accident was a lesson to government and modalities are being put in place to improve safety before operations are to be allowed.

President Lungu compared the Black Mountain accident to the 1970 Mufulira Mine accident that claimed 89 lives and led to a temporal closure but resumed operations after safety measures were put in place.

“Government has learnt its lessons over the Black Mountain and we will try to ensure safety measures are put in place, in 1970 we had the Mufulira Mine accident which claimed so many lives. I was young then but we were all affected, we lost about 89 miners but all companies learnt lessons and improved safety at the mine,” President Lungu said.

Botswana President Masisi will be the chief guest at this year’s Zambia International Trade Fair.




  1. Elizabeth Mphande

    So shall it be, your Excellency.

  2. Wake up zambia

    Is it to learn a lesson first that’s when u can put safety measures sure!!! U knew what is suppose to have a mine in each country.. Safety always comes first….

  3. gift Sikumanya

    We need pise in zambia


      Peace or pise kkkklll

    • Ken

      So you pipo , you mean pf is allowed to stack opposition or what? Is it good for the President to just comment on the matter than taking action to pf carders who daily attack pipo? Which is good for the country ? Tell me plz maybe am behind.

  4. mj chot_lee

    mwatampapo ifya kusabaila nishi mwebanthu mwakwatila ifya kukokuluda mwachilamo nomba

  5. Shaka

    Do unto others as you would want them do unto you.
    As on the black mountain, the idea was to please the jerabo cadres forgetting the issue of safety.

  6. sunday chisha

    dont worry his excellence God is in control

  7. James claps mphande

    That’s a nice response to the councilor who is telling his people “panga for panga” what kind of a leader his he HH if people don’t like u, go and start farming with your cows. Mooo🐂🐃🐃🐃🐄🐄🐄🐂🐂🐃🐃

  8. Done

    I completely agree with you james a leader who can tell his people like that HH Zambia is not your house were u can give your children rules alla thats why u will end up loosing🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄

  9. Fifa

    Good,because Lungu cant stop his cadres.Its do as i do.


      I wish to slap you if it’s possible iwe ka fifa

  10. Mukomango Mwansa

    HH is a confused proton ,we don’t need such leaders ,any way he needs deliverance

  11. The Laughing Philosopher

    Politics if hooliganism has no place in modern Zambia. Its a sign of leadership mediocrecy from the under 5 politician

  12. Christopher

    Political leaders ,should bear good fruit for the next generation to come, let’s preach good news for, our children’s, if we put heard bad thoughts then what are we going to tell our family’s,,,,,,,,,,, do right thing always people who support you, It’s matter of time, Waiti,,,


    This man can’t be a leader, the same machetes or pangs you use to kill your cow’s are the ones you want to use on us atase chikala iwe hh

  14. Evergreen

    What type of breed are you ka hh


    Hh are you ill with echipumputu


    Good response from the President.
    Sometimes I do imagine if Kabimba was President of Zambia and UPND in opposition.

  17. Shachz

    Is it true that PF does not provoke its cousin? Let us just be civilised. We fought the colonial masters, now we fight each other. Ubushilufye bweka bweka!


    Instead of planning ahead…We only react after tragedy occurs…. These same incidences could have been avoided,

  19. Bishop

    Kuwayawayafye ba Zambian politics. Ulupiya baiba FIC report elyo ba mutyala kuku sosa pama panga!

  20. Bishop

    Black Mountain. when one of your has ichipumputu (epilepsy) then you will never mention it again coz it will affect you

  21. Chris B

    @ Wake Up Zambia, do you not know that as a nation we have the Institution task to look into safety matters of all industries. This accident nasty as it may be, it could have been avoide d if mmy fellow youths took the liberty of engaging authorities constructively as regards modalities of mining the same Black Mountain in the saest was. We have a lot of financial lending institutions that have invested in provin

  22. Chris B

    Hichilema Hakainde must be held responsible for any bloodshed that may be recorded as a result of the forthcoming by elections through out Zambia, he should also be charged with insiting violence, what a worthless none substance oppsition leader one who is heartless and very selfish yet short sighted and visionless politician

    • kufahakurambwe

      Lead by example. BTW with all his apparent ‘shortcomings’ which you point out in your shallow comment, I would bet my life HH is way ahead of your entire family tree past, present & future financially…pun intended #gofigure

    • Peace maker

      Be careful the way you choose leaders, African countries are being destroyed by ourselves because of poverty, wake up Zambians, in Bemba we say ichikwampa bachimwena kumampalanya.so be careful the way you choose leaders. You wealthy has gone and will continue suffering for another 20 years, because of your poor.

  23. Patrick bhaka

    At times I wonder how his brain function, I don’t know if he smoks Ghanaian weed mwe.

    • kufahakurambwe

      What brain! You are giving him more credit than he deserves…lol

  24. Chakolwa 2018

    All those insulting HH are hungry and poor Have you forgotten already how PF thugs have been terrorising the voters almost in every election….I know poor and hungry people always support wrong things.
    Even your own dog that you feed but always step on its tail will one day bite you.

  25. Malyendele

    ECL should first advise his hooligans before taking his tentercols to other parties! You first give respect that’s when everyone will respect you! Acting like an old sheriff in a western movie won’t take you anywhere!

  26. kufahakurambwe

    ECL is nothing but an empty shell. Kindly address issues of substance like the FISP report you were given. That is what you get when you allow a peasant to lead…SHIT.

  27. Lameck Mkandawire

    It’s happens Mr President and they realize later that what happen. Continue doing good work we are appliciat

  28. kufahakurambwe

    He compares Black Mountain collapse to the 1970 Mufulira Mine accident. Obviously someone did not get the memo. Black Mountain was NEVER and is NOT a mine. The chap really knows his audience…illiterate. You Lungu put our boys there and you somehow think you can seek absolution by peddling nonsense. We see through your crap bruh.

  29. The jungle master bruno mars moonshine

    Dont cry

  30. Rrrrtt

    HI is right. If PF is not going to be violent why is this criminal minded Mikula thieves warried? PLEASE UPND FIGHT BACK THIS TIME. DEFEND YOURSELVES. THIS IDIOT PRETENDS TO BE PEACEFUL BUT HE SENDS HIS PF CADRES TO KILL PEOPLE.

  31. Kawax

    HH libolo zoona. Let him start by bringing his children first and he should tell them the panga for panga. Not other people’s children.

  32. More

    Peace mu Zambia twapapata sana

  33. JMB


  34. JMB




  36. Joshua

    Thank you your excellence

  37. king david

    I think hh z a wrong leader, zambians let us open our eyes.

  38. Yes

    Don’t be deceived. Fight back if attacked. The police won’t be their for you so defend yourself baba….

  39. eSwatini Dlanini

    If the police defended UPND cadres against pf lumpens HH would not have told his people to defend themselves. Because the pf is a party of the ignorant, people who don’t understand a statement of self defence, they have not understood a plain call to defend oneself. When pf attacks with pangas defend yourself with pangas.
    Just to correct Edgar Lungu, it was not Mufulira mine disaster but Kafironda Disaster where explosives detonated at a factory accidentally.

  40. Billy

    The problem HH is completely an immature in politics he only think to fight is the best weapon for campaign #never chikala we still can’t vote for you idiot

  41. Billy nason

    Bakamba ba HH try stand as lsk Mayor maybe you can win nat vau presido

  42. Hillary Kalunga

    “….. for those who rise by the sword will fall by the sword.” These words are in scripture but have on several occasions been echoed by KK and FTJ Chiluba (mhsrp).

  43. Hillary K

    “Blessed are the peace makers, for they shall see God.”

  44. Moses

    Can we know the truth about the violence, Zambia is full of selfish leaders who want by all means to get rich fast on the expense of poor Zambians of initiates violence and no comment will be made wait until opposition react it will be all over. What of fic report why can’t say something what of the mukula tree thieves it was highly protected. But poor Zambians continues in their poverty. Wake up young being used by these thieves both in of and opposition. Leaders must not pretend to say something and behind the curtain they send young pipo to attack opposition leaders and then say it is the opposition. Please issue statements that will build the nation not for selfish interest. Put the nations interest first. Not what you can get of this nation by using youths to maintain your status. Youths think about tomorrow. Stop being short sighted you will drink beer and dance for these politians how about tomorrow?

  45. black spider

    Black mountain is also under 1000 ways to die…it will still claim more lives if the so called scavengers a.k.a jerabos are given the mountain…
    The solution is to find pipo with prpper machinery and safety equipment…

    Kuwayawaya fye …..we are tired of the R.I.P we send

  46. Non partisan

    It’s either pf provoke upnd or the other way round. Please leaders
    Tame yourselves.

  47. Jms

    Jusus said the dead will bury themselves if that happened today what reaction can you give you hypocrites

  48. Jms

    HH was about to be with BA SATA and a good man can’t ssk for a hand with a bad man so learn to stay with parables and learn to know how to explain them HH is a clean person learn how to respect your mind

  49. kopala.

    we now know what type of people supports hh…illiterate… with no G12 certificates. people who can easily be told to kill and they kill without knowing the consequences of such actions. this behavior only comes from someone who has never attended any classes. they know they hv a coward as a leader,so they’ll try by all means to be cowards as well.that’s the danger of being ignorant. now!imagine if we r to entrust this illiterate group of thugs,ignorant,empty tins,lunatics, devil worshipers,blood suckers to run the affairs of our beloved country. what can become of our beloved country? we don’t want our beloved country to be turned into curia or south Sudan or Congo DRC.iwe hh just look for the money u borrowed from ur friends elsewhere cos here,we,and i repeat,WE hv rejected u 5 times and because ur stubborn,u can’t see that u hv bn rejected, WE r going to reject u for the sixth time maybe then,u can see how well WE know u.unlike this illiterate group of thugs who still think that u can be a President. WHERE? not in Zambia ofcose,unless GOD is not alive,u’ll never be a Zambian President in the after life. if hh thinks he is popular,let him test his popularity by contesting the mayoral seat and see how he will be embarrassed. at first people thought he was popular kanshi kuwayawayafye.a good leader can and will never incite his followers to respond by using pangas,whatever the provocation, cos a panga only does one thing…KILL.so,what is this guy trying to tell his illiterate group of thugs?yes!the PF has a problem as well concerning violence, but at least we hv heard their leaders denouncing it.”violence”.just by speaking against violence, PF is winning neutrals,just by inciting violence upnd is losing neutrals. the reason is simple! hh rides on the ignorance of his illiterate supporters. and the painful truth is…u can’t win an election using ur friend’s problems”,illiteracy”my advice to hh is win the hearts of the wise not the hearts of the thugs u hv won,they’ll take u nowhere. cos the wise can not allow u to incite them to do wrong things.i end here for now!

  50. Asiff

    People of low education talk a lot.They think they are close to Heaven:Like the proverbial ‘forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.

  51. Treason

    H H made no mistake by telling his people to protect themselves.do u want them just to watch when attacked.

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