Senegal Dumped out of FIFA World Cup Ending African Interest on the Pitch

Senegal has crashed out of the 2018 FIFA World Cup bringing African interest in the tournament to a close.

All five African teams have been sent packing in the first round taking back strides made in the 2010 FIFA World Cup when Ghana joined Cameroun (1990) and Senegal (2002) for teams that made it to the quarterfinals.

The debacle of 2018 is such that none of the teams have made it to the second round of the planet’s biggest soccer feast.

Needing to avoid defeat Senegal lost 1-0 to Columbia but were somehow unfairly dumped out after having tallied on points with Japan with the rules going down to Fair Play.

Senegal went out on account of having more yellow cards than Japan who sail through.

Tunisia plays Panama in the final match having already been sent packing without winning a game.


  1. Charlesmicklay

    It’s the name of the game, try next time

  2. Benny

    Kkkk try next time

  3. James claps mphande

    Africans sure


    We expected more juju from you guys any way my condolences to you guys try nxt tym

  5. Ngolofwana Fordson

    That’s the name of the game football guys hard luck!


    FIFA stands for
    #F ootball
    #I s_not
    #F or
    #A fricans😂😂😂


      What do you mean,is there any sense

    • Uncle Bizzo

      FIFA means Fifa ls not Fair for Africans, we observed alot of unfair judgements against African teams,the refeere is a final judge why going to check on a replay? Like the Senegal issue, that was a clear penalty, on his way to the TV he was told by the FIFA system to say it’s not a penalty , going there is just to fool people to show thats is his observation when already is told what to do, with VAR the world cup is becoming boring

  7. Analyticus


    Africa Is Always Shortchanged When It Comes To Representation At The FIFA World Cup. We need more teams From Africa Atleast Ten and proper rules to protect all teams, that’s fair play. If Teams Have The Same Number Of Points, Allow For A Playoff Not Counting Yellow Cards, That’s Wrong!
    This Is The Problem Of having wrong people heading national FAs.
    Fifa Always Protect Non-african Teams And Doesn’t Want To Win The World Cup. Fifa Shame On You! Where Is The Fairplay?
    If African Teams Lose Genuinely, We Can’t Complain!
    Fifa Always Change Rules To Punish African Teams. I Think CAF must boycot the next world cups until these errors are corrected.
    Lastly, V.A.R (Video Assistant Refereeing) Is A Complete Let Down To Modern Football That Robbed Nigeria Of A Clear Penalty When The Argentine Player Headed The Ball To His Own Hand!
    Ronaldo Cr7 My Favorite Player Escaped The Red! Shame On You Fifa And Your V.A.R

    • Jomwechi

      I second u dear,in fact that was a clear penalty to Senegal!!

      • Uncle Bizzo

        Let FIFA explain why it wasn’t a penalty

  8. Jomwechi

    Caf should also start using VAR in order to have more var Africans referees. And Senegal must complain that penalty!!!

  9. Izukanji simukoko

    Congratulation guys,you have tried don’t worry next time

  10. Uncle Bizzo

    Fools ln Football Arrangements

  11. mr man

    is african countries going to wine a world cup sure? or is it for the whites ?

  12. Anson

    Unfair the FIFA world cup judge

  13. Tafara

    V.A.R Stand For Very Annoying Referee

  14. Sheldon

    In soccer you have to be expectant

  15. Patrick Mwale

    Whether Arabs or Blacks,We Are Simply Paying The Price Of Being Africans.

  16. FM

    Next time guys

  17. Fan B

    Next time
    Ba Senegal

  18. mercutio

    One year soon there will be an african team which ‘ll go at the world cup and win all its games in 90 minutes of each game their{fifa} or var disallows one goal or two it ‘ll continue scorin until their ‘ll not disallow & say ‘ll say its their (Africans) time now soon.

  19. mulenga j kabanki

    But Ba FIFA tababa fair luv your comments pipo

  20. Nkonkosheni

    Anyway we hv bing trying guys but when are we gowig 2 make it.

  21. Soccer

    In my opinion Uruguay will win this world cup. Whats your take on that ?

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