Petersen Coaxes Lusaka Voters with Neutrals Tag

Mayoral aspirant Petersen Mundia popularly known as Petersen has appealed to neutrals to consider his candidature as the best prospect for a less divisive choice.

Petersen has taken off his artistic hat to take the front seat in politics and will be hoping his candidature resonates with the youth who enjoy his musical genius.

He is contesting on the People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) ticket.

Below is Petersen’s emotional note:


Fellow Country Men and Women in the Ruling Party and all Opposition Parties, Followers and Supporters, l greet you all without any reservations.

My Request for your encouragement, support and Vote during this 26th July Mayoral elections is out of the desire and conviction that it’s our time to help offer long lasting and strategic solutions to any aspect of this nation that needs youthful, productive and fresh political input.

I choose not to wear military boots, muscle t-shirts, barrets, or to sit on a window of a moving car and be unruly towards my fellow citizens.

I choose not to insult nor disrespect those with different views from those of mine, old or young.

I choose not to dedicate my contribution to Zambia through a brown envelope and kick backs from humans that have legs, hands, eyes, ears and brains just like l do.

I choose not to be used and to sale my reasoning only to benefit my belly, nor do l desire to fatten my bank account while I watch our nation be taken to its knees by people that prioritise political party strengthening over Government responsibilities and national development.

It is for these reasons that l ask all well meaning Lusaka Residents to Vote for me as Mayor for this greater city of Lusaka so that we avoid and stop the creation of a now vividly visible ONE PARTY STATE ideology and agenda at play.

When we learn to put non-ruling party candidates in these other major seats, we save our selves from suffering victimisation due to our political affiliation. We can’t all belong to one political party. Zambia is a democratic state; hence we all need to benefit without segregation.

It is high time a person just needs to be Zambian for them to acquire a stand or shop in council-run markets. The Zambian constitution doesn’t demand for one to belong to the ruling party for them to stand as a market or bus station chairperson. This suppression ideology belongs to the days of apartheid not a modern democratic African nation.

Debate and diverse views in the council chamber will benefit many. One political party situation weakens the council more especially its financial aspect because less than 20 political party affiliated individuals called Commanders end up enjoying millions of kwachas that are supposed to finance the water and sanitation, waste management and trading places or market construction, and hinders all the operations of the Lusaka City Council.

We shall create a council that benefits all citizens not all ruling party supporters. We are all Zambians.

I want to help the President to create for himself a good legacy for the benefit of all Lusaka Residents.


Mukubesa Mundia



  1. mulakwe

    hmmmmm Anyandule agwesa ziko pansi

  2. Leon

    If we love Zambia let’s not vote PF on the Mayor position or else we should blame ourselves for all the wrongs

    • I

      Don’t vote if u want but me and all my family we will

  3. Tele D

    indeed! am behind you Mr mayoral.

  4. joheshaphat Tsungani Mwambo

    Sure,Mr.Mundia.It’s really a good decision if you have chosen to stand for the mayoral position coming elections,thus ok

  5. igwe lukwesa

    we rally behind you for a change

  6. Abraham

    It’s true ba zage

  7. FIFA

    Ladies & Gentlemen less put triblism aside,when ever we go to vote.Because when it means suffering,we all suffer together and if development comes,we all benefit.It’s our right to choose what we want.Less all avoid people who want to earn their livings through politics.It is time to develop this country,one love as we do it in soccer.

    • King Solomon umwana wamano

      U are right, let’s put tribalism aside

  8. Jms

    Indeed this post has to be one of these people as anyandule for me if I was allowed to hijack votes I can do it for Petersen due to THAT he dislikes misappropriation of aàààà well come my freind

  9. Man Of His Words

    Sure Atleast one of the thousands educated people has stand to develop our City! Well done Mr Mundia! This is what we want! You will win! the election I’m sure! You have My Support!!!!

  10. Jonas

    You always think outside the box zangaze.
    We’ll you go for it!!!

  11. H.A.W.M

    peter as a rock tiye go standon toes am always yours

  12. Ba Mwaata

    Mmmmmmh…we have heard but one thing to note is Pf & Upnd hv their own members to bote for them & u just by that appeal can’t win their Saul’s & ermege a Victor Ba Petersen awe…advice…just cont’n appealing, campaign a lot that’s when u will hv yo own members..what more Kambwili who ws even in Govnt recently is strungling to get reasonable number on pool day….keep cool my Br …!!!

  13. Coolbro

    Good idea big man go go go!…..

  14. Edson Jimm Tembo

    Go ahead

  15. Mugabe

    U HV my vote Petersen

  16. FM

    You have my vote big man ni go go chabe.

  17. Milton Muli

    Let’s vote wisely ba pipo one Zambia one nation.

  18. zaga

    zaga u hav a vision to muv lsk 4fard

  19. Bs

    Tiyeni nayo mpaka lintete,…

  20. Wisdom Chengo

    We need fresh mind in politics with a vision which will benefit everyone…
    Not scrapped politicians for self gain…
    Petersen… That’s a nice choice u have spoken for people now it’s time to act…

  21. James claps mphande

    Vote yoononga ahhhh miles sampa is already in the office

  22. Treason

    Nice Move. Guys, Vote For That Man.

  23. Jerabo

    Iwe come we campaign together, tifuna iwe Mukubesa

    Harry boi

  24. black spider

    Zaga 4 lsk…tiyeni nayo

  25. Mukomango Mwansa

    Just go back mukwimba what do you think you can tell us


    Zaga never give up…criticism will always come but stand your ground. Remember even if you don’t make it this time just keep pushing…you will make it soon. Go go behind you mukamba

  27. Kp

    Petersen live politics for politicians? God give you a good talent.

  28. clauvet

    U will definitely win the Election…….

  29. Fan B

    You have my vote big man

  30. Hebk

    Ama politics teyabaice mr peterson. You will lose your popularity n degnity.

  31. BMS

    I declare and profess your election win in the name of jesud,amen.

  32. Shaka

    Go go go go Petersen

  33. manga 111

    Win niyanu ba Petersen

  34. BTK

    We want zagaman because of Mwankole,so without wasting time i got his vote.

  35. BTK

    With issue of lsk Mayor pliz we don’t want Monkey Tricks,all we need is FREE GAMES not what they usually do NO.

  36. Joseph siame

    Another step in your life we are behind you

  37. Joseph siame

    Ba zaga anyandule

  38. EdomI

    Zaga man keep the fire burning my hommies n I Are with you all the way!!!!!!!

  39. stuart

    Watagwan jah bless jah go vote for jah

  40. The 305

    If George Weya Did it why not zagaze. Lsk 4 Petersen, go on brother.

  41. King Solomon umwana wamano

    Go mr nice decision

  42. Jr

    You will surely win the election..God bless zambia

  43. BAMBOO

    Am with you my guy

  44. shadrick

    go go Mr zaga man next I want pilato to stand on NDC ticket

  45. dawnz

    Let go zaga man……miles ninjala manje he left p.f and now is back. Another leg ina de water ……another in de fire……kude kude kude.

  46. Michael

    Go forward my brother,God will bless you

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