Chief Chanje Warns Subjects over Solar Panels

Chief Chanje of the Chewa people in Chipangali district has warned his subjects and people from neighbouring Malawi that anyone who will be found vandalizing the solar panels which were commissioned by President Edgar Lungu in Tamanda area on Sunday would be dealt with sternly.

In a statement chief Chanje said the solar panels were already benefiting over 300 people in Tamanda and surrounding area and such the panels should be guarded jealously.

He said anyone who will be found tempering with the panels will be severely punished.

Chief Chanje said the panels were benefiting Tamanda Secondary School, Tamanda clinic and Tamanda RCZ among other areas.

Chief Chanje commended President Lungu for taking real development to the people in rural areas.


  1. Chief Chilu

    That’s spirit CHIEF.

  2. King David

    It’s now I’m learning about Chipangali of being a District wonderful

  3. Chrispine nyirenda

    It’s good that our area is improving well done Mr President

  4. Chris banda

    We want more development sir Mr President

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