Messi, Ronaldo Dumped Out of World Cup

Reigning World Footballer of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo and his arch rival Messi have been spent packing out of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The World Cup will now have to go on without the two biggest stars in the global game.

Ronaldo and Messi have won the biggest individual prize eight times between themselves.

France edged Messi’s Argentina 4-3 with Luis Suarez’s Uruguay defeating Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal out of the FIFA World Cup via  2-1 score.

Uruguay and France have qualified to the quarterfinals.

Champions Germany were eliminated in the Group stages with all African teams also failing to proceed beyond the first round.


  1. Frank Bwalya

    Its likely a French World Cup..

  2. Chamajohn

    Its just a game so don’t worry guys, the other time will come.this is not yours.

  3. Kp

    To bad for them, sorry it’s football

  4. chipilipili

    iyee messi my player next time in 2022

  5. Edson

    Weather win or lose Messi is the best player in the world guys


    Ronaldo n Messi ar lacking players to who would supplier them compared to there clubs 😂😂

  7. Mulenga b

    That’s how football is

  8. Hajabram

    Kkkkkk, Paul pogba is the team player than cr7 & messi, go pogba go

  9. Analyticus

    Messi And Argentina Qualified To The Last 16 Via Dubious Officiating That Saw Nigeria Exit The World Cup With Heavy Hearts. Messi Has Been The Most Disappointing Star At This Year’s World Cup! Messi Is Only Good At Barcelona Club Nowonder He Can’t Play In Any Other League Today. At Barcelona, He Has Survived Because Of His Fellow Stars, That’s How He Scores Goals. Otherwise Nipulanga And Is Only Good At Dribling! He Got More Balon O Dor’s During His Fifa’s Number One Fan Sepp Blatter -that Corrupt Minion Who Treated Messi Like His First Born. Blatter Openly Declared His Liking For Messi And Argued That Ronaldo Is Too Boastful Because He Earns A Lot And Spends More Time In The Salon. Shame!

    Ronaldo Can Face Anything And He’s A Complete Player Who Has Broken More Records In Modern Football. Bane, When You Are Good You Are Good! No Two Ways About. Ronaldo Shi Mpundu Cr7 Is The Best Footballer There Will Be Ever. The Records Speak For Him And He Answers Critics On The Field Of Play. He’s #borntowin


    • luckson sundano

      Whether condemning,degrading, comparing etc,messi will remain messi,u ll never transform him nor reach his level. Political sport xpossez our lack of understanding. Tiyeni tikazidya nsima chabe,kkkkk,niyobaba!

    • Jels

      I go for Messi

    • Idiot

      I knew you have shit to say on are a cr7 Fan…cr7 is shit Messi has accomplished many thing..the other world cr7 came out first before messi…n messi they made it to the final…l hope you got same sense…..

  10. crazy man

    Football me i dont fellow football,me i dont care WHO goes WHO .

  11. soccer analyst

    Brazil is next to go home

  12. kopala.

    elo tukomfwe @ one of the two has won the world footballer of the year.

  13. Simz

    Jr Nermer my best player in the world, a Brazilian player,guys stop thinking about Ronaldo nd messing, they have gone

  14. Supporter

    Yes bafikala kabiyeni n by 2022 no namuchita litaya

  15. Zach

    Go Brazil

  16. Easy Easy

    Hardluck guys,anyway our worries are not you but our own chipolopolo,Not a day at the world maybe we just concentrate on refereeing!!



  18. Christine nyirenda

    It’s time for England to left the cup

  19. George

    Too bad for them,,It’s football

  20. mwaba

    messi is the best player the whole world bane,second ronaldo and third nymer jr.

  21. MULENGA. M Ronaldo nd Messi, mangalo yachalo guyz.otherwise you did your best. next time…, not all days ar Sundays!!

  22. Nicholas

    Next tym guys



  24. Teeloss Joseph

    That’s how the game isssss

  25. Young Lycol

    Guys don’t rush coz is a football Paul pogba is a supper star this wold cup ok .

  26. Kaira Kabamba

    Belgium will carry the cup home

  27. Jels

    Brazilian u are going

  28. zecah

    Too bad guys

  29. zuze

    Uruguay will lift the cup. go go Uruguay, the champions.

  30. Luckson Manda

    TOO BAD For My Player CR7


    Brazil kuma final bola na lesa

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