Dispute Erupts over Chief Nyoka Successor

Succession wrangles have rocked Kasempa’s Nyoka area following the death of Sub Chief Nyoka with rival camps emerging.

The dispute has set up members of the community against each other with rival camps heightening animosity toward each other.

Following the death of sub-chief Nyoka, two rival groups from the same family have emerged claiming to be the rightful clan to inherit the thrown.

Joseph Kibombwe, a resident in the area explains that the death of the sub-chief under Senior Chief Kasempa’s Chiefdom has brought confusion thereby creating fear among residents.

He said the area is no longer peaceful and has been divided into two by rival family members chasing succession.

Kibombwe has appealed to senior chief Kasempa to quickly step in and help provide direction before the village is divided further.

“It’s a sad situation here, we are all living in fear because the two groups have become aggressive towards each other, the Chief hasn’t stepped in, we appeal to him to quickly move in and resolve the wrangles,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kasempa District Commission Goodson Sansakuwa has confirmed that he is aware of the succession wrangles.

He said the matter is being addressed and that the traditional leadership has been engaged to see how best the issue at hand can be resolved.

Succession wrangles in chiefdoms have become hazards with loss of lives part of the possible endings.

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