OPINION: Mumbi Phiri’s Conjugal Calvary

The cat and mouse battle between Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema and Patriotic Front deputy General Secretary Mumbi Phiri is strange. Notwithstanding that the bad blood is as old as anyone can remember. The two have never liked each other and this dislike goes beyond politics. Phiri is the brainchild behind the now infamous Kachema (herdsman) tag that has stuck on Hichilema that somehow he has miraculously turned into a positive vibe. However what is even stranger are the insinuations about the Mumbi Phiri’s conjugal deficiencies.

The debate about her getting or not getting pregnant has gone on for too long. Do our politics really need this kind of low game? Phiri herself of course is not one to hesitate in dishing out as much as she gets and has bluntly gone for UPND aligned media that has been making a meal out of the pregnancy spectacle. How about the taunt about Phiri not being ready to get on with Hichilema as she is married but could have taken up the challenge had she not been a self-respecting wife. Certainly the purveyors of this sick debate should halt it and just focus on the merits and de-merits of the imminent political battle ahead in the July 26 mayoral election. Certainly dwelling on conjugal deficiencies may not win anyone elections.

Has she not proven her productivity to the world with her well known documented family life? Why would anyone want someone pregnant just to prove a political point? Certainly our politics can do better than this bedroom banter that we have been reduced to. Understandably the heat in the run up to the July 26 mayoral elections is getting higher and it could get worse for the leading political contenders. It will not help any political players to hide behind ghost fora to discredit political opponents. May the best candidate win!


  1. Truth Man

    No comment HH forward

  2. coco

    No comment . Zambia Forward .

  3. King David

    HH is a great man mwa banthu

  4. Frank Bwalya

    There are so many women With conjugal deficiency holding political offices today but are well respected because of the manner they conduct themselves. Joyce Nonde for instance has never been entangled in such battles. Tresa May of UK is another but serving decently. Unless Mumbi Phiri begins to behave humanly people will not stop throwing mud on her.

  5. lombe

    u cant be kachema if u r poor.beef come from cows,milk & shoes.leave H.H alone if u r jealous u wil never progress in life.

  6. kopala.

    what kind of politics is this? thats y some political parties will just remain in opposition cos they hv nothing to tell the voters.i for one can not vote for a leader who can sink so low and start talking about bedroom issues when we hv so many issues to talk about. that’s cheap politics to say the least.

    • OMG

      I cant belive what am reading,do pipo still insuit..why go this far for the sck of upnd and pf,No lets not be like that we need to put God first then let everything follow…


    From today onwards, I will never mock or provoke H.H because he’s a great, good and also a peaceful man.


    I we chi kopala, you are very silly and stupid! Why are busy supporting that fool prositute ofyours mumbi phiri? Let me tell you without any hesitation, satanyoko and umusula obe, you are moththerfucker.idiot.


      Shi is like your mother Chi mwila Chi chikala

  9. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Kopala that is a reason why you are dull, we Zambians don’t feed from kachema (HH) ‘s pockets ,just advise that kachema to talk about real issues otherwise even his cows will loose confidence in him.Surely weather mumbi Phiri is pregnant or not or found on bed with a man enjoying her sex life it is her choice not HH or Zambians we don’t benefit anything from that.kopala let me tell u this and get it in your ears HH will never be a president in Zambia maybe advice him to propose mumbi other than him being jelous when her friend is being ride on Maybe he can make her pregnant so that he can announce to his cows not to Zambians, us we listen to developmental issues that affects us period.

    • Mano Chishinka

      I have never heard nor read about HH talk about Mumbi Phiri’s ability or inability to get pregnant. But I have read several times about Mumbi Phiri announcing that she will get pregnant. I believe that a woman of Mumbi Phiri’s age and standing in society should never reduce herself to this level. By the way, why had she been suspended from PF party activities? I hear the reason had to do with her lack of self-respect and embarrassing behaviour towards a very important person in her party and government. Mumbi Phiri is no stranger to this kind of conduct, so I am not really surprised.


    I we CHI maisa! Satanyoko stop mocking and saying bad things about H.H ok? He is not your relative and he will never be. Idiot chikala.

    • 🐄🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃

      But zoona indaba u are stupid

  11. MR CHIBS



    I we chindamwumfwa, you will never prosper in your life because you are jealously imbwa.

    • magwaza

      Comment:one zambia one nation guys lets love each other.

  13. Jels

    One love guys

  14. jombo

    win or loose upnd nankwe nankwe 2021 we r taking over from pf even ecl knows very well zambia forward chabe.

  15. ndamwumfwa maisa

    The truth oz injures your hearts and yes he can never be my relative coz u and him are the same that why u sink so law in thinking mind u we are ruling and mumbi Phiri is a minister,HH is a nobody he is jst an ordinary Zambian keep on insulting that is what u dull pipo are good 4 I feel good when u insult coz ninshi naishiba ati camibaba.jealous makes you insult and if you are HH worshipers sorry for that us we always win and enjoy the national cake and you keep on insulting and praising HH on an empty stomach.

  16. ndamwumfwa maisa

    The truth oz injures your hearts and yes he can never be my relative coz u and him are the same that why u sink so law in thinking mind u we are ruling and mumbi Phiri is a minister,HH is a nobody he is jst an ordinary Zambian keep on insulting that is what u dull pipo are good 4 I feel good when u insult coz ninshi naishiba ati camibaba.jealous makes you to insult and if you are HH worshipers sorry for that us we always wining and enjoy the national cake and you keep on insulting and praising HH on an empty stomach.judge yourself between the one in power and the one seeking power who should be jealous?jst keep on crying you never rule this country.

    • 🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄

      I agree with you ndamwumfwa

  17. lombe

    those who hate hh go to iraq.

  18. cmc

    Comment hh for life

  19. Christine nyirenda

    Leave Mumbai alone PF for life

  20. Chrispine nyirenda

    Leave Mumbai alone PF for life

  21. HH

    Stop idiotic discussions. PF for life!

  22. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Wonderful HH pf and Mr ecl for 2021

  23. Chris B

    ZICTA were are to still continue allowing such insults honestly should we be given such kind of news Ba Z.R chabapo shani kanshii.

  24. Hebk

    Mumbis,s pregnance will not win hh elections. If he has no issues to doscuss let him shut his mouth. After all he has never even bn a prefect before…

  25. Martin mwewa

    Hh forward

  26. Ligala

    Politics issues mnmnmnmmm

  27. James claps mphande

    I agree with you kopala

  28. Done

    Forward kuti that’s why mupitilila every year as u can see a certain man of God proffesied that in 2021 the ruling party will continue.this man of God has professied many things in great nation of Zambia so continue with your forward u will pass again HahahahHa 👊👊👊👊👊sonta👉👉

  29. godfrey

    Hh for 2o21

  30. Truth man

    Oh! Some people support a political party to enjoy the National cake. I think that is why some people fight tooth and nail just to get a political position in order to enjoy the cake!!

  31. mushala

    Some Zambians they are dull ati pf for life thats why you will continue being poor like that ugona pampasa ati pf for life silly comment.

  32. Ackim Lutepu

    People of our Great Nation, remember that you are one and the same citizens of one country called Zambia. Different opinions are there but burry them in order to work on improving the quality life of the citizenry. Viva ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION. THANKS

  33. Jomwa

    Country men please we should this platform in good manner ,but what we must know is that outside politics each individual has his or her own life to lead please tell people what could make people to decide which party to go for and we must also know that one government per time .why should we talk about someone’s private issues ? We need something which can convince people to vote for the good party to lead us.we can’t be all in government. Again ourselves we are the government so we must consider the comments to help our leaders coz one day they will also be leading us and they will fail in one way or the other.

  34. Hammer

    May be a satanist / Masson is not happy that Mumbi kept her pregnancy. If really she is pregnant !! These satanist whatvthey want is want is kill kill sacrifice abort…

  35. John

    As long as Mumbi is around we all have a chance of being f*cked good and proper. On a serious note all zambians are f*cked now. Vote with our heads not on tribal lines…..PLEASE

  36. W M

    HH is not a play boy.
    He is well respected

  37. Mwewa alex

    People hh shall never be zambian president because of his rubbish approach to politics. Some of this politicians think too low all they talk about is insults. Tell pipo wat you shall do for them once yo’re elected in that office not panga for panga. Who needs war in zambia?


    Bt me guyz if I wz with gun I cud shoot all UPND cadres especially dere foolish leader chi HH

  39. kachepa

    article a little bit of wasting time

  40. Lombe

    chi lusaka i wil start to shoot u first b4 u shoot me watch out dont repeat again u wil die fast.


      Naiwe chi LOMBE I think u were ICHIKOPO SANA mu class n hw can u use REPEAT AGAIN while ar the same meaning n plz go back 2 necessary mwaiche

  41. chomz

    HH 2021 Sotulubule kuli bamwansakabinga

    • MAPOLO


  42. To by to

    Leave hh alone

  43. Biloko

    Why does mumbo phiri respond to what we have not HH say.7years has finished all you just talk about is HH,So PF came into power to just talk about HH. Just work we Zambians will judge you by your work real work not propaganda or the many insult you shower on HH.

  44. Kyakilikà

    Reason before u write Mumbai is quiet old over child bearing if u love her to give u a baby hh drop it.
    To u writer mumbi PHIRI is your mum not see her as ingabi mistaken tell hh to pregnant her wife not mumbi phiri

  45. The Chief

    Tonga wealth is measured in cattle, how about yours?

  46. frado

    if mumbi phiri wants to feel orgasm be it with a dog.

  47. ben

    hh leave politics to politician! farming dats our game.

  48. AAMBA

    Cattle ranching is one of the very many businesses that HH runs.

  49. 🐘🐘


  50. Dr Chitoshi Andrew

    Zambia can only develop if we change the nature of our customers politics…. When need politicians who are bringing people together instead of the dividing them,instead of addressing the problems that the country has they are insulting each other…… . And that is the sign of political immaturity

  51. Mayor

    Go Mumbi you finished him on political issues HH has nothing to tell the pipo of lsk instead is insalts. Go Miles Sampa go PF

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