New Chipolopolo Coach Arrives on Friday

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has confirmed Belgian Sven Vandebroek as the new Chipolopolo coach.

Vandenbroek takes over from Wedson Nyirenda who resigned after being at the helm for one year.

Nyirenda spectacularly fell out with his employers and fans.

Vandenbroek will be on a US$10, 000 monthly salary which is the same pay Nyirenda was on.

(For Immediate Release)

Football House, 5 JULY 2018


The Football Association of Zambia is pleased to announce the appointment of Sven Vandenbroek as new Coach of the Zambia National Football Team. Vandenbroek will be unveiled to the media on Tuesday 10th July 2018 after his formal presentation to the Minster of Sports on Monday.

Following his presentation to the media, Vandenbroek will immediately get down to work and meet all 20 Super Division coaches from whom he should get insight on the state of the league and commence his players’ selection. The whole week, he will attend training sessions of various Super Division clubs and watch league games as well as the Zambia Under-20 qualifier against Burundi.

A detailed programme of his presentation and unveiling will be made available to the media.

“We are delighted to announce the appointment of Sven Vandenbroek as our national team coach. Sven was the top choice of those that were considered. We have confidence that he should be able to deliver to the expectations of FAZ, the team and people of Zambia because Sven’s record and experience in Africa is very good. He is an AFCON winner with Cameroon, ambitious, young, well qualified, eager for the huge and exciting challenge that the Chipolopolo job provides and his passion and commitment to bring success to the Zambia national team is not in doubt,” Acting Secretary General Adrian Kashala said.

Sven’s immediate mandate is to qualify the Chipolopolo to the 2019 Total Africa Cup of Nations final tournament.

“We have a fantastic pool of young and experienced players. Sven has enough time between now and our next qualifier to mould a team that will qualify and compete for honours in Cameroon and set the tone for our dream of a World Cup place in 2022. Our call is to every stakeholder and supporter of Zambian football to work together and support the coach and boys. Doing so will ensure that we achieve greater things together,” Kashala added.


For and on behalf of:


Adrian Kashala



  1. James claps mphande

    HahahahHa our new coach welcome to our great nation of Zambia.

  2. Lolo

    Which African coach have coached whites? Does this mean all Africans are not good coaches? Why didn’t we leave the team in the hands of Beston Chambeshi for a while? Anyway those are my opinions.

    • Chambeshi becomes clueless when competition intensifies


    • It is misfortune to have people like u if the team loss u complain they bought a coach u still complain what kind of animals u zambians are u think nyirenda can coach England if it can happen then go and tell the whites that they is a good coach in Zambia

      Misfortune zambians

    • Lloyd

      You are right my brother

      • wizzy nizzy rizzy

        I only wish the best for our new coach Sven

    • Hans

      Please be realistic. Can an African coach surely manage an European team? To be frank, no Zambian coach can manage even a third tier team in England.Memory lane will tell you that when ever Zambia tested glory it was under the tutelage of a foreign coach. Zambian coaches are very good but only for local league

  3. James claps mphande

    Ba guy lolo we and the Faz thought he will make the team win cosaffa but mmmm it was not as planned what more Africa cup they would have lost as u can see we are bottom in group K loosing to Mozambique sure, OK let’s see what this Belgium man will produce.

    • Zacks momick

      Rol it’s our chipolopolo team if this man won’t perform we have got all the rights to suck let’s hope he is not bonnet too who used to come from his country for training sessions!

    • Miles

      Let’s jst watch

  4. sp Kingsley

    You are most welcome Sven we wnt to see change of football in our country work on that

  5. Brendah B M Mhone

    You are wellcome Sven here in Zambia.

  6. chilapu Adrian

    Welcome our new coach!!! We will support you,but want we want is seeing Zambia to win Africa cup and qualifying to world Cup for the first time. We love love you

  7. zamb

    Mmmmmmm ba cotch he fail to cotch his country and you bring him here mm anyway Welcome

  8. Clement Mubanga Chileshe

    Welcome to Zambia our new Zambia National Football Team Coach …. Hope you will please Zambia Football Fans

    • Lorraine Makasa

      Welcome our new Chipolopolo coach

  9. Kibalabala

    It’s great to have a new couch finally. Ba coach today Zambia has a pool of young and talented players. We therefore expect you to select players on merit. Also bring in the oil needed to move the team to success. Looking at the calibre of players we have. A good coach can’t go wrong. All losses we have experienced are a result of poor technical tactics.Please do your best.We beg you sir.we don’t need to continue having broken hearts sir.Thank you ba Faz

  10. Mushemi Biemba

    You are wello come to Zambia the home of football talents. We need trophies and trophies; not disappointments…………

  11. Ben bela

    Welcome our couch we are delighted to have you here we expect nothing but success, good luck.

  12. Reagan Luke

    Well come to this great God’s nation.We warmly welcome you and in the same manner we really expect no disappointments from you…

  13. Chamajohn

    Game its loose and win, so its normal either to win Or to loose. U are almost welcome but don’t make anyone as a slave because u are white. Pay attention to the advice from these other coach.

  14. James claps mphande

    I agree with you chamajohn

  15. Peter mwaba

    Welcome to Zambia, sven we are behind you and boys.

  16. James claps mphande

    Guys help me which boys are the Faz talking about, is he coming with his people?

    • Musa Zimba

      U ar welcome sibweni,ooooh sorry Sven,bt don’t select players for him as u have already started,no mbesuma,include kalaba,we don’t want sorry,i thought he is sibweni from Eastern province.a warm welcome.

  17. Iback wachila

    We are happy to a Belgiun to coach the great Zambia wish all the best Mr Sven

  18. Raphael Nyambe

    We are glad to welcome you sir,we wish you all the best

  19. moono

    give any african black african coach ho understands african football

  20. Frank Bwalya

    Welcome Sven! But please let him choose his own players. Don’t impose old players like mbesuma and others on him.


    Welcome sven vandebroek
    Bola na lesa

  22. Amagenge

    @Lolo it is not about skin colour. It is about skills and expertise. We have all seen Chambeshi coach let us try others. The problem is when we are not talking about tribes we shall be talking about race never about reality. The real thing is that non of the Zambian coaches will take us nowhere. They run out of ideas early in tournaments.

    • Lolo

      @Amagenge, if what you saying true that the coach who is coming to is quality why is he not coaching in their own country? He is useless there then you want to make useful here no way. Where is Renard? Senegal is coached by their own and you know how they performed.

  23. Elijah Mache

    FAZ remember that is taxpayer monies

  24. Zulu Saily

    u wellcome Zambia.Come with a heart of helping n’t to destroy complete.

  25. Zulu Saily

    u wellcome to Zambia.Come with a heart of helping n’t to destroy complete.

  26. Simon Singoma

    We love football but it doesn’t seem to love us back,we need change please coach give us your best,welcome to zed

  27. Odesta

    Hi 7.welcom home. Bring kalaba, sinkala and lungu into the squad. U can go wrong. If not, u are already gone .

  28. Dzingambe Ngulube

    Our new coach you are most welcome in our blessed country Zambia in Jesus might name. We need change. God be with you in times of difficulties and in times of happiness.

  29. Bradstreet coaster

    Maybe we might stop watching football with calculators and ambulance, giving us bp, we want success ai…

  30. Stanley

    U are welcome to the Zambian football now what we want you to do is pick talented player’s only so work on that please please Mr sven we like you.:

  31. Reuben Lubasi

    Welcome to Lusaka Zambia. ★★★

  32. Micah

    work hard sir

  33. payyat

    go go nankwe nankwe

  34. abishai

    welcome musebeni

  35. Joseph siame

    Welcome sir

  36. Patrick zulu

    We welcome u sir..thank u very much it can be a chance for Zambian football tactics to change plz plz good capricious heart be with u….we love u…Go go chipolopolo…….

  37. pethias

    welcome our new coach it’s good to have you here but we need to go to the world cup………not always African national cup

  38. Martin mwewa

    Welcome to Zambia

  39. Agrippa sikota

    Most welcome help those Young talents pliz!!!!!!

  40. Wisdom Mwale

    Never Allow Any Politician To Control Your Team!!!

  41. Uncle Bizzo

    Welcome coach but be careful with the people who have appointed you, €. they’ll be the very people who are going to disappoint you, do your job selecting players on merit not names.Wishing you the best and good stay in our friendly loving country.

  42. Cyril Ramaphosa

    He is looking like rango, sorry to say this.

  43. Pamutunda

    It is only that u are not so popular with yo job no history

  44. wise m

    Welcome coach,and we need kalaba,sinkala,Lungu,felix katongo,fwayo Tembo please help us sir

  45. onejoe

    I hope u I’ll not consider the same technical bench.please make yo own technical bench to avoid embarrassment frm Zambian.

  46. kabika simon

    We need trophies…….

  47. Mike Jordan

    We really need change in zed football don’t work with corruption, Experience players are needed. Welcome sir Sven

  48. Mr Silungwe

    Welcome sir

  49. mercutio

    Welcom to the Copper Bullets of Zambia where talented young & old players of football are…Where the first player had to score most goals in local league & international appearance history ever on earth today…”Asholes Melu…rip & abundant midfield dribblers lik Gibby Mbasela rip many more we ‘ve today in Zambia But never plays for tha National Team….Ba Sven go around the all entire Zambia as far as shiwangandu in search of Natural Skilled Football Players like the ones mentioned above.

  50. Kelvin mutitya

    Welcome Mr Sven to our great Nation Zambia

  51. Richard

    YOU’RE WELCOME MR SVEN,looking to you

  52. Kesh

    You’re welcome coach…

  53. Agan

    You are most welcome

  54. Jay Chris

    I just hope we shall improve

  55. zachariah

    Welcome Sven Hope Things Will Change Like It Waz In 2012

  56. Emmanuel Musole

    Welcome coach Sven here in Zambia. Please make a good selection of players and become the first coach to take Zambia to the 2022 World Cup. If you fail we will sack you. Thanks in Advance

  57. Ali yusuf

    U ar welcome coach,but in Zambia its about the altitude of players work on that

  58. Hotness

    We need results and excuses,you are welcome to Zambia.

  59. Easy Easy

    Malume if you are synonymous to failure ,don’t even land.proceed to Syria to try fight Islamic State group. Here we want football, pure football to compensate our lost glory.Govt has lost enough in football funding!!!!!!!!!!

  60. csk


  61. ZNBC


    • James claps mphande

      Charley musonda he has the heart of playing in national team coz he wanted to play for Belgium now they told him u have to play for Zambia not Belgium. The problem is with his parents they are not allowing him back

  62. Musa lungu


  63. Dickson

    Eeeeehhhh!!!! ba Sven muza tamanga this Zambia we want to see change in Zambian football we are tired of losing remember to include Nathan sinkala and kabaso chongo coz u wl go back to Belgium on a bike

  64. Tresphord

    We thank God for you coach all the best for the glory of our country Zambia, we thank you Faz for the smart move may God bless you all.

  65. Jonas

    We hope our new coach will work independently ,we know some official work undercover and instruct the coach what to do.I mean let no corruption lead the new coach ,if some officials will have interest in fattening their pockets then we have done nothing, welcome to our new coach and wishing him a good stay in Zambia

  66. Onessmore Mukonka

    You are welcome to Zambia Seven, we are hoping that you will bring groly to our mother Zambia. Has Zambian football dropped down recent years. We wish you all the best.

    • Nathan Tonga

      Welcome in Jesus name,it’s well.

  67. Ernest musukwa

    Standardise Zambian team Mr. Sven . we gladly welcome you…

  68. Brian mimi kazembe soko

    Comment.that john white he dont suit to be a zambia soccer team coach lol

  69. Maimbolwa

    Job well-done ba faz hope he will manage our team

  70. mulenga j kabanki

    Welcome our new coach and feel free!!!

  71. Frank

    U ar well come our new coach in this beautiful country, but they shouldn’t tell band monners to use these same players please NO go round in this round in this country expecialy shanty areas.

  72. Frank

    U ar well come our new coach in this beautiful country, but they shouldn’t tell band monners to use these same players please NO go round in this country expecialy in shanty areas.

  73. Nelson

    leave him pliz we want good football in Zambia look at Nigeria.welcome mr coach in zambia we love you…

  74. Ronald

    Welcome in Zambia

  75. FarBoy Rona

    Sounds nice to go around da clubs & serect ur own players but plz Mr man serect in a normal way cause Zambian pipo one thing there know is to give out the money so dat u serect them😤😤Faz Fax u should let him choose his players of his choice not involve corruption so dat musale abo mwaishiba😣😣😣remember du not put troublism in football😣😣
    Lozi n tongaz u should also put them

    Thank u n welcome coach

  76. Copper Bullet

    Welcome to Zambia ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽✈✈✈🔝🌍🌍🌍🏆🏆🏆🏆

  77. ken j

    hope we wont be watching with pain killers this time

  78. Frank Lampardz Nyirenda

    Welcome coach and plz do yo bst coz its not easy to leave all African coaches so plz do as we expect

  79. gizy

    to much chipombwa..both in under 20 and our own chipolopolo … welcome Mr Sven …. ..don’t forget to bring my best player ever Evans kangwa. … salute. .

  80. Nelson Lubasi

    please Mr coach leave out the following players nathan sinkala,Winston kalengo,lubambo musonda,kalaba, the young brother to fwayo tembo and the center back stophila sunzu

  81. san d

    Let appreciate with the work fax has don no complaint but ,watch an d relax

  82. Miles

    I think it’s a best time to have a friendly mach in August ,plz ba faz let’s have a friendly mach it will help our new coach to know more about chipolopolo, let’s help him while is helping us, nd u guys stop asking faz y thy brought a white couchcouch, it’s best for our team to have him ,remember in 2012 its a white couch who helped us to have tht title in 2012 ,good luck our new couch all the best nd thank you FAZ for our new couch



  84. Gift

    Well com Mr vanden!!!

  85. Love

    Wonderful to have that great man like that one, now as Zambian let’s concentrate and following him’s plans, decision that he will making as a head of house,and respect him. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, go Zambia together as one. Congrats to the new coach.

  86. kalunga

    Woow we are very happy to have u me I will appreciate if you call KALABA to sqared team

  87. Onus M Bernard

    Hah hah you people why can’t you tell Chiles Musoda to com back and start couching our national team.

  88. Samba

    Education for zambian coachs is key .let some coachs go to Europe for mentorship not only one country .knowledge knowledge knowledge with experience create academies that will educate other coaches and mentor some football stars

  89. Kelvin harry

    I think now chipolopolo can be improve…. you are welcome our new coach in our country a country of peace and unity let’s support each other


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