Sikazwe Gets FIFA World Cup Quarterfinals Appointment

Top Zambian referee Janny Sikazwe has made the final cut for the match officials for the quarterfinals at the ongoing 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

Sikazwe has had a good World Cup so far officiating the Belgium versus Panama match and the Japan match with Poland.

He will be involved in his fourth match on Saturday when Russia takes on Croatia when he will be a fourth official.

The Brazilian trio of Sandro Ricci, De Carvallo, Mar Van Gasse with Sikazwe as fourth official.

Angolan Dos Santos will be the reserve referee on the panel.

Sixty four match officials have remained at the tournament from the 112 involved from the beginning of the tournament.

(Source: FAZ Media)



    All the best to you Mr sikaswe

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    Laka ba sikazwe


    Give them more yellow 💳


    Bapase ma yellow card

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    Comment:gud move mr r u shi aliko,maisa,zonda,benny & mphande james?

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      Wow there he is lifting the Zambian flag. And am fine magwaza u cool?

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    Comment we are happy for you mr sikazwe.

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    Go on proudly Zambian , all the way , best wishes

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    Congratulations to Janny. You are doing our country proud.

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    Comment am very proud with u Mr sikazwe all the best and continue lifting the ⛳flag of Zambia, I love u, Kennedy mukupa in dar es salaam

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    Zambia reaches the world cup quarter finals through refereeing.Bravo to you Sikazwe.

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    All the best Mr Sikazwe.

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    All the best Mr sikazwe ,a teacher can be anything.


    thank you for the good work mr jenny

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    God be with you

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    I’m very proud of you Mr. Sikazwe. Please continue lifting our flag high

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    We are in the World cup 2018 Quarter Finals.

    Continue doing what you do best.

    Chipolopolo will follow your footsteps.

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    We are proud of u as zambian mr Sikaswe we wish you all the best and GOD guidance

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      Big you done Zambia proud. Continue with spirit my referee

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    In Lozi they say ka Nako ye swanela, all the best

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    You have made us proud Sikazye

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    Good luck! It is very gratifying to have our very own representative despite not qualifying! Thumbs up to Mr Sikazwe.

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    This man is always bringing joy to us Zambians.congratulations for being in the quarter finals Mr Sikazwe.Go to the finals

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    Make sure it’s done properly so that maybe we can win through u am sure all Zambians will watch this match coz of u and am Also ready to watch it I think u deserve a heroes welcome big man

  48. Ik

    Go Zambia go. We are proud of you ba Sikazwe. God bless you more and represent us well again. You are a great inspiration to our young ones. It’s a great achievement to make it to the quarter finals and a big plus for Zambia. FIFA has more confidence in your abilities, who knows you could be handed the Final.

  49. Kim

    Congratulations Mr. Sikazwe. We are proud of you as Zambia.

  50. SoJC

    Thanks Mr. Sikazwe, honoured for your hard work. Representing us all with a distinction. God bless u richly. Shalom

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    He is the only african remaining at this world cup God!!!!!

  52. Joyous

    His physique is what many politicians need to aspire to. Those potbellies are sucking the blood out of your brains you can’t even debate properly and come up with good solutions. Ask him his exercise routine am sure he would help.

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    We’re proud of you…

  54. efford ngobola

    Is a good referee from the word Go

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    Well done sikazwe,may God bless you.and continue to lift our flag of zambia on high.

  56. Kanchele Davies

    I pray that you become the first ever African Referee to officiate world cup final match of 2018. I wish you well sir.

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    You are making us proud Mr Sikazwe.

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    This is breakn the record pa africa show them dat we african can do it.all the way from one zambia one africa wishn u also final….

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    Representing Zambia

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    See how God works, indeed he is a God of no partiality. Please let everyone emulate you, Janny

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    Congrates sikazwe

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    Tiye nabo no jealous

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    Atleast Zambia has managed to reach z world cup quarter final through a very humble & displined referee, mr sikazwe u re a proud to my beloved Zambia.keep it up & play it cool.wishing u all z best ba sir.

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    Zambia is so proud of you mr sikazwe keep it up all the best

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    Weldone Mr.Sikazwe, you are a true example of good morals and behaviour pays. Keep it up.

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    Well Done Mr Sikazwe Keep The Same Spirit!!God Bless U

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    Janny you have made us proud as a nation. May the Lord God Almighty continue to be with you as you endeavour to bring more honours to mother Zambian. We pray that you officiate the final match. Blessed you are my brother.

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    Bravo Mr Sikazwe…!! am proud of you keep going mpaka na Final.

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    your courage and determination has helped you to go far.
    may you receive more blessings from God.
    Leza witu akusunge umutende.

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    Proud of our brother,you have put Zambia on the map-more blessings sir.

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    All the best Mr Sikazwe…. We are behind you as our very own World Cup Referee… You deserve the appreciation indeed.🍎🙏🍓

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    When you are good you are good. We are behind you my man

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    Bigups to Mr Sikazwe you done us proud

  76. Mhlabase Lydia mkandawire

    Bigups to Mr Sikazwe you have done us proud

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    Happy for you and have made Kapiri proud

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    We are behind you Teacher Sikazwe

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    We are behind you Teacher Sikazwe

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    Great show Mr sikazwe…… may you go through till the final day of the tournament God bless u

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    This is nice, we have our own….go go sikazwe go

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    All the best Mr sikazwe

  83. Sikazwe

    Thanks my bro GOD bless you keep it up

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      Nanny ewabako.blessings and more grace.proud of you sir!

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    One time kulelisha fye best uko ka

  86. Bishop Kamangala

    Mr Sikazwe, we are proud of you. Please continue lifting the flag of mother Zambia. And I want you to know that God is faithful.

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    All the very best,proudly Zambian

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    Nice official its sikazwe ndiye anasalako all the best Zambian our own

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    Wish you to whistle even the final Mr sikazwe

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    Wish you to whistle well for them good lack Mr sikazwe

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    You are the best sir

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    We appreciate the fact that you are raising our flag high fellow patriot. All the best Janny.

  93. Kabwe C.K.

    We appreciate the fact that you are raising our flag high fellow countryman. All the best Janny.

  94. gington muntemba

    All the best mr the world that even we,we can do it.God bless u.

  95. Moses Chola

    May God almighty continue to guide and protect you as you continue excuting national duties.

  96. Onessmore Mukonka

    We wish you all the best Mr Sikazwe, you have brought a very looming name for Zambia and Southern Africa at large. Thank you so much.

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    All the best

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    Janny sikazwe wamukombe u are a hero, work well my brother!!

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