06 Jul 2018

16:00 Uruguay Vs France

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

Nizhny Novgorod


20:00 Brazil Vs Belgium

Kazana Arena



  1. keith

    I will go for France 3:Uruguay 2, Brazil vs Belgium penalty’s .

  2. Collins mwamba

    I see Uruguay beating France and Belgium beating Brazil.

  3. Mwex

    France is the only team with African players abena Progba, dembele, Umtiti. So I’m definitely supporting France 3 – my enemy 1

  4. James claps mphande

    In the first one am going with France and the second one am going with Belgium..

  5. A mc chu

    Go go France

  6. frank mweemba

    I am going for france 1 and uru 0

  7. coypower

    france 02 uruguay 01 and brazil 02 belgium 01.

  8. Lameck Mkandawire 0979458640

    Brazil 3 vs 2 Uruguay

    • Lameck Mkandawire 0979458640

      Brazil 3 vs 2 Belgium, France 2 VS
      0 Uruguay

  9. Uncle Bizzo

    Lameck Brazil is playing Belgium, Uruguay vs France. France 1 Uruguay 0,Belgium 2 Brazil 1.

  10. Joseph KASHANGA

    Go france
    Go Belgium


    I will go for France

  12. Jom

    Uruguay 2:1Francs

  13. coypower 0969144565

    brazil will win 2018 fifa world cup.

  14. micah

    lets support the teams wich has africans

  15. coypower

    Micah even if we support african teams if they don’t know how to play still they wont win.

  16. Annie

    Uruguay and Brazil will go though.

  17. mercutio

    Ndeloleshafye France muli kylian youngstar mu Uruguay muli chi suarez. France 3 : Uruguay 2. 90Minutes full time.

  18. aka mr Zambia

    For me: France 3 and Uruguay
    0 ,and Belgium 2 and Brazil 1.Congratulations ba Zambia nanew coach.

  19. Kelly nawa mazuba

    France are going to the finals


    Menomeno 3-

  21. KwaZulu

    Làmeck you was right to say France 2 Uruguay 0 you’re a real man muli uli adaada tuli mokhora.

  22. James claps mphande

    France my team has done it now I have one more Belgium

  23. Paul Inambao Sitwala

    Fra 2
    Uru 0

  24. Levk

    I see Belgium is wining

  25. ken1

    France 2-0 Uruguay ( Brazil 1- 2 Belgium

  26. francis

    Belgium won

  27. ortr


  28. Uncle Bizzo

    World cup final, B elgium vs Croatia

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