LAZ Attaches Officer to FIC to Snoop Possible Dirty

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has resolved not to watch from the fence over revelations in the touchy Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) that alleged gross plunder of state resources.

LAZ president Eddie Mwitwa said LAZ would attach a lawyer to the FIC in order to keep an eye on any possible dirty work highlighted by the statutory organization.

Mwitwa said that this is aimed at responding to concerns revealed in the Trends Report for 2017 that some lawyers in Zambia were cited in the report of having aided criminals to siphon money out of Zambia.

“We have appointed a legal practitioner to be in constant touch with the financial intelligence centre in order to identity which Lawyers may have involved themselves in financial illicit transactions” said Mwitwa.

Mwitwa is confident that the system put up by the association will respond to concerns highlighted in the trends report that disclosed that lost 4.5 billion kwacha in financial illicit transactions last year.

“Obviously as an association, we have an obligation to ensure that if any of our members are formally reported of having participated in the financial transactions that the association must take action against such a member,” he said.

The 2017 Trends Report raised so much dust that it got Presidential attention.


  1. Kay2 Pack M

    Mmmmmmm, ehhhh this is Zambia,
    So at the end this matter will not be head and especially if the culprits are one of the higher ranked ones, it will just end without anyone brought to book, that’s Zambia bane.

    • jaguar

      There are big names sited in the FIC report. Those with this report kindly publish those names. As a nation we want to know them.

  2. Augprina

    Once a thief always a thief Ba IDIOT!

  3. FGM

    It is extremely unfair for only less than 4.5 million people to be well off, while more than 10.5 million Zambians are wallowing in abject poverty simply because corruption is not being seriously tackled. Zambians should say NO to this scenario.

  4. Mwana

    Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala don’t forget about that people.

    • Tom London

      Mwana , I have not forgotten . in fact it is state house boss who said it . my only worry is he is not even the owner of field as he is believed to be a foreigner by the name of Jonathan mutaware now calling himself ecl .
      Yaba # elo ati k4.5billion stollen &&&
      Sweet Jesus on the cross .

  5. Kabalup

    At least we need a close eye were funds are concerned

  6. Mishdollar

    What actions were taken against the Zamtrop accounts saga, till today. This two shall die a natural death.

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