UPND are Perpetual Cry-Babies- Canisius Banda

Former UPND Vice President Dr Canisius Banda says his former party had become a perpetual cry baby over rigging allegations.

Speaking when he featured on Breeze FM’s Political Hour programme on

Thursday night, Dr Banda rubbished the incessant rigging allegations by the UPND.

“I have not yet joined PF but I am supporting the President and the PF party because they are governing the country today. The UPND should respect President Lungu, he is the head of state he is Republican President, and they must go to the people to convince the people to vote for them. They mustn’t be cry-babies all the time. If there is rigging why is it that the people who rig don’t for them because if rigging is done they can rig for them, why do people rig against them all the time?” he asked.

Dr Banda said the future for UPND is bleak and that they cannot even win in 2021.

He also apologized to the people of Eastern Province for misleading them during his time in UPND.

Dr Banda labelled UPND a tribal party.


  1. Razor

    Still waiting for an appointment pilgrim?

  2. Ba Mwaata

    Well spoken pilgrim…good that u didn’t know that party u wouldn’t hv joined them…thats the way to go….!!!

  3. semmy

    Am happy Dr banda that you ve come back to yr sences as a Dr u really mislead easterns upnd jst wants dual easterners & bembas jst to go to plot one,let them cry until christ comes.

    • K

      if u dont know what u are talking about, just keep quiet!

  4. Bradon

    Just sit naimwe halaaaa

  5. James claps mphande

    Mmm now u have realised that PF is the party.🌷🌷🌷🌸🌸🌸

  6. Augprina

    Dr Banda is a stranded millionaire but he has spoken well over the useless HH and his Tonga fool party

  7. Osie

    Well spoken Dr

  8. Mwana

    Banda get away mwana we don’t wish you back in Upnd mwana you are useless I promise you won’t be given any position position position in pf.

  9. Mwana

    Banda get away mwana we don’t wish you back in Upnd mwana you are useless I promise you won’t be given any position position position in pf.so make another plane

  10. Mwana

    Foolish talk mwa Banda no matter how you support pf party they won’t give you a position.

  11. fk

    Mwana u ar uselessly living being why are you trying to support ka HH? mr Banda his right.

  12. Frank Bwalya

    Chipuba chi banda..he is just lobbying for a job like mwanza from fdd. That’s why the wife died from hunger. Shame!!

    • chewizo

      Boss dont include others property like his wife,u can’t be saying dat nowonder yor wife died out of hanger dat z not da case talking as if u wont die.idiot

  13. Love your neighbor

    Already Ba Banda you are exhibiting you inner trait of tribalism, why apologizing to the easterners? in this country we are not fair, if Ba Banda was Tonga apologising to the southerners for misleading them when he was in PF now that he is supporting UPND,you would have heard name calling here now that he is from a sacred tribe napatalala zee, eco yashupila na tribalism mu Zambia ukuipwa, some tribes are holier than they are.

  14. FuManchu

    Where are new smart millennial faces with new management intelligence on the Zambian political scene? Seems mediocrity is taking precedence and reasoning is blatantly boring! Whats Pilgrim all about? Is he sounds as though sore in the heart! As a medical professional rather he moves on and obliterates himself from politics and start serving the Zambian populace through his professional calling! Talking incoherently is watering his dignity down!

  15. Frank Bwalya

    Just as foolish as his uncle lupiya banda. When upnd takes over in 2021, all the money lupiya and family have externalised to South Africa will be retrieved without question.. We know the external investments made by lupiya. Days are numbered…

  16. Miyambo danny

    Just sit down if u don’t have some thing to do

  17. Bluno marss the moonshine jungle

    This bandama is a fool

  18. Old-sly-eye

    Just go back to medical practice.

  19. lemmy phiri

    By the time everyone of you is going to realize that leadership is not something u can force yourselves into the late u are going to regrate the money and time u have wasted,wake up Zambians leadership comes from God only if it was ment for u then u will finally become a president but if not then am sorry.kkkkkkkkkk

  20. Leon

    It’s like all idiot from upnd are joining of leaving hh with selfless people

  21. ba general

    Jst relax u people is Edger God that he will rule for ever,days are numbered…

  22. Done

    Am now even scared how many people have we lost now mmmm our president be careful

  23. Mr Quoddle

    President Lungu should not trust Canisius. HOW CAN ONE attack those he once trusted? Humility is not an accident, its a habit!

  24. FOX

    C.B & R.B are two corn mens traying to confuse things on the group.lucky,watching them.

  25. kelvin Simwanza

    Upnd is a stupid useless party with no plans for the citizens of the country let us go in numbers and vote for the party which is bringing Developments b not merely a treacherous party

  26. Team ikulu

    Comment HH is taking the upnd nowhere.He is complaing of rigging before elections are held.He has also been encouraging the youth to defend themselves.But who has provoked them?Go for convention.Anyway mu cipani ca Up N’ Down HH niwamuyayaya even if he continue losing the elections.

  27. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Chi impositor as frank bwalya, you are the only one who ve spoken rubbish the death of your frnd shdn´t be politised by the way are u a zambian? Learn tơ talk about real issues, that is why your party upnd will never grow coz of pipo like u.Already instead of telling voters what u will do once voted in as mayor u are busy planing what you will say when when u loose elections coz we all know that you ve a pHd in loosing elections more especially HH .His vice president GBM with a degree in insults,lies violence obtained at kaponya and panga to panga university. You claim to have money which u only use to buy weapons to protect yourselves bút you fail to use your money to stop rigging.pls u babies stop crying we will give u milk and honey not pangas given to u by HH and GBM ala muleumfwako insoni ebuntu.

  28. Concerned Zambian

    God knows who the next President would be because all the Six Presidents Zambia has had are substitutes, no one has been the original player. All picked from the background. Remember all political parties in the world are inclined to tribe set up. F P is to Northerners,Easterners while UPND is to Southerners an Western ers.

  29. Henry kay

    Zambian politics chabe kuwayawaya fwe

  30. Moses kabali

    Let us all respect one’s opinion. Dr banda has decided

  31. Edward Tembo

    Welcome Dr, you were lost

  32. Rexon Khumalo

    He is also a tribalist, how can he misslead the easterners only not including northerners?

  33. Tonga

    You wasted too much time on your political journey boss, your comments are welcome

  34. Kayoo

    Prosituation politian banda UPND is better now without you HH, GBM #forwardchabe

  35. mamfiel maurice

    Chi banda chipuba

  36. BK

    Ka Banda ninshi inshiku nashikupela! just close yo beak if u have nothing to say! dont play cards with President HH and his V.P Mwamba.

  37. Kasongo Wabaluba

    One who stands in opposition speaking for the downtrodden is the most genuine leader. Dot buy this cheap talk from people that have lost their credibility for a piece of silver.
    Canisius was in UPND spying fo RB and ultmately PF. When he realised H will not be able to get privilaged information he went back to where he belongs.

  38. BMS

    Everytime u talk of upnd being tribal,u forget dat sata was a party president of pf for more than 2terms without a convention.if u dont want tongas and other tribes 2 rule,do you think it will be easy for easterners and bembas only to rule zambia forever?watchout,u too are corrupt and tribal

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