I am coming into politics to serve the President-Sampa

PF candidate for the Lusaka mayoral election Miles Sampa says he has returned to the ruling party because he is a servant of President Edgar Lungu and so are the rest of the Zambian people.

And Sampa says he was wrong, emotional, impatient and immature but God has transformed him.

Speaking when he featured on UNZA Radio’s Lusaka Star programme, Sampa said he had returned to the ruling party to serve the President since every Zambian was the President’s servant.

“So no, my coming back into politics, one, its God’s will because without God nothing is possible, two, I am coming into politics to join the President’s vision. He is doing great things and working very hard. I am coming into politics to serve the President, I am his servant and every Zambian is the President’s servant. The Bible tells us [that] ‘honour and respect your leaders because leaders are appointed by God’. And if you disrespect any leader, God will bring you down. If you kneel down to any leader appointed by God, God will uplift you because you are humble. So I am coming to serve the President and I am coming to serve the people of Zambia. And I am in this case, God has decided that I serve the people of Lusaka. Politics is a service and I didn’t realize that actually I enjoyed it when I was doing it Matero and I missed it to serve people. I find satisfaction when I serve people,” Sampa said.

And Sampa said he was immature, impatient and wrong when he criticized and left the PF.

“Those things I left it means I don’t want them on my CV. Don’t go in the past. You can go if it is very important to the job of a mayor. My CV could have been longer but I edited those things that could not have been relevant to the job. So those other things are in my past and I don’t want to look back on them. Me and my President we embrace [each other]. He is my elder brother. On who I formed the pact with, God was showing me to learn that you meet good people and you meet bad people and you learn and you move forward. At the time I criticized PF, yes I must tell you that I was wrong and when you see that you are wrong, you make amends. I was wrong, at the time I was emotional, at the time, I was impatient, at the time I was immature, so God has his own way of transforming us as individuals. So yes I was wrong,” he said.

He also clarified that his pronounced ‘100 days of transforming the council’ was misinterpreted.

“And within 100 days, let’s go back to the famous 100 days that others decided to abuse. The last interview I had [at] the PF Interactive [Forum], I spoke about within 100 days. I was saying within 100 days I will start. So within 100 days I will start, not I will finish. I will start for instance, one, the process of decongesting the roads in Lusaka. We also looking at the possibility of bringing back time buses. We need to look at the viability of Mulungushi train, all that within 100 days we will look at the viability of doing that together with the central government. Garbage, the city is still dirty, we need to clean it up. Businesses, big ones, the president amplifies how he wants Zambians to be empowered as business people. Micro and small business entrepreneurs but when you go in out compounds, you find its foreigners who are doing these businesses. As mayor of Lusaka, we are looking to see that Zambians, local entrepreneurs are the ones in the fore front doing these entrepreneurship businesses. Don’t forget the council is the one that gives licences to these business entities,” Sampa explained.

Asked why he thought he was the best among the aspiring mayoral candidates, Sampa said he had more experience.

“In terms of experience, I am the only candidate that has experience in the council, that has experience in community service. I am the only one who knows how to deal with communities of Lusaka. As MP of Matero, I dealt with all sorts of residents, the high class, the middle class and the lower class. I dealt, interacted, ate, joked and thought with the people of the compounds of Matero, Zingalume, George compound, Maiteneke, and SOS. And also when I was provincial Minister of Lusaka, I dealt with people of Kalingalinga, Mtendere, Kamanga, Chawama, Kanyama, Mandevu, Kuku. So I am the only one who has experience and there is no best teacher than experience in community service. I am the only one who has experience in dealing with government because at the council, you are not an island, you rely on the central government. The central government has to provide you with funding. So I have got experience more than they do. They have experience elsewhere. Some have experience in art, some have experience in music, I don’t have the experience in music. Some have experience on the pulpit in church, I don’t have experience in preaching. So that is the difference,” Sampa said.

He said once he assumed office as Mayor of Lusaka, he would consult residents on which of his predecessor’s ideas to adopt.

“My late brother Wilson Kalumba, may his soul rest in peace, our CVs were similar, he was a banker and I was a banker. He had some of the most brilliant ideas. When we meet in the first town hall with the people of Lusaka within 100 days, that is one of the things we will discuss. Of all the pronouncements and the vision of late mayor Wilson Kalumba, we will agree with the people of Lusaka [on] which one should we pick and implement. He had good ideas but what was the problem is his past, he didn’t have experience in community service, he didn’t have experience in politics, he didn’t have experience in governance. So with that, the implementation was also affected. But yeah, I am coming with experience, I have been insulted before, I enjoy to be insulted because I am thick skinned. I have been in politics for five years and as member of parliament for Matero I was hammered and insulted. And with time, I have been molded and panel beaten,” he said.

Meanwhile Sampa again boasted about never getting broke when he was out of government.

“I became a banker, very senior banker, very senior director and we were getting paid a lot of money. As a banker if you are senior you get a lot of money. So my financial standing when I was a banker, even when I went into politics it was the same. When I went into politics in 2011, I went with my own money, my own houses. Actually I am saying it on radio here to encourage students that through education you can acquire whatever you want. Through education, I got a good job, acquired a house in Kabulonga. At the risk of being accused of being boastful, I am saying it to show that I have nothing other than school, with school, I got a house in Kabulonga and that house, that is where I live up to now for 15 years. I bought cars as a banker and those same cars, Mercedes Benz and other cars, I still have them. Actually I never gained anything more in politics or lost anything more. When I left politics, I went on sabbatical leave. Those things that I had acquired as assets, I still have them, when I have come back in politics, I still have them. And then I don’t owe anybody, I don’t owe the council or ZRA. I am actually owed,” said Sampa.


  1. alberity jr

    viva pf

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    Words man I give u thumbs👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Donemoon

    Mmmmmmm ba sampa u have talked about everything u have even confess thats the spirit we want and u have made me Laugh saying other have experience in singing of course like”petersen” we are behind u miles sampa go ho PF👊👊👊👊

  4. Brian sehela

    But all leaders of the people are servants of the people serve, not what z said in this statement.

  5. Leon

    Zambians are the President’s servants! Wrong

  6. FGM

    Leadership is about providing a service and not about being worshipped. Leaders that want to be worshipped mis the point. Why should a leader be paid for being worshipped. Leaders are servants of their people.

  7. Evangelist Malama Golden

    Real friendship comes after real differences…my president receive you son

  8. Brandon Adams

    People cannot be sevants lungu…….
    Very wrong!!!!

  9. Osie

    Well come mrs sampa we are waiting to see emplimetation

  10. Uncle Bizzo

    We appoint leaders by voting for them to work for the people ,to better the welfare of the people ,so Mr Sampa if you’re saying that you’re the servant of the president you will end up disappointing the people to please the president .Leaders are servants of the people.

  11. slim k

    ba sampa sure we know you are after money nt work for people dont pretend we know

  12. Elijah Mache

    Serve the people not bakateka

  13. Razor

    Instead of serving the people of Lusaka who are going to be paying your salary, you want to serve one man. This is why when the man goes you also go.

  14. Allan

    I thought leaders should serve the people and not other way around.

  15. Joezman

    Not a president is a servant of pipo
    Politics can makesome one crazy

  16. Hunter Shilesa

    Is this all you had yo say! Serving the president! Really? This boy apart from being an opportunist, has now become a confused mad bootlicker. 3 weeks ago pf said miles sampa cant serve in a pf position till 3 years. After 2 weeks ……….

  17. kcemma

    The opposite is true,’a leader is the servant of people

  18. Mwana wakwi2

    Ba miles Sampa if u were in opposition u cud loss nw i vote 4 u just bcoz my pf party

  19. Mishdollar

    Am still not convinced about who I should vote for…

  20. kaseba mumba

    2021 my first time to participate in voting .pliz any one to advise me about who I should vote

  21. King cool

    When people start going broke,they start realising very fast to avoid being called bankrupt. Any way kamoney kaliwama….


    Well said Hon. Sampa. You highlight very important issues e.g. the importance of school and the need for experience. You have my vote.

  23. Youngson

    Lusaka please assist us .We don’t need such minds managing our resources

  24. De Differ

    He’s only searching for a job, wake up!!

    • Michael C chitalu

      Ati kumulu lesa panshi kaunda people started worshiping kaunda.it’s back again that nosense.there is only a God to knee 4.

  25. dawnz

    You are mad……Zambians should not serve Lungu. ..Lungu should serve Zambia and in the bible leaders should serve not to be served so ba sampa which bible do you read?

  26. Dolobuchi

    You are returning to Lungu to help him stealing what isvl remaining…. Idiots

  27. Elijah Mache

    Miles if you want to serve one person.you will get two votes.yours and him.

  28. Nelson Chongo

    Insala is bad. Making several statements that don’t make sense. Everyone is a servant to the president. Miles that’s s lie

  29. Ignatius mutale

    Wrong Ba Samoa not every Zambian is servant to to the President you’re just looking for a job mwilatubepa.

  30. Leon

    Please do not vote for pf if you love Zambia

    • James claps mphande

      When u are done with your rubbish Leon u should tell us. Sonta PF👇👇

    • Done

      And we will never stop voting for PF and we are wining again

  31. Jomwa

    Ba SAMPA u are wrong to say u are coming into politicals to serve the president,this is no other than bootlicking,I thought u would say I will be the servants of people, politics of zambia awe sure

  32. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Pls ba sampa we love you the doors are open for you and keys are with you dont drop thêm otherwise someone will pick thêm and lock thêm up and you sleep out.A point of collectiơn a leader is aservant of the pipo not vise~ vasal dont say that you be a servant for the president bút for the pipo of lusaka coz they will be your masters they will employ you thro` ballot papers. I repeat the sit is your dont sit up otherwise some will sit on ít, we love you and dont worry our votes are yours just be prepared to serve your masters and the crying babies cry in advance(upnd) soon be prepared to teach thêm good manners not panga to panga.Ala aba bantu who graduated from kaponya university bashupidwe more especially chi GBM.

  33. The Zambian Mindset

    This is the major problem with Zambian politics we have alot of yes men in Zambian politics Mr Sampa we need someone able to challenge the president when he is wrong ,we need someone who is not afraid to lose there position, we need someone to put the people above politics ,above there party , above the president and above there hate , ambitions

  34. Shi aliko

    sampa u r a lier,u r luking for money to boost yur party.u r from pf u form yur party u failed u went upnd thinking that upnd wil win de election again u went back to pf wen upnd win in 2021 again u wil go to upnd,u r muselela pakaba if he was sata he cant alow u to go back to pf.some other countries they can kill u coz u bring confusion in this country.think twice b4 u form yur party make sure u have enough money,dont compare with HH & GBM these r tycoon.


      You stop using my name chikala fuck u nd leave sampa alone you idiot

      • Evergreen

        This are same people who usually admire dimones fuk u, use your name chikala

      • Zankalewa


    • Kunbucha drink


  35. CROSS

    Only god knows!!

  36. Kopa

    Ba Sampa nibu bootlicker ubo u want to come an serve one individual, Zambian politics,politics of the stomach

  37. chomz

    My bro Michael c chitalu u’re right. Lungu is also a human being how can we worship lungu.2021 nikafwafwa mukabweshe ulupiya lwa calo

    • Kunbucha drink

      Wamona na ba lupiya banda tababwesha uleba wiso akabweshe Ka chomz

      • chomz

        2021 kuya bebele.iwe ka kunbucha open yo eyes and see a person u can vote for not wisuke sana icikanwa

  38. maisa

    boza ba sampa wat can u serve,munyengelela kapoto mu govt mwankala blok dont cheat pipo that u want to serve lungu(u want to save money for your collapse party).

  39. Bradstreet coaster

    I don’t know much of experience, but what I know is that,one will eventually have experience, remember you also at one time had no experience, by the way you guys are our servants…

  40. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Evergreen are u alsơ frơm kapơnya university were you learn hw to insult.This forum is not for that bút real issues which are beneficial tơ the natiơn maybe you and GBM are the same ubo bukopo no one will answer you they are not your type Maybe HH

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    shi aliko, evergreen,maisa & mphande james where do u stay? lets meet somewhere.

  42. Yesani

    Come on sampa, we love you sir

  43. Kufahakurambwe

    “PF candidate for the Lusaka mayoral election Miles Sampa says he has returned to the ruling party because he is a servant of President Edgar Lungu and so are the rest of the Zambian people.”.. Sampa boy are you so wrong with that statement. Wonders never seize to amaze me. You’re a lost soul.

  44. Masumba

    The issue of coming to join in someone’s vision is what us Zambians don’t want.we want leaders who have their own visions. Once those visions are brought together,our Zambia can advance. And we need leaders who will serve the people and not their fellow masters.if you have this qualities, come and rule.

  45. Mano Chishinka

    It is a serious problem we have in Zambia that politicians think they are in their jobs to serve the President, not the people. This connects well with his earlier confession that he needs a job because he is broke. So in order to stay in the job, he will be serving the President, not the people who vote. Lusakans, what more do you need to reject this man?

  46. wafaula nafuti

    point of correction,ZAMBIANS ARE NOT SERVANTS OF THE PRESIDENT,you,kateka wine nabambi,u ar our servants,humble urselvs guys,we employ u,period

  47. Ngoni boy

    Another bemba again God save as from this tribe they are thieves and they’re confused instead of a leader to be a servant of the people but now it’s the electorates who are servants of the leader am the servant of the most High God..

  48. Triny muchy

    Comment Mr sampa,i thought you could say am joining the party to serve the people out here, to my surplise you want to serve the president how about if the president does’nt serve us …

  49. san d

    Am disappointed with u Mr.sampa u wnt 2 serve one person instead of the people of Zambia shame to u

  50. Lupek

    Is Mr Sampa really himself, how can a Zambian be a servant to the President? The president being a leader is a servant to a Zambian. So even you sir you’re going there to serve us as the people of Lusaka who are going to usher you there and not the President. We don’t kneel down asking for a vote from someone as you do. So try by all means to withdraw your statement before it’s too late and make sure to bitterly apologize.

  51. Jeff Mwale

    ‘I’m coming into politics to serve the President ‘

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