Fire Brigade Quench Soweto Market Fire

A possible fire disaster was looming until the fire brigade stepped in to quell it at the Soweto Market in Lusaka.

Market fires have acquired a political significance in the post 2016 general elections with the City Market gutting the most high profile disaster.

Full Statement:

Quick response by Lusaka City Council Fire Brigade last night contained the possible fire disaster at Soweto Market

The fire started around 21:00 hours from one of the makeshift restaurants.

Alert marketeers noticed the fire immediately called the toll free line 993 and the LCC fire brigade quickly responded by dispatching all the four new fire tenders.

The fire was in no time contained except for six makeshift restaurants and two makeshift bars which had already been completely gutted by the time the team arrived at the scene.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the fire started from one of the makeshift restaurants as a result of the cooking pot which was left on the blazier unattended.

It is alleged that the boy who was cooking something in the affected shop left the pot on the brazier to go and watch Brazil Vs Belgium soccer match at the nearby pub.

LCC wishes to warn that this is a fire prone period and marketeers and and the general public should take extra care by not leaving fires unattended to.

The local authority also wishes to remind traders in all the markets that trading places are not for spending nights in.

It is expected that all traders should leave the markets immediately the markets are closed for the business of the day.

The quantification of loss in last night fire is under way and the general public will be communicated in due course.

Issued by:

George Sichimba

Public Relations Manager


  1. Shaka

    Who are running these markets? Is Is it the local authority or some other powerful force that allow traders to be sleeping in these places? Let us be serious sometimes.

  2. Osie

    21:00 hr still trading why

  3. ben

    I hope there are 24hrs security personnel

  4. James claps mphande

    Guys u should make sure you leave everything in order not just rushing, tomorrow you are the same people who will be condemning the government.

  5. Michael

    Too bad 🙅 for Soweto market

  6. Elijah Mache

    The council should monitor the makeshift and the people who are running the markets.always fire why

  7. Razor

    Let the marketeers be given fire safety training and sensitization because most of these fires is due to carelessness and politicians take advantage of such to condemn each other.

  8. Joezman

    So I think the boy was supporting Brazil……..sorry lossing twice.

  9. Danniel

    this boy is too careless how can he leave things disordered and rush to watch football?

  10. Izukanji simukoko

    Sorry to the marketeers for the lost


    too bad,that accident is unfortunate

  12. Abeuty Mukupa

    Too bad so far you are not accusing UPND
    And I think is the plan poor family (pf)


      Mr mukupa u want us to start pleasing your private party’s

  13. Kunbucha drink

    Use your brain ka mukupa

  14. Zankalewa

    This are temptation ba mukupa

  15. Bradstreet coaster

    Guys why using abusive language, it only shows that you are irresponsible just like the boy who left a pot on fire not giving a damn what happenes to what he is cooking.. now look what happened…

  16. Sama

    Just vote for HH I promise such disaster won’t happen.

    • Hebk

      Who is HH. He has never even been school prefect.

  17. black spider

    Another hehena….Ba Lusaka why…..

  18. garry chuula

    Too bad for the people who lost their goods …
    But now one died ??

  19. Revolutionary Zambian Citizen

    Why do we usually insult and argue amongst ourselves? UPND this PF that. It’s useless.
    Slowly, if we continue like this Zambia will be like Iran very soon.
    About the fire, In my opinion, it is indeed risky to keep a large business area like Soweto up and running at 21. Let the council create an earlier closing time for the place.

  20. mecky shanzi

    Thank God for the fire fighters team, it’s not a disaster like for city market.

  21. Paulo lukamba gato

    Don’t talk carelessly on social media you can be prosecuted for that let us contribute constructively for our nation insults are a sighn of being uncivilized.

  22. Elizabeth Mphande

    These traders who sleep in their trading places are not Zambians but foreigners from Luanda. Even here in chilanga they sleep in shops.

  23. Gifdon

    Why should u bring in politics in matters like this ai

  24. J akozee

    Too bad for the Soweto marketeers😭😭😭😭😭

  25. Richard

    I agree with the govt,no one shud sleep their,thats why we have this fires.What is sercurity doin, is their any?

  26. American Height

    its beta 2 giv advise rather thn insultn each other

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