Metrological Departments Projects Bitingly Colder Days

The Zambia Metrological Department has given a seven day weather forecast that points to even colder days ahead.

Choma District in Southern Province will experience temperatures as low as 04 degrees.

Some parts of the country experienced some showers on Friday as a result of the cold weather.


  1. Benjamin Mulenga

    4 degrees celsius looks interesting. We shud just hit a negative… Hahaha

    • Unknown

      4 degrees! This is not good for our especially that we don’t have central heating systems in our homes..

  2. mambwe

    maaaa 04 degrees is nt things

  3. Lyayo

    Time to get white skin without chemical

  4. clever Munakanyemba

    Signs that Jesus is coming.they have never been something like this in the country’s history…

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