Chililabombwe Council to Reposes Undeveloped Plots

Chililabombwe Municipal Council has announced that it will soon start repossessing plots that have remained undeveloped for a long time.

And the local authority has given a three month ultimatum to all affected plot owners to start developing their plots or risk them being repossessed by the local authority.

Assistant Public Relations Manager Chilufya Chileshe said currently there is demand for land in the district and the council will not hesitate to repossess plots that are idle and offer them to serious developers.

“We wish to inform all owners of undeveloped plots in the district that we are embarking on repossession all plots that were issued some time back but have remained undeveloped, it must be noted that there is high demand for plots from members of the public hence the council will not hesitate to repossess such plots and offer to serious developers,” she stated.

She has further expressed concern on the mushrooming of gardens in road reserves, open spaces and undeveloped plots in the district.

Chileshe said the activities have not only compromised the beauty and security of some areas like Kamenza but have also narrowed most of the access roads.

“We are appealing to our residents that this type of gardening is against the provisions of the urban and regional planning Act of 2015 and the public health Act Cap 295 of the laws of Zambia hence forthwith, the council will not hesitate to remove such gardens and penalise offenders.


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