Warrior Princess Takes Development to Grassroots

Keembe lawmaker Princess Kasune showed the productive side of parliamentarians by inspecting and commissioning projects in her area.

Notable for her across partisan approach to development, Kasune commissioned a borehole and inspected works a boarding school under construction on her tour.

Kasune is globally acclaimed for her HIV/AIDS crusade where he having lived positively has been a reference point at main global conferences.

She fell out with her party last year when she attended a state function where President Edgar Lungu was officiating at the Agricultural Expo in her constituency.

Kasune says she has an obligation to the children especially girl child of her constituency by ensuring that the health and education sectors enjoy a facelift and accessible by all.

And Kasune has pledged to construct a girl’s boarding facility at Chinyongola Secondary school which currently is in a deplorable state while some learners are renting in nearby villages.

Speaking when she officiated at the handover ceremony of a borehole to Chinyongola School sunk by Fountain of Life Africa at a cost of K 35,000,the area member of parliament said health and education have always been her passion and desires to ensure that the people of Keembe have access to quality education and health facilities and attention.

She said it is her intention working with the donor community such as the Fountain of Life Africa to ensure that more health and education facilities are constructed in the constituency as well as have easy access to clean and safe drinking water.

“When we were campaigning here in 2016,I promised to ensure that this school receives its share of development and told you that I will bring you safe drinking water. I am here today to fulfil my campaign promise. This is not the only borehole that has been sunk. Fourteen boreholes at different schools and clinics have so far been sunk at a cost of almost K 500,000 with the aid of cooperating partners. This is because I understand that the absence of quality water is a recipe for curable water bone diseases,” she said.

She told the crowd which included headmen, pupils, teachers and local residents that time has come for the people of Keembe to be proud of their children who are representing them at various elective position saying she was proud to be representing her people.

And chief Liteta’s representative Headwoman Mpidi commended the area lawmaker’s commitment to the development of the area especially in the health and education sectors which have for a long time remained in a state of desperation despite its proximity to Lusaka.


  1. James claps mphande


  2. Ba Mwaata

    Good move madam Mp & cont’nu with that spirit don’t be answerable to the electorate than to HH…he’s not the one who voted for u but pipo of Kembe..bravol maama !!!

  3. Zodwa

    So if this one person can make this much of a dent on poverty how come the PFs loans haven’t done it? Just asking

    • Kay1

      Good question…. someone answer please….

  4. jbs

    but why not John chinena where there no

  5. jbs

    but why not pa John chinena and saround area where there is no school no clinic no police no good toilet for the marketiers is it not part of kembe.

  6. Kesh

    Good move


    Nike moove mama mp and continue respecting mwini ziko ECL.

  8. Michael Chileshe

    John Chinena and other areas that is the question for the government to answer. The MP can only do so much.


      ba mama im in ICU at UTH will get back to you when I remove oxygen mask before I escape from UTH I miss that kachasu which made me bash my car

  9. magwaza

    who cheated u that president is the owner of the country.the chiefs are the owner NOT president.

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