C/B Zesco Chief Wants Higher Tariffs

Zesco Limited Copperbelt Division Manager Wilbroad Chanda has said that the current electricity tariffs are not cost reflective as the company is operating on a loss.

During a Media Workshop in Kitwe Chanda said Zesco limited will continue to push for cost reflective tariffs to ensure the company remains economically viable.

He said currently Zesco limited has not made any application for an increase on electricity tariffs but was still contemplating on doing so in the near future.

Chanda said despite the 75% tariff increase, the company was failing to meet its production costs as most of its projects are internally funded.

He further stated that ZESCO is faced with challenges in its operations as a result of low tariffs that are not supportive of production costs.


  1. shu shu shu

    ZESCO is operating at a loss because it has a very high wage bill. People like Chanda are overpaid for doing nothing.

    • Zacks momick

      On wat loss z the company operating serious you are being paid a huge amount of money for nothing

    • Jomwa

      U are light shushushu he wants wen the tarrifs are increased also to increase his salary iyo kwena mwadelela abena Zambia

    • muzungu wapa zed


    • Gil

      True bro

  2. kopala.

    I think this zesco guy is taking us for a ride.try ur stupidity of increasing the tariffs and see how we r going to react.just recently u increased the tariffs by 75% and ur still saying @ the tariffs r still low?do u think we manufacture money?if u still money from zesco,we don’t!zesco do make a lot of money,if u idiots r failing to run the company, then no doubt ur stealing from the company.

  3. Uncle B

    No no no this unacceptable ,you guys are just comfortable because we do everything for you no wander you’re support any changes even if they are injurious to others.

  4. Johnny M

    There must be a different way to solve this without increasing the tariffs.

  5. josef

    It’s unfortunate that a Zambian brother is killing a fellow brother. How on earth can you talk about cost reflective tariffs when people are living in abject poverty. First talk about cost reflective wages and salaries before discussing that issue. You cannot compare Zambia with neighboring countries like Botswana,angola and the rest of SADC region coz their wages are cost reflective and ours are slave wages just to make you survive and not die of hunger. Think twice before all forests are wiped out.

    • Mainess

      Vaushilu our heads are acking with the already increased tariffs.

  6. martin chiyesu

    Zesco twapapata teti tulebombela amalaiti atase.

  7. Talaifer

    If you do not know how to solve that problem without increasing the tariffs, then resign and employ me who knows how to do it differently. Thank you.

    • Mk

      How much do u want?shame, pipo are not working and u want increase.

    • Mules

      Kkkk even you at last u can say the same if start getting higher salary

  8. Starboy

    Don’t increase the tariffs ni malaiti yanyoko? This the problem when you put a blockhead in office. Just bring another competitive electricity company and see if you won’t reduce those tariffs to 40% just like Dangote did with cement. Chilanga cement went up to K150 per bag, where is it today?

  9. kopala.

    if the company is operating on a lose.give us a reason y u should continue getting those heft salaries. instead of even thinking of increasing the tariffs, y can’t u think of reducing ur salaries? cos we know the salaries u get for doing nothing at all.dare to increase the tariffs, u’ll see!ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

  10. Jomwa

    Zesco should just be sold course this is failing us,u can’t increase the tariffs amidist high poverty levels,who ever is going to support u this time should know that 2021 is there to remove him from office

  11. Akatanshi takalisha

    Which projects have stalled. how many are they and at which stage are they? Assumed you increased thetarriffs nd you completed those same projects would you revert the tarriffs to a lower side? Where is the eurobond loan? I thought the state being the major consumer of your profits should contribute more than ordinary citizens. Ba Chanda you have failed the utility company. How many higher taxes are we going to be subjected to when our earnings have remined at an all time low level?

  12. Talaifer

    Let’s what the government would say. Remember we put in power and we can remove you the same way. We have suffered a lot. Did we put in office to oppress us. Don’t support them to increase the tariffs this time. Therefore No tariff increase!!!!. I have spoken so shall it be.

  13. Talaifer

    Let’s listen from what the government would say. Remember we put you in power and we can remove you the same way did. We have suffered a lot. Did we put you in office to oppress us?!?. Please My President ECL Don’t support them to increase the tariffs this time. Therefore No tariff increase!!!!. I have spoken so shall it be.

  14. Zozi

    Zesco!!!! U wat my grandmother to go back mu likoloboi.Rural electrification,,can they afford…tefitu

  15. Mazuba Isaacs hamumba

    Bad news

  16. One T

    This man chanda is working with the oposition,he wants people to rise against the govt of the day,just resign you fool


    The problem with these zesco fools is that they enjoy almost free electricity and taking into account the over bloated workforce has contributed to their poor performance and not making profits. Please do not pass on your inefficiency to us customers

  18. Razor

    Zesco just reduce your wage bill, stop spending our money on political campaigns and materials, stop exorbitant allowances for senior staff, directors, board members, unnecessary board meetings etc. etc. Stop corruption in your tenders and purchases at inflated prices and lastly stop employing party cadres and then you will see you will even be able to reduce the tariffs yet still remain with a big profit.

  19. moses

    Ma labish…do u buy electricity yourself? Increase umone.

  20. elez

    tukafilila munsenga

  21. Stanley Chiti Matero

    Para Stata have failed us poor management at the cost of poor Zambians.

  22. FIFA

    Wanya Chanda.

  23. ga

    sober up idiot,i wish u could read here now

  24. innocent

    Mwajaila bamambala,…You can’t even feel ashamed for issuing such a statement.


    You guys from zesco you are stupid tell your managers to reduce your salaries bafikala

  26. Kunbucha drink

    Zesco you are faliars ba fikala too much laodsheding

  27. Evergreen

    Zesco give chance to athers ba imbwa imwe

  28. Zankalewa

    Jean kapata stanyoko

  29. citizen N

    ZESCO HAD TO PLAY A VERY IMPORTANT ROLE IF THE company had to have a better management, a management that can consider a poor Zambian and the environment in which zesco as a company operates,think twice, in short all Zambian are running to using charcoal for most domestic and industrial activities, why bcz of high electricity tarifs,Now zesco is forgetting that if deforestation will continue due to making charcoal which has become our basic energy source,the so called eco system will keep on going down and eventually, there will be shortage of water in our Rivers, who will be to blame?

  30. Rtd Soldier

    we are already complaining about the tarrif then u want increase more PF want wrong have done u? we regret voting u,U have fired us soldiers,Police in a name of nation interest,trivial offences,God will see this Goverment 2021!!!Awe tata twafwa

  31. Peter_Chinyama@gmail.com

    A lot of comments have been said, and I believe ZESCO Management has noted something, please guys if you have failed to run this Company just leave, let other people manage it, now see you sell your Electricity exorbitantly and yet outside Zambia you lower your Tariffs WHY? We have lived in our neibouring countries electricity is very much affordable and that’s where you sell our electricity what sort of equation do you use, you want to plandder our economy, therefore you are not fit to run this company just move out before you are nimwe muletukisho buteko just go and do something that can fit your education Zesco is too BIG for you.

  32. Peter_Chinyama@gmail.com

    I meant that before you are fired un ceremoniously change your working systems we have many Educated Zambians who know what you are doing don’t bring problems, you are the only Company that Has disappointed Zambians, so many excuses, you talked about water levels now is there anything about water levels, the Government is spending a lot of money on your salaries. YES this is a fact, you are enjoying Tax payers’ money without fear and shame.

  33. Jom

    Mubika ndalama ma tumba yenu

  34. Benny

    This company needs many competitors in order 2 stop their foolishness salaries they get is too high l have witnessed many who works 4 this company they also don’t pay electric bills that’s why they are trying 2 milk us even more we have suffered enough where are other competitors as government said when we faced a burden of loadsheding? We need more investors so that zesco end up like chilanga cement as mentioned earlier.

  35. Wez

    You are a monopoly no competitors yet you fail tekutumpa uko

  36. Wez

    There are a lot of brainy guys who can do that job you failure,your abnormal salary will cover for the shortages

  37. Jojo

    You guys think its fun talking nonsense do you know how we Zambians are suffering? What the fuck are you trying to do to our lives if you get your huge salaries you thinks it like that with everyone? ZESCO you have failed us and its time you woke up to this reality we will no longer condone such devilish manners you idiots

  38. Mules

    Let them increase the tariff we wil start using sollar electricity

  39. Wez

    Twali batumpika can’t they just ask government if they want abnormal salaries than get from our stagnant salaries

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