Kitwe Man Dies After Alleged Police Brutality

A 44-year old man of Kitwe’s Malembeka Compound in Luangwa Township has died after he was allegedly beaten up by police officers after being picked up for loitering.

The deceased identified as Joseph Malupande died at Kitwe Teaching Hospital after being admitted in the Intensive Care Unit due to severe injuries.

Some family members said the deceased was nabbed by police officers and neighbourhood officers around 22:00 hours on Saturday night.

They said, the Wife who had rushed to secure his release at Wusakile Police Station found him unconscious while the arresting officer allegedly refused to write her a police report.

“This is very sad for the family, this man was never sick, he just left home and few minutes later we received information that he had died at Kitwe Central, so we want to know who killed him, the officers should be brought to book because we know they are behind this death,” one of the relatives said.

The body of the deceased is lying at Kitwe Teaching Hospital Mortuary awaiting Post-mortem.


  1. Kenny

    Comment Sad news..

    • Zacks momick

      Sad news dieing like a chicken sure awe some thing must be done

    • Moses kabali

      Some police officers are too excited by wearing a uniform. What a uniform? They bring confusion when there is no confusion. Let’s the law takes it’s course.

  2. Thabo

    This is not gud to the family ,they have lost their productive member in the name of police protection ,instead of them protecting they are busy killing.

  3. mpyangu

    Sad, justice must prevail, its unacceptable.

  4. MDJ

    That’s bad news…is this how we will be dying like snakes? Awe government iyanganepo mwe!

  5. Kennedy NKOLE

    Please bapolice mwacilamo

  6. James claps mphande

    My condolences😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Dolobuchi

    Police officers watch out nonsensical operations,Zambia is a Christian nation please be wise enough….

  8. sem

    Its sad two hear such news is this a police force o a police service


      Too much problems in kitwe why You kitwe guys,tokota boys, jeraboz now it’s police officer’s why bafikala canshi

      • Evergreen

        Even the neighborhoods must be punished also

        • Zankalewa

          Some tymz I wonder what type of police officers we have in Zambia do they go for training’s sure useless police officer’s busy drinking junta

          • SHI ALIKO

            A police officer like a skeleton no muscles 💪 even if they say Bruce Lee taponpele yachilamo

  9. Jomwa

    Zp please respect humanity this is bad for the nation

  10. Starboy

    Ba kaponona ba mu Zambia

  11. Lemmy cheba

    Sad development indeed, is the police there to protect o to kill? Can someone answer me please. I rest my case.

  12. FOX

    This time around we are geard.without wasting time let’s c quickly what we can offer the Police Force, cause they are playing monk tricks.

  13. Izukanji simukoko

    The work of police is to maintain peace………….not to kill,those are the result of employing people who have no career of police because of nepotism.

  14. One Zed

    They will say that he was beaten up by other inmates.Remember how that ZAF Officer Choongwa was killed at woodlands police station Four police are appearing in court for his murder and they will soon be sentenced to hang at mukobeko.police officers don’t seem to learn.

    • Swizzy

      Sad news….. This z bad for the country, the national claims to be a Christian national but luk at wat u are doing. Zambian police KUTUMPA KWACHILA change guys coz tomorrow it might be ur relative somehow somewhere.

  15. Gas manas

    This is shame….police killing people….. Stupid…..

  16. Emmanwamunyima

    Too bad .But some of police offices thr stupid

  17. Abraham

    too bad, why police kiliing pipo, instead of protect pipo ?

  18. Dj amo

    Police officers are not educated and that’s the reason why they have criminal minds.time to recruit,they leave out irrigable candidates and go for their useless relatives who have never even written the grade seven exam.inspector general of police please look into this matter or else???? we will take action as concerned Zambian citizens.mhsrip

  19. Andy

    Police officers tell’s people not to beat a thief if court but why did they beat him to death

  20. ceejay

    My dear widow go to mununga so that who ever lied his stupid hand must rot,this is just too much of inhumane treatment and barbaric acts.

  21. chomz

    Sad news mhsrip.pls police not ifyo

  22. Damson chola

    police officers are the tokota them selves . Police investigators must do their job.

  23. Brian sehela

    My advise is office should pass through inhalation, some take different acolic stuff & drugs.

  24. alberity jr

    Sad news indeed mhsrip.

  25. Mazuba Isaacs hamumba

    Some pipo thinks they are above the law, Zambia is declining like kingdoms of old

  26. lweendo

    So sad

  27. LUCAS

    So sad

  28. Muchemwa

    Zambia is criminal nation

  29. cool j

    The problem with zp they are very lazy so they put the so called neighborhood like they are also police.I have also experienced this and my left hand side is damaged.punish them.

  30. James

    So sad

  31. jumkafunga

    awe awe nt fair this that what you have been touch

  32. Dj mwila

    sad news,ba police officer dont you know your work? you should respect human life.Are you there to maintain peace and order or to kill and bring confusion in The country?

  33. Kaloko

    just watching

  34. nanchy

    oh noes!

  35. Da silver mumba Jr

    Sad development we’re tired of this police brutality. why is the goverment recruiting unproffesional people?
    Say no to police brutality

  36. Fred

    It was Tokota now its Police brutality.
    What a nation

  37. utubunga

    the law shud take its course. the officer’s must go in

  38. Daniel neba

    ……..no one is above the law….uzamuziba yesu…..

  39. Moses kabali

    Mr IG displine ur officers. Condolences to the family

  40. Stephen

    I dont think they will see justice if they dont have money alteady u cn see the arresting officer refusing to write her a report justice is for those that have money in zambia God will punish the injustice leaders

  41. elez

    these ar the result we are expect frm yo relative. so now ur biz with yo fek recrultments while u know 4 sure dat it 4 4marite the original recrutment is alread done, all yo relative ar alread in de data base. y do u trouble inocent people? aexpect mo as long as de recrutment partten is nt changed

  42. Bradstreet coaster

    Is now torture accepted in our country? last time I checked the constitution, it was against torture …

  43. Justine

    Please police officers know your work see what you done now. Education is very important you should go higher level not only at grade 12

  44. mushala

    Imwe bafikala nichani kansi

  45. ox

    Kill the police too

  46. Mazuba mudenda

    Were are we going in this country of ours.

  47. HH

    When I form government such things will not be happening. Its pf government which is in charge of all these foolishness

    • Chamajohn

      Let’s just talk about what is there, they are is no politics over here please!!!! You are wrong!!! We don’t know may be the one killed is against the government so that the government can be laughed. That’s not his it should be.

  48. Elijah Mache

    Its sad that policeman are the one killing people’s not serving.after serving good months at sondela or lilayi .IG with your strength ensure that the law is applied.my condolences to the family

    • Kawax

      You praised that boy who resisted arrest and he punched the two officers hard but they never punched back. This is what they avoided. Its you the public who were saying that the weak policemen have been defeated, now you see. Ukalimba uzatyoka boma siyipaya Bantu iyayi.

  49. Chamajohn

    Please police officers, you are there to kill but tranquility (peace) and holder. We are very much disappointed as Zambians. And never should you do this please!!!!!!!!

  50. james kaumba

    Mr I G work on yo people ZAF officer was butcherer

    • james kaumba

      Mr I G work on yo people ZAF non com officer was butchered by yo men,others yo men honestly is this country on war or what? please u are there to serve the citizens not force I feel u should do something about yo officers blood everytime this is Christian Nation!!! twapapata please!!

  51. Anthobalachio

    Kyatama! May her soul rest in peace

  52. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    No gvmnt also

  53. Jom

    To bad IG, to some thing an innocent soul .rip

  54. Christopher

    No One has the right to take someone life, those police officer’s, must be arrested, this is sad, some people take advantage of the office,

  55. Isaac Banda

    Killing in military it’s culture it’s not a bad thing , it’s when you prove to your self and work mate that you are strong.military personare are people the first department of ritual killing around the world and in Zambia. Ask THEM

  56. Cyril Ramaphosa

    Cawards you have failed to deal with gangs now you start killing innocents people….bamakaka banzolo bakabwa…

  57. Elizabeth Mphande

    Police officers are to be punished and to be taught if they don’t know how to operate in work, two days ago here in chilanga at Chilanga police station they killed a woman! Mwachilamo!!

  58. Jorex 1

    You are violating human rights. Where are you human rights commission?? You should also arrest them, remember we are all equal in dignity.

  59. ba general

    So its not bad when the police under Pf commits murder but its violence when the upnd supporters claims for their rights and the rights of the people of Zambia.watch out days are numbered…

  60. 70

    Ati safe guarding your life’s there just fools they think Zambia belong to them my friend yesterday was beaten as if is a criminal ati shishita,shishita at 21:00 hours they ar even beating people in the name of protecting us mufitamfye nafisamwa

  61. FYOBE

    killing innocent people but they are leaving criminals behind

  62. Mules

    And the police officers should be the one to provide everything on funeral

  63. GIFT GJ

    Too Bad,May the soul rest in peace!

  64. w

    Kumulowa fye naena finish

  65. Jacob Zuma

    Who is the Idiot that introduced shishita? abolish it, then ba Police we knw that the majority of you mwebaya kuli shishita you are of Lower ranks, muli nkoko bosses

  66. Pac De Elegant Kid

    No One Is Above The Law
    Just Go Straight Follow
    The Law.
    Nothing To Hide
    We Know
    How You Do
    Wathout!! Officers

  67. Schawrtz

    Sad story , no one is above the in Lusaka they killed a zaf officer, let the blood of the deceased be on the heads it shame, officers exercise professionalism

  68. Schawrtz

    Sad story , no one is above the law, in Lusaka they killed a zaf officer, let the blood of the deceased be on the heads it shame, officers exercise professionalism

  69. suplex city

    No one is above the law, in stead of protecting civilians.

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