ACC Nab Zambia Law Development Director

The Anti-Corruption Commission has charged and arrested Zambia Law Development Commission Director for corrupt practices involving over K120, 000.00.

Hope Ndhlovu Chanda aged 42 of plot number 7144/m, Lusaka West in Lusaka has been charged with two counts of Corrupt Acquisition of Public Property contrary to Section 34 sub section (2) paragraph (b) as read with Section 41 of the Anti-Corruption Act Number 3 of 2012 of the Laws of Zambia.

In Count one, details are that on unknown dates but between 1st June 2016 and 31st June 2017  Ms Hope Ndhlovu Chanda as Director of Zambia Law Development Commission jointly and whilst acting together with other unknown persons willfully failed to comply with the laid down procedures by awarding a contract in the sum of K60,000 to Chipo Nkhata for Consultancy work in the Law Reform Audit.

In Count two, details are that Ms. Hope Ndhlovu Chanda jointly and whilst acting together with other unknown persons failed to comply with the laid down procedures in awarding a contract in the sum of K61,306 to Vinnid Innovations Limited to provide catering services for the launch of the Gender Based Violence Fast Track Court, a matter concerning the Zambia Law Development Commission, a public body.

Ms Chanda has since been released on Bond and will appear in the Lusaka Magistrate Court on 30 July, 2018.


  1. Bowman Lusambo


    • owen

      I doult as to whether the once die hard MMD FIMO FIMO can pass a comment like this one.

  2. Jomwa

    One person stealing such an amount awe mwadelela ba pompwe,FIC released a report and the thief’s were busy throwing stones on it here u are thieves

  3. Uncle Bizzo

    Stealing in our country as come normal as long you’re not caught, why should be people stealing without fear, something needs to be done,let’s found out as citizens of this country why its happening so,otherwise we may see a wrong thing right.

  4. Uncle Bizzo

    Stealing has come normal as if there are people who have said steal it’s up to you if you are caught, it pains to see how people vote but no any improvement of living standards,leaders go into compounds and see how people are suffering,those with human heart will cry.

    • Joyous

      I passed at one house the other day and found a grown man eating porridge with ground peanuts for supper! Imagine such poverty! EATING PORRIDGE FOR SUPPER! It’s really shameful.

  5. Curious

    Steal relatively small and be caught but steal terribly big and go free… Its crazy.. Our Zambia.. We can do better.

  6. Ngoni boy

    Another bemba again from Kasama university school technical thieving..

    • Kalijo

      Iwe Ngoni Boy this one is your sister, Ndhlobvu , can’t be Bemba. It can’t….!!!

  7. mr hh

    I agree with you joyous.Some people they even appreciat for porridge and you are busy stealing that big money when others are dying from hunger.Let us dununa reverse. Keeping on stealing like you won’t die.

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