Chipata Residents resist Thermal Power Project

Angry villagers from Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s area on Sunday attacked people that were clearing an area meant for the establishment of a 900 million United States dollars Thermal Power Plant as they claim for compensation before they give away the land.

The villagers have vowed that they would only move out of the place once they are compensated by the developer.

The angry villagers were only calmed by Eastern Province permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo who rushed to the area on Sunday.

They complained that they were not engaged by the developer on the matter.

The villagers said the investor should have started by slashing the area which had no crops unlike what they did.

Kasolo said he would have an audience with the investor to discuss matters to do with the compensation and advised that the portion with crops would only be cleared once the issue of compensation was resolved.


  1. Mules

    Chipata people ar problems they hav used to be in dark they ar ignorant

  2. Mr Peace

    Development is always a nice thing to any community but I don’t think it has to be on the expense of the poor citizens.U don’t just start doing things as mad people.There must be proper consultations and agreements.We are talking about ethics and social responsibility.

  3. Razor

    This should be a government contracted project or a ppp project so who is coordinating from the side of the government. That person should have advised both the investor and the villagers on how the project will be implemented and the timeline for the same

  4. mr hh

    Please you people don’t do things as you’re gods on yourselves.First compansate them.They have kept that land for many years ka.

  5. Chisenga


  6. G


  7. mr mambwe

    compaset them , bcoz all even it s taking development to their area that is a business entity govrment wll be earning nd the investor also wll be earning , people wll be paying it wll not be for free , so give them

  8. William simwaka

    Only government program or projects can commence without any interference not investor

  9. umubemba nkonko

    Abaku chipata bwafya

    • jeremiah

      Iwe bakuchipata? …..
      Kuti wachitashani ,the same situation kufipanga ati yaba pamulungumukuta

  10. Mr Does

    Agreement first

  11. Gerald

    When undertaking an environmental impact assessment, people are engaged to inform them about the project. If we fully read the story, the people are saying they were not involved about the matter. They villagers are right, you can not just allow someone to come in your land ad start clearing the field. These villagers are wiser than some of you commenting here. You should be reading and understanding documentation for project implementation that talks about compensation during project execution. The villagers are wise. Thumbs up to people in the village.

  12. jeremiah

    The headline talks about residents resisting but the story is about unawareness of residents. Is this a true story or the writer doesn’t know the truth about it

  13. Oviziba

    People from the east are wise. They know what to do and they are just right while some of you just comment, “fwee fwee fwee!”
    Be wise !!!

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