Ministry of Justice Reviews Nuclear Energy Laws

The Ministry of Justice is currently revising legislation that governs radioactive material usage in Zambia in light of the establishment of a nuclear energy training centre.

Earlier this year Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo said that Zambia is expected to develop a nuclear power plant with a capacity to generate about 2,000 megawatts of electricity.

Professor Luo said that the power plant will be critical to ensuring sufficient supply of electricity to power the economy for over five decades.

Zambia is working with the Russian government and the international atomic energy agency are partnering in the nuclear science programme.

And Radiation Protection Authority Chief Executive Officer, Boster Siwila, said that the ionization protection act number 16 of 2005 revised the nuclear radiation safety bill which is undergoing administrative process.

“Because of the coming of the nuclear energy program to Zambia, the Ionization Protection Act number 16 of 2005 is currently been revised,  the Nuclear Radiation Safety Bill is undergoing administrative process at the Ministry of Justice to regulate all aspects of nuclear materials in the country” said Siwila.

He expects that the bill will be presented to parliament this coming September.

“This bill is now sitting in the Ministry of Justice before it can be enforced in order to regulate all aspects of nuclear materials in Zambia” he said.

Siwila was speaking to journalists on the sidelines of a 5 day Atomic Energy Agency Mid-Term Coordination Meeting at Cresta Golf View Hotel in Lusaka today.

“The meeting has attracted 24 Countries across the African Continent is aimed at sharing information on how individual countries can prepare for the implementation of radioactive materials,” Siwila said.


  1. ndamumfwa maisa

    Ba upnd learn to praise your frnds wen they dơ samething, sonta apo wabomba filecitika ba pf. Not HH and GBM all what they plan is to sharpen there pangas and instigate violence when they loose elections instead of telling the nation about what developmental plans they ve 4 thế nation.ala mwanya kufyongo muletangishako abana benu not abana babanenu.Youth wakeup dont allow yourselves to be used in violence instead let thêm show you how to sustain your future like what pf ve done talking about a project that will add value to our nation electricity supply for next 10yrs hence creation of jobs and reducing on high tariffes that we are subjected to, today.viva pf viva youths ơf this nation say no to violenc and let us respect our parents for better zambia.

  2. James claps mphande

    Pamakafye sontapo👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👊👊👊👊👊👊

  3. Tito

    @ ndamumfwa maisa This is where we begin to go wrong as Zambians when ever a pronouncement is being done we rush in praising party in power and condemning the opposition this program my brother started a long time as way back as 2000 in 2005 a bill was passed and now it is revised so we must wait for implementation it is a long process and maybe even the Pf will not complete it. What your hearing today is just a talk on the paper so please these are developmental programs and not political because even those you are condemning will also contribute as stakeholders so don’t rush to insult the opposite of governance

  4. M W

    You can not implement radiation when garbage is failing you.

  5. Mazuba Isaacs hamumba

    Some thinkings awe sure

  6. ndamwumfwa maisa

    MW projects are done in phases maybe u are right we cant imoliment radiation whilst facing garbage now can u advice on how ít should be done since you are part and parcel of this nation

  7. ndamwunfwa maisa

    Tito lơng term plans are gơơd bút it takes the govnt in power to impliment ơf course with the support from opposition bút dơ they dơ that apart from frastrating govnt.that is my point ba tito let us support were it is due snd condemn were its wrơng.

  8. kedrick siame

    People this talk is not for political activities let us be has one nation not insulting each other am not a pf or upnd ok.

  9. mr hh

    Again you want to start borrowing money. imwe you don’t have money with Russia they won’t spare you.

  10. Mugabe

    Lungu this plan of stiling our money

  11. :-O

    What I see here, is that people who have zero knowledge about nuclear, and what it can do, praise the move just because nuclear is being sugar coated with electric power benefits.

    As a result of no knowledge you politicize it by saying “sonta epowabomba?

    Ba PF have you the money to build this nuclear nosense? Do you ever wonder what happens to Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors? Years after the blast.

    Elo Russia mwala angalilako uyo temunenu.

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