Sikazwe Dream World Cup Race Comes to an End

High flying Zambian referee Janny Sikazwe’s rollercoaster World Cup run has come to an end in the semi-finals with the final set of referees unveiled.

Sikazwe who made history by becoming the first Zambian referee to officiate at any FIFA World Cup tournament leaves the tournament with his head high having participated in four matches including being at the centre of the Belgium versus Panama game and also the Japan and Poland fixture.

In the quarterfinals he was the fourth official for the Croatia versus Russia match.

Below is a brief statement from FIFA:

The FIFA Referees Committee has selected 12 referees, 26 assistant referees and 10 Video Assistant Referees for the final phase of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

Given the fact that there are only four games to play, the number of referees has been reduced again.

Appointed for the final phase are:






UEFA: CAKIR Cuneyt (TUR); KUIPERS Bjorn (NED); MAZIC Milorad (SRB); ROCCHI Gianluca (ITA)

Video Assistant Referees


UEFA: DANKERT Bastian (GER); DIAS SOARES Artur (POR); GIL Pawel (POL), IRRATI Massimiliano (ITA); MAKKELIE Danny (NED); ORSATO Daniele (ITA); VALERI Paolo (ITA); ZWAYER Felix (GER).

The FIFA Referees Committee would like to thank all the match officials that have been involved in the 2018 FIFA World Cup so far for their commitment and professionalism.


  1. maston


    • Alexander

      Am happy for u janny u carried out flag high

  2. James claps mphande

    U have done your party dad come back congratulations

  3. Chibeza

    There is no justice in all this ‘shame fifa’ this panel is not balanced how can they choose 3 officials from Italy alone and 3 from south America and only 1 from Africa.

    • jaguar

      As if that is not enough, Fifa accords Europe a big favour by allowing a large number of Eurpean countries to participate in the world cup than any other continent. That is why the semi final is all about a European affair.

  4. mbewe misheck

    Comment we are prould of you sir

  5. Mazuba Isaacs hamumba

    A talent is a talent bane.sikazwe Africa is a blessed continent.God is showing whites that Africans are people also not monkeys.thanks for ur commitment mudala.u AR the inspiration to everyone

    • Samuel Zongola

      bro whites are pigs

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        Kkkkkkkkkkkkk. U are there sir,no restrictions. Congratulations

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        Really white are pigs well done sir,welcum home

  6. Madalitso Banda

    Congrats ba Sikazwe. Come join us home. Load shading has started in selected parts of Lusaka and you will find us looking for a Mayor for Lusaka.

    • Mutendewa Honest

      We appreciate ur participation and ur commitment,Mr Sikazwe congregations to you and safe Trip as u well be coming……..

  7. andrew kalonga

    you have done your best baSikazwe, welcome back you’re a hero Sir

  8. Mabanzi

    Yes congrants bwana sikazwe

  9. Joe Kawimbe

    Well done, wemwaume Sikazwe. You have done us proud. I was busy showing you off to my RSA friends…..there is a Zambian !!! You took Zambia to Russia – single -handedly!!!

  10. Frank Bornwell

    you made Zambia proud, please welcome back home!

  11. s

    bigup one sikaz

  12. kenneth chiyabi

    I’m saying congratulations Mr sikazwe sir we are proud of you sir come and tell us how Russia is, you have even impressed the president Mr lungu.we wish you a safe journey sir God bless you

  13. Sizu11

    Thanks man,example set.encouraging zamrefs,cont,,,

  14. Mazimba Haren Rolenza

    Mr Sikazwe, you are the Hero… have made Zambia to be on a hill top to be seen by everyone in the world….may Jehovah God bless you si much. Welcome back!!

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    ba sir we are proud of you

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    Proud of u sir

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    I pray for you for protection, success and prosperity in your life

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    Comment One sikaz thanks for your job.

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    Comment.We are proud of you sir.You took Zambia to Russia.Welcome back home.

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    We’re proud of you….

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    Congrats ba Sikazwe thats a great achievement for us Zambians.we are proud of u…

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    Well done bwana sikazwe you have really made us proud

  24. C4

    There Is No Free And Fair In The Fifa Committe.Ala Ala Baoyofyee!

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    Comment congratulations boss,u ve made us proud

  26. Onessmore Mukonka

    Congratulations Mr Sikazwe, we, expected the best from you and that is what you have done thank you so much, may our ubiquitous redeemer be upon you always, come home and enjoy the prestige you have worked. “Twalumba Tapati. “

  27. Isaac mulwanda

    Congratulation MR Sikazwe have kindly made us happy for your participation in the bigger tournament.May God highly bless you more.

  28. Daudi

    welcome back and well done Mr sikazwe

  29. Sydney Banda

    You have done your part, actually, you have done your best which others have failed to achieve. Congratulations for lifting the flag of our mother land (Zambia) . we as your fellow Zambians are very much proud of you, just like others said, you have made Zambia proud…

  30. SMZ

    We are proud of u for putting us on the world map,thanks.

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    You did your best sir

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    I congratulate u sir for representing zambia. Thank u and job well done.

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    You have made solwezi pipo proud job well done sir you deserve honour

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    Congratulation mr sikazwe u have done your part sir.

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    Thanks , and welcome back Mr Sikazwe.

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    guys be fair he has done his level best coz others dont even reach this far. am proud of dad

  38. Razor

    Referees association of zambia (RAZ) should take full advantage of the knowledge of this man to train more referees to world cup standards so that even if our team doesn’t perform to expectations at least we will have zambian referees in all Continental and international games.

  39. Jose k

    What is your problem if they choose one from Africa looks u are intelligent than them IDIOT

  40. Ngosa Chola Dabid

    You have contributed greatly to the world,God bless you.

  41. GIFT GJ

    Congrats and Welcome Back Sir!!!

  42. Andy

    Better African teams to stand on our own, and leave this world cup.otherwise gonnq cry every time.these White people the don’t want this black sicken.

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    Congratulation Mr Sikazwe, you have done Zambia proud. Any reason why Italy got 4 slots?

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    ndiwe mugiba..congrats

  45. Geoffrey the

    Geoffrey Sichamba

    We are proud of you Mr Sikazwe. You really tried your best , almost everyone is happy with your performance here in Zambia. Please congratulations my brother. It’s not easily but you pulled through. You are a real man.

    • Paul Chandachandahh

      Well done Sir and may u continue practicing … Next time u gonna be one if the final referees …

  46. Lenton Ferguson

    Well done Mr Sikazwe! Very proud of you sir.Do the same next time.
    Thank you!

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    Mr Sikazwe you are our Icon by lifting the Zambian flag to such a high altitude. Wat you have done in more than we expected. Thumb up Mr J, S.

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    Good job sikazwe you entered the books of history

  49. Mphanza

    Congratulations Mr Sikazwe for lifting our golden eagle higher, the entire Nation is proud of you

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    Job well done brother Sikazwe

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    Congratulations nanny sikazwe our own Zambian we are proud of you..other countries have not had a chance even to have a ball picker thanks FIFA u r fare

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    We are proud of you sir keep it up remember better is not good enough but the best is yet to come

  53. daniel nkole

    Janny S job well-done. Proud of you Zambia

  54. Dawood Lungu

    Thank sikazwe for working so well and representing us ( Zambians). Thanx FIFA for recognising Zambia when bigger nations are there. Thank you God for the love u have for us human beings. I am really excited for u sikazwe. Welcome home….

  55. Katele Richard

    We feel so proud to have you mu Zambia ba Sukawe….. now am asking for your replica jersey napapata.

  56. Joseph

    So proud my colleague for your outmost performance. You have made our profession proud and the nation at large. Keep it up

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    job well done mr sikazwe well come



  59. Joblyne. M

    U hv inspired most African referees & u are a blessing to Zambia. These whites are racists & we knw them.

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    Job well done my brother you are the testimony to our mother Zambia keep it up .

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    Come back home sikazwe you have Zambia proud

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    We are so proud of u!

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    Well done sir you made ZAMBIA to be recognized in the world we are proud of you welcome back.

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    Measure twice cut once. job well done Mr. Sikazwe.

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    you have run your race,, job well done

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    Great job Mr JS.
    Welcome back home

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    Keep it up u are indeed a great man

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    Congrats mr sikakwe for the job well done

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    You’re just the best keep it up all the best in your career sir


    What a useless selection ba fifa


    Don’t 4get that there is one African team remaining(france)


    KANTE from Mali, pogba, guean,mbappe,congo

  74. Julius

    Well done ya tata ya Sikazwe,You have done what Napoleon couldn’t do

  75. Zulu Saili.Petauke.

    well done ba J Sikazwe Ba (RAZ) please,take an advange of learning the new things from ths man bcos he is nw adversite stage.learn to learn hv th heart of goin further lik th man himself.Nafitale in petauke i’ll pray for u mwana,God bless u.

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    thats zambia heading for the top but a step at a time like the stilthness of a cheetah befr attack

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