Tokota Boys Committed to High Court

The 19 boys belonging to a notorious gang popularly known as Tokota boys have been committed to the Kitwe High Court for trial.

The 19 appeared for mention before Chief Resident Magistrate Yvonne Nalomba in the Kitwe Magistrate Court.

This in a matter the 19 are charged with three counts contrary to the laws of Zambia which are not triable in the Magistrate Court.

Facts before Court are that in the first count, the 19 jointly and whilst acting together with intent to harm, injure or disfigure caused harm to Cuthbert Nkonde.

In count two, the 19 are charged for unlawful wounding and poisoning contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

In count three, the 19 are charged for allegedly abducting or kidnapping a 16-year old boy.

Upon receipt of a committal certificate from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Chief Resident Magistrate Nalomba committed the 19 to the high Court for trial.

Police in Kitwe on 9th May, 2018 arrested 19 members of a gang popularly known as Tokota boys after a video went viral on social media in which the suspects participated in the gruesome beating of the male person using a stick and stone.

Leader of the gang Mwamba Siame commonly known as Mayweather is still at large.


  1. Mules

    They need to be sentenced no excuse

  2. Chosen

    Let the law take it’s course, let them feel the wrath of the law

  3. Mr Peace

    Plz let these papies in the name Toyota weather it’s Tokota be sentenced to 200 years inpreasonment.These bedbugs are the ones robbing our country of future leaders as they will convey such disgusting activities to those decent ones.Let there friends learn something from their judgement.


    These PIGS should be just sentenced to death.. they do not deserve to livev in this society, those ar beast.. “mwembwamwe”

  5. James claps mphande

    Let them fell the pain

  6. elez

    kep on advancing with yo stages until u reach the hanging stage, am hopefull u’ll quallify. reap what —, watch out the rest of u so called gang group, next is u

  7. Mulenga

    Ba mamfiki bakoswe bakakeni mpaka nemfwayabo.

  8. Big gk🙁


  9. Teddy

    let this be a lesson to gangs out there

  10. Brashe L/stone

    Country men & women,wait and C these idiots what will happen to them, they will know Y a chicken walk with 2 legs,when someone is committed to the high court which means he or she is guilty.

  11. nams

    They should be given a harsh sentence..no leniency..especially for what they did to that 16 year old boy..

  12. musula

    The guys are very evil. I want them
    to die a painful death.

  13. mwamba lucembe

    they must be sentenced to 1000years divided by 19 with hard labour🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤


    Let same been sentenced for gud number of years

  15. TOKOTA


  16. Kush Kush

    Justice be served,

  17. William simwaka


  18. Steve

    They deserve to die not to live.


    Please Ba Government Do a right thing Jail this Guys so that people can work freely thanks, twapita twaya!

  20. Mazuba Isaacs hamumba

    Everyone deserve a fair judgement and a second chance.mutobe libwe,the worst sinner was given a chance to repent on the cross and he is ringht now on the right hand of the father in heaven.

  21. mwansa

    atleast bantu bankaleko mwamutendele

  22. black spider

    Bazamuziba yesu…

  23. Ngoni boy

    Bemba’s at it again..

  24. Brashe L/stone

    Gentlemen & women listen, with high court the minimum sentence is 15years once found guilty.But for this case mmmmm these devils the time they will realise that they are Toyota boys mmmmm come that day they will be in Tokyo wandering Y a snake uses it’s belly to walk

  25. Cyril Ramaphosa

    Walitwishiba ifwe nimwebo tunani imwe mother fuckers,bakabwa,banzolo,bapushi,bafipululu,mwefipu,baswine..



  27. Ng'ambi Sekelani

    Let their judgement be a deterant to those following their foot steps…

  28. yotham

    Bakafwile muchifungo

  29. Dj Amo

    I just feel like witching these tokopanyo boys so that they die a magical death than a natural one

  30. martin chiyesu

    Please sentence them to life in prison coz If you let them out even after 30 years in prion bakesabafye indoshi ishibi & start killing the other way round..

  31. Mr.Tony

    those people are a threat to the community, so the best way of avoiding them is death imprisonment for real”no mercy bajudge show show dem hw powerful de government is wen u mess wth it

  32. stivo mpongwe

    Let them know that this country govern by law.sorry guys you see now.

  33. stivo mpongwe

    Let them know that this country is govern by power law.you puts yo parents in great sympathy.

  34. DMS

    Were are we going with this world,let them suffer.

  35. Henry Makasa II

    These stupid boys shouldn’t be pardoned because they are a threat to the society

  36. Abraham

    Jail them to 50yrs

  37. Moira

    When passing judgment, don’t look at their age! Those are devils who should be locked for good in maximum prison. At least my son can go and come back from school with a smile. To lots you a big thorn in people’s fresh!

  38. Moira

    I understand there are more walking freely but let the message be sent!

  39. Triny muchy

    Comment learn to work ba tokota boys rather than stealing see now you are in the hands of the law

  40. Baggio

    DEATH!!!! To the tokonyongo boys!

  41. Napatali

    Let those chaps be caged for good

  42. Judge

    Let those idiots suffer!

  43. Fredrick chimfwembe

    Justice is justice.

  44. Tasha

    They shouldn’t forget about ma fluffy here in mtendere….

  45. jey

    Let them face the law.

  46. Osie

    They deserve justice

  47. Bradon

    Akakonkelesha kalalya mwamon nomba no piece an till death

  48. moses

    Teach them a lesson no mercy…

  49. Gaston

    Ba judge,80 years imprisonment can be ideal.we need to love each other as Zambians.

  50. suplex city

    We don’t need them in society.


    let them know it feels to touch a tail of a lion

  52. Pious

    They have to be punished satanically for their stupid behaviors.

  53. Wendy chandA

    Atlaest 16 years only with hard labour

  54. Alfie siMz

    the fools must be jailed atleast 10years

  55. Rogan Mwengwe

    Those Gangsters thought that they are clever, it’s now to let them test of their own medicine without hesitating.

  56. Allan chabala

    Let them turn grey in jail

  57. Charity kanenga

    Sentence to hunging

  58. Patrick Lungu

    They need to be taught a lesson for what they have been doing all these years

  59. Mainess

    Let those hooligans be tought a lesson.

  60. Thomas Sakala

    Such should not be kept to congest the cells or prison,once guilty and court proves to wrong doers,kill and don’t talk about Christianity, them did not think of that.kill so that,those at large repent before they are picked. Pliz kill the rats

  61. FaiyB

    These guys really need Christ in their lives, In order to became new beings coz jesus is stronger enough in our weakness , and makes all things new

  62. Emmanuel Zulu

    Yes, we where afraid to even move freely at night in Kitwe

  63. Kk

    Kwati pali abantu ukutupa

  64. Michael

    Give them a lesson that they deserve and let them know the low of the country because their behavior is Wes to our children because if they kidnap children and make one of them they maybe be like them at the end of a day

  65. Vamj

    Give them a lesson

  66. hachkyz ozee

    bakakeni pakuti abanabo bamweneko abacita ifyabupuba.mucalo tulefilwa nokuba free because of gangs, nononononono sentence them.

  67. Wesley

    Toyota or Tokota, wages of sin…..

  68. Chrispine

    Let them face the law

  69. paul

    Those guys need life in prison

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