It’s Croatia, France in the Final!




Croatia 2-1 England

Croatia will face France on Sunday in the final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Croatia came from a goal down to win 2-1 in extra time and qualify to the finals at the expense of England.

France defeated Belgium 1-0 on Tuesday.



    Croatia will win the cup

  2. Kunbucha drink

    croatia the champions

  3. Zankalewa

    But it will be tough

  4. Evergreen

    It’s for Croatia

  5. HH

    Croatia forward nipakalitntente

    • Davy sage mpundu

      Come Sunday the trophy will be heading to Paris no matter what.congratulations Croatia for the win.bt there z no way u will stop France from winning this one.one more star is loading for the Frank’s

  6. King

    I told you guys Croatia will get the cup

  7. ydc

    It can’t work

  8. macfinly

    Anyone but………

  9. eko chaba

    Croatia wll take de cup

  10. Anthobalachio

    Croatia GO GO

  11. maston

    France is holding the 2018 world cup

  12. Paul

    No the is for France, Go France Go fight and conquer.

  13. michael

    France will take this world cup…big teams are big teams…mbappe,kante nd pogba it will be a tough game!

  14. Chrispine nyirenda

    France will get it it’s there time

  15. MAN G

    France will get a cup wait and see guyz on sunday 17:00hrs dont miss

  16. max man

    france is the champion of the fifa world cup

  17. zuche

    Go go team Croatia

  18. Patrick mwimbe

    France is the owner of this cup. Congratulate them.

  19. Joe chiyuni chitanda C

    World cup is for France

  20. Musaduke

    France will get a Cup please

  21. Musaduke

    It is for France

  22. GM

    France will carry the day,don.’t even waste the time for losers

  23. garry chuula

    Nice bole Croatia

  24. Trek

    Croatia gooooooooooooo cup ts what I need


    Don’t suport tuma teams blindly, go for supper teams like croasia and france.Mind U!don’t support a country by looking at how beautiful its jerssy looks,but go on histry then you never go rong.my dear.Only those with no knowledge,football history will suport rats at the world cup.knowing current affairs is an added advantage for latest things even if you can ask LLoyd tauzi banda mwana wa group AZWELL KAMTANDE BANDA you will believe me.TIKAMBA VA RUSSIA 2018 WORLD CUP but remember the zambia republican presidwa ni mwana wa chagwa uyu mzanga EDINGA LUNGU wamene asamala wosauka,ba mphofu,bolemala,ba mkamfilwa na bankhote.Koma osaibala monse imwe munyoza ECL VAKUTI VANU.

  26. James claps mphande

    Mmm this game will be tough who thought that Belgium can loose to France and who thought that England can loose to Croatia. Let’s wait sunday

  27. palata minina


  28. palata minina

    France you are luck and blessed the cup is yours

  29. Chrispine nyirenda

    It’s time for France to get the word cup

  30. shu shu shu

    England is too arrogant and loud mouthed. Think they are the best.

  31. J45

    All the way Croatia Goaaaaaal

  32. Sekesha umupashi

    The game will be very very turf but just a reminder to France, they should be very careful with wat system they use not how they played with Belgium it was a poor system though they won yes they played to their best but remember Croatia z able to bleak their defensive game they played… I love France but I go with Croatia though not easy for France to Let this one go again looking back to wat happened to the Zinedine and Teary squad and the European championship which they participated in last finals they have confidence that this is theirs “France ” I’ll repeat wat Henry said about Giroud playing in that position France can’t win.. Kkkkkkk

  33. sundano luckson

    France for life pipo

  34. Robert

    My money on France..

  35. sundano luckson

    France for life pipo!

  36. coypower

    france wil win fifa world cup under wat circumstances.

  37. coypower

    chinanibaba tucroatia nitopusa ku wina ENGLAND.pa sunday bazatungambangamba kuyipa kuli FRANCE.

  38. michael


  39. Frankson kapalangwe

    Croatia will carry the day.No doubt about it.

  40. TYGA KB

    Team CROATIA all de way. I thought putting my money on u was in vain but it paid.even this time MY MONEY Z SAFE CROATIA 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP CHAMPS

  41. Alex mwamba

    France go we are behind u….France will rift

  42. Lemmy cheba

    Woo woo woo, believe me Croatia will win no matter what & it will be 2-1in faver of Croatia! Go Go Croatia.my money is on team CROATIA

  43. Seth lasho

    Croatia nipatali

  44. Roberto v zimba

    Croatia the champions,,,

  45. Graham katema

    No way France is getting the cup go go France

  46. Bs

    France for World cup

  47. Jonny splash sakala

    France is varying the day

  48. Jonny splash sakala

    Its france all the way

  49. Abraham

    Cup is for CROTIA

  50. sunday chisha

    croatia will take that troph,ask us

  51. chrispin

    France will win 4-0

  52. Wellington

    Croatia will win the world cup

  53. Joshua

    France it’s the owner of world cup

  54. Chalusa Moses

    TEAM CROATIA ALL THE WAY. France 1 Croatia 2

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