Facebook Scammers Face ZICTA Action

The Zambian government has gotten tough on facebook fraudsters and sought seeking the assistance of facebook to deregister over 670 accounts registered in the name of the President Edgar Lungu, Vice President Inonge Wina and some cabinet ministers.

Chief government spokesperson Dora Silya says the Zambia Information and Technology Communications Authority (ZICTA) has therefore been directed by authorities to write Facebook to deregister the accounts purporting to be of President Lungu and some cabinet ministers.

“ZICTA has identified 155 facebook accounts suspected to belong to President Lungu, and 434 accounts registered in the name of several cabinet ministers and 81 facebook said to belong to myself” Siliya said.

According to Siliya over K600,000 has been transacted using fake facebook accounts and 49 cases have been reported to the Zambia Police Service and other investigative wings but she suspects that the figure could be higher as other similar cases have gone unreported.




  1. Bradon

    Just passing

  2. Samfya pvt

    That’s bad but people don’t play with the Head of state

  3. Foolish blindfollower

    Facebook is not znbc which can manipulate , leave it be .


    That’s too bad..leave the president alone u fool.why not registering on your parents names,are your parents mafontini sana limbi.umungulu teo bane u beta muicindike to be a president it doesn’t mean kulatukwa kuli bamulala kumendo nge nsoka

  5. Kunbucha drink

    This are guys from opposition parties


    Especially ba 🐃

  7. Evergreen

    Guys stop it please

  8. Zankalewa


  9. DO OR DIE


  10. Mwana wakwi2

    Wen pipo use president lungu’s name meaning he as gud manners n y don’t dey use HH’s name n meaning hh as bad manners to de country

  11. Jay Wizzy

    Me i don’t knw teacher…..!!!!!!!!!

    • Isaac Banda

      President LUNGU don’t mind. U are a good person same times

  12. Kaya

    Leave them tuzabagwila

  13. mulenga j kabanki

    Mwebantu let us stop that and respect our reader plzzzzzzz

  14. HH

    There alot people have the name of Edgar lungu he ius not the only one..

    • mwana wakumawa

      true and it’s not there fault that they got names similar to to parliamentarians

    • Amos mtonga

      The problem is when they use all the president details,are they presidents, them selves?

  15. mwana wakumawa

    kikikikiikikikii ati opposition Iyeeeeeee don’t be funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Edgar lungu is not the only one with that name there are many people with similar names😂😂😂should we stop enjoying ourselves coz we got names similar to high or cabinet members 👈👈👈👈bazambia get your heads up and think twice

    • lamz

      so if you are another Edgar lungu,,, why puting pictures for your fellow edgar lungu as like mr president?????you fool’s……

    • Amos mtonga

      You may have a name as Edgar .C. Lungu, but are you a president? thats a tactical situation?

  16. Sizu11

    Even those who have taken up names of some public notable persons other than government personnel, clamp them!!

  17. Danniel jm

    It’s not good to use the president’s names on such a way.When you are creating an account you are not asked to write president’s names but your own names because that account is yours its not belongs to the president but to you.Please stop using facebook in such a way use you names even if they are bad just use them.If you use your names you will loose nothing

  18. Alfred mbuzi

    Please please do that urgently because one of those account which belong to you tried to scum me 5000

  19. Talented top

    Shi aliko stop politicizing things which opposition political party are you talking about you’re the same people the minister was talking about..

  20. Greyson

    The same people are under the group of crooks who are getting money from poor people in this country.

  21. philip

    Too bad 🙅.arrest them

  22. Jms

    U must be reported because funds are not used in the name of your on but in the name of Zambia but in the end we see it missng If u deregister them it means u don’t have any strategy of using the public in helping the police

  23. No man

    me i don’t know, how facebook is to work with that?. since I don’t need the NRC to make account?. cause facebook it self it has failed to control it’s company.

  24. Osie

    Stop it and learn to have respect

  25. Lemmy cheba

    Ignorance that’s all l can say

  26. vondo

    There is a security flow which ZICTA has failed to seal.Facebook can not Manage to monitor such accounts

  27. :-O

    Kaili tabakwete ifyakuchita. They are entrepreneurs, that’s how they will continue to make money until you give then a reason not to.

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