Zambia Sugar to Reduce Workforce

Zambia’s largest sugar production Company is experiencing turbulent times with management entering into an agreement with its employees to reduce on labour.

According to Zambia Sugar Corporate Affairs Manager Sally Namutowe, management has engaged employees in effecting a voluntary separation program.

She said the program will result in managing a minimum of 10% reduction in annual wage costs for the company.

Namutowe added that the sugar company has faced serious challenges that could bring operations to a halt.

She said that the company has decided to make bold decisions in partnership with employees to ensure the company remains viable on the market.

Namutowe said the voluntary separation program started on July, 5th 2018 and will run up to 31st August, 2018 and remains open all permanent employees.

She has further lamented the dropping market shares due to illegally imported sugar which has been using its branding and packaging by unscrupulous individuals.


  1. Pule

    Production of limited product range in a liberal economy not good for business. Zambeef and Trade kings will remain competitive cause of their diversification production strategy…

  2. Patrick



    start with that stupid sally namutowe she claims to be a journalist cant even write stupid

    • Mukonka M

      Yo sugar z very expensive I don’t even use it sorry

  4. Julius

    I fail to add up as to why Zambia sugar should resort to down size workforce.The company makes huge profits out of it’s exports.besides this it exports first grade of the sugar product leaving poor quality to the locals.I can’t remember the time I saw pure white spoon sugar from any shop in this country for the past two decades. So they can’t tell us that the company is facing difficulties which may result to job cuts

  5. Moses


  6. Christopher Mutambo

    Zambia sugar…its time you come up with diversification production strategy..

  7. mazpower

    kwayipa pa nakambala sugar ok'”””

  8. Luyando Mweene

    I have always wondered why Zambian sugar is so expensive as compared to imported brands.

  9. Joe breaker

    Here in chipata we are buying sugar from malawi which is more cheaper than ours zambian sugar.

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